Sunday, September 9, 2012

Last Week's Stitching

Amidst "...all the sham, drudgery, & broken dreams..." of last week (okay, it wasn't quite that bad) I was still able to work on some stitching projects.  I did not accomplish what I hoped to accomplish but at least I accomplished something   : )

I finished my Pine Tree Inn ornament (LHN) & am working my way along on my Sampler Santa ornament (HE).  I had made the Santa ornament before as an RAK & I knew I had to make one for myself as well   : )   After I finish Santa I have 4 more ornaments kitted up to some degree but they will have to wait on the sidelines because I have an exchange piece to stitch & I also have one exchange piece to finish into something.  The mailing date is rushing toward me so I need to get to it.  I ordered a few things for this particular exchange partner from 2 different online shops & hopefully they will get here before the mailing date.  

Some online needlework shops are horrid, aren't they?  The best shop by far, for me & I know for many others, is 123 Stitch.  I send them an order & I immediately get an email confirming that they have received it, then I get an email that it has been shipped (usually the same day I place my order), & then 2 days later it's here.  They are the nicest people to deal with & if you send them an email asking them a question, once again it's usually the same day that you will receive an answer.  Cherie & Joanne both have the patience of Job with me because ... shhhh!  Don't tell anyone!  This is not general knowledge! ... I am a bit of a perfectionist with a bit of OCD mixed in.  LOL!!!  I was recently "grilling" Cherie about those GA Simply Wool threads I mentioned a few posts back & I must've sent her 4 or 5 emails asking questions & she continued to sweetly respond in detail to every one of them.  If there was an Academy Award for online needlework shops, 123 Stitch would win it   every year   : ) 

Then there are the bad, horrid, nasty online needlework shops.  Two immediately come to mind.  One of them has GREAT prices ... the best I've seen ... but the customer service ... well, there really isn't any.  In the past I sent this one particular shop orders & never received acknowledgement of them.  Nothing. There were times when a week or two would go by & I would finally email the owner & ask for the status of my order.  Some time later ... not very quickly ... I'd get a response telling me that she was waiting for a particular item that wasn't in stock at the time of my order.  Sometimes I'd have to email her 2 or 3 times before I'd get a response & there were times when her attitude was like "you'll get your order when you get it."  She continues to have great prices but I won't ever deal with her again.  

The other shop is not as bad.  At least you receive a confirmation of your order when you submit it but it's anyone's guess when you will receive it.  I do believe the owner orders items from her suppliers after she receives orders from customers even though everything is indicated as being "in stock" on her site.  This shop has some things I don't usually see in other shops but dealing with the owner is a huge turnoff for me.  Every great once in a while she has something I need that no one else has & I will go ahead & send her an order but I don't kid myself into thinking I'll receive it anytime soon.

You have to wonder sometimes how some people stay in business.  

It's the start of a new week!  Notice how I appear upbeat when saying this   : )   John & I will be going to Louisville where he has a dental appointment.  We'll probably do a bit of shopping there as well.  I should be hearing (I hope) from that specialist in Lexington about my appointment with him regarding my bridge & my whistling.  I really should attack some of this insurance stuff that I've been ignoring the past couple weeks.  Hmmmmm ... doesn't sound like a fun week, does it?  But I'm sure I'll have some fun ... stitching if nothing else   : )   I hope you all have some fun as well   : )


Maggee said...

Oh you will have fun! Try not to spend too much time in the yarn shops!! I am going to start working on ornies this week...Your finishes are great--and I look forward to seeing the final shot of them all, including your exchanges--eventually, I know... Hugs!

marly said...

I LOVE my Sampler Santa with his little charm. I kept him out and he seems pretty happy being the santa king. I may get the others out early this year so he has company. 123 Stitch seems to be the go-to shop for everyone. I like some of the smaller ones with limited designers but lots of cool accessories too.

butterfly said...

Lovely stitching again Shirlee you are doing well.

Yes I must say 123 Stitch were very good and posted faster than we would get some thing from here.

All the best with the dentist, hugs.

Vickie said...

I like your stitching Shirlee. I really like the blue linen. :)

Nancy said...

Love your Pine Tree Inn ornament. I just might have to get that one for myself. Thanks for the enabling!! I understand what you mean about the shops. I love 123Stitch for online ordering. And I have Stitchers Paradise as an LNS here in Vegas that is wonderful. But there was a shop in New Mexico that I tried to deal with and every time I went into the shop it was like...We don't know you so go away. I wanted to order some fabric and she told me that her order had already gone in this morning and that she wouldn't be able to order it until 2 weeks. That was fine but when 2 months went by and I didn't hear from her, I stopped in and she says she never had an order from me. Found out later from someone else that they had ordered some fabric and a regular liked her fabric so the owner sold it to her and that is probably what happened to mine also. I will never deal with that person again.
Hope things go well for your husband's appt.

bettyj said...

SO glad you dropped W. v. I hate it! Love your little X stitches. I am the proud owner of a couple and I love your work. Hang in there with your bridge work and ins. dealings. Have a wonderful week

TheCrankyCrow said... John is going to a dentist. Need we brace ourselves? ;o)))) JUST KIDDING! Hope all goes well.

Wonderful stitchings Missy Shirlee....Love that Sampler Santa....Need to put some kind of project together that I can take with me for Lil' Crow's surgery trip....or punching. Highly doubtful I'll have the threads, etc. that I will need, and too late to check and order to get it in place in time. Hmmmm....I feel a book coming on I guess.

Smiles & Sunday Hugs ~ Robin

Chris said...

Love your finishes Shirlee!
Some shops are so great and others do dissapoint :(

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Love your Stitcheries!

Suzanne said...

Beautiful stitching!