God grant you the light in Christmas, which is faith;
the warmth of Christmas, which is love;
the radiance of Christmas, which is purity;
the righteousness of Christmas, which is justice;
the belief in Christmas, which is truth;
& all of Christmas, which is Christ.
--Wilda English

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Trying to lose weight can be very frustrating. I have not announced it to the world but tomorrow I will have been on a weight loss program for exactly one month.  My clothes had become a little too snug.  To put it nicely, I was getting a bit pudgy.

I began a low carb diet along with a food combining program.  This type of diet has always been very successful for me resulting in the weight dropping off almost like leaves falling off trees in the autumn.  No sugars. This means not only no cookies, candies, cakes, & pies ... it also means no regular bread, no crackers, no potatoes, no corn, no carrots, & no white rice, among other things. I can eat eggs & meats & cheeses & vegetables not mentioned above.  I can eat fruits.  I can eat whole grain Ezekiel breads. I don't mix grains with proteins & I eat fruit only an hour before or after a protein or grain meal.  I do not eat past 6 o'clock at night.  I do not eat huge portions.  I drink nothing but tea & water.        

My husband decided that he needed to lose some weight as well so he started watching his food intake in his own exasperating man way.  Instead of drinking 4 huge bottles of Pepsi each day he has been drinking only 2. He eats stuff like cheese & crackers, meatloaf sandwiches, roast beef sandwiches, mashed potatoes, fried chicken sandwiches, Frosted Flakes, pumpkin shaped cookies with orange sugar sprinkled on them, & great big fat cinnamon rolls.  He does not snack throughout the day but he often has a snack late at night ... after 11 p.m.  He doesn't exercise at all.

My weight does not want to come off this time around.  It appears to have attached itself to my body with a death grip. However, almost every morning my husband comes out of the bathroom with this great big stupid grin on his face which, quite frankly, I want to slap off with every ounce of strength I have left in me.  Whereas he has wandered around the house & around the town for many a year wearing pants without belts with his t-shirts draped over them, he now wears his t-shirts tucked in with a belt on his pants.  Anyway, he comes out of the bathroom, big stupid grin, t-shirt tucked into his belted pants, & brightly says "Good morning!"  This is what he did again this morning & I knew immediately that he had lost more weight.  He gets on the scale every morning & almost every morning he comes out here with that big stupid grin.  

Now ... keep in mind that this morning I got on the scale & it said I had gained 3 pounds. 3 pounds since yesterday.  3 pounds in a 24-hour period.  Yesterday my entire food intake included an egg, a piece of cheese, 2 pieces of Ezekiel bread, a handful of nuts, a slice of meatloaf, & a few cups of tea/water. John ate a big plate of cheese & crackers, a big fat honkin' cinnamon roll about the size of a saucer, another big plate of cheese & crackers, & the aforementioned 2 big bottles of Pepsi.  He gets on the scale this morning & it tells him he's lost a pound.  

Over the past month this man has lost about 20 pounds.  He's looking good & has more energy, God bless him, & I'm happy for him!  I really am!  But if he doesn't stop coming out here every morning with that big stupid grin on his face I'm going to end up having to eat whatever the state determines that the warden can feed me.  

I wonder if I will be able to blog/stitch while in prison?  The Happily Incarcerated Stitcher.  It has a certain ring to it. 


Vickie said...

Oh Shirlee I am with you! Man, it is no fun depriving ourselves and NOT being rewarded with lower numbers on that scale. You just stick with your plan Shirlee. What about going for a short walk some days? That would definitely help. You know, I do NOT feel better when it is said to me, but I do believe it,I do! God DOES love you whatever size you are.♥

Mii Stitch said...

I just found your blog & after reading this long post, I HAD TO BECOME A FOLLOWER!!! It made me smiles as I like you am forever on a diet. I am not huge but need to keep an eye on my curves... I have been on a shake diet (SFast) between Jan & Jun & lost over 7 kg. I have now stopped the shakes & my weight is not going up... yet! But I know exactly how you must feel!!! My hubby is underweight.. yep & is constantly eating A LOT... Big portions & totally unhealthy (but yummy) food like chocolat bars, cakes, biscuits & the odd celery stick but CANNOT put weight on!!! That is so unfair!!! I just have to look at the cake & it's already on my hips!!! So, don't worry. Keep eating healthy & have a treat once in a while & am sure your weight will go down. Don't give up & keep stitching ☺

Denise said...

Oh Shirlee, I am right there with you girl. I could not eat all day and still not lose weight, and my husband could eat his portion and mine and he will lose. NOT FAIR!!!!!

dixiesamplar said...

Oh...my...God...I just blew my Mt Dew out of my nose! You are absolutely hilarious...but oh so right...men are quite exasperating on a daily basis!!

Sorry you are hitting a brick wall with your weight loss...and, kudos to the hubby for his progress...even if it is unfair :o) Hang in there...

Stitchy Mc Floss said...
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Michelle said...

Hey I'm with you on this but I put it down to the fact we have more dancing hormones than men xx

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

I feel your pain Shirlee! I try and try to lose weight, with small portions and really watching what I eat and exercising...and instead...the hubby loses it! NOT FAIR.
Hang in there...it has to come off eventually..right? :-/

Ann said...

Unfortunately,you can't have sharp embroidery scissors in prison. This is what is keeping Dearly Beloved alive.

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

I am going through a similiar thing - been dieting for 2 weeks and nothing is happening - rediculous - is it my age - is it because I'm out of shape and am not burning calories like I used to - I suspect so - I have a small gym and treadmill upstairs, perhaps its time to use it - good luck with your diet

Catherine said...

Oh gosh ~ this sounds so familiar! I may just have the cell next to you!

Denise said...

I feel your pain. I have been in your exact position many times and it is very frustrating. I finally decided to see a nutritionist and the results have been wonderful. The weight is coming off slowly, about 1 pound a week, but it is coming off. I had to add exercise (walking) to my daily routine but it has been a good experience.

I hope you find a diet that works for you. I would hate to see you in prison. ;)


Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

That is so exasperating! Hang in there, though - you WILL get there!

Carol said...

Your husband sounds like mine, Shirlee--he can eat any amount of food and never gain an ounce! Talk about frustrating... Try squeezing in some extra walking or other exercise if you can. I think the older we get the harder it is to lose weight by diet alone... Good luck to you :)

Maureen said...

It's so unfair! Personally?I'd fiddle with the setting on his scale,not alot~just a pound or two...mwahh ha haaaaaa ;)

Loraine said...

This post is so funny! I am doing the same thing with my husband this month. I feel like I'm starving to death, and all my husband has to do is stop eating one bad thing, and exercise for 20 minutes. Exasperating is right!
I hope that you see progress soon! You certainly deserve too.
I love your blog. I found you through Chris. The little pincushion you made her is adorable! I'm looking forward to reading more.

Judy said...

How true...what is it that women have a way harder time to loose weight. And keep it off! My husbans is thin and eats like 6 grown men at each sitting...so unfair! Hang in there...it is just a longer process for you.

Good luck,
Judy heartland stitcher

marly said...

I got nothing for 'ya. It's all true and probably hormones. I would like to know why I gain on the bottom and lose on the top.

Trace4J said...

OH MY STARS!!!!!!!!!!
It is so unfair. I do not understand why its so easy for men.
Hugs to you Friend

Nicola said...

A brilliant post and how so true.

Maggee said...

Poor Hubby! I am late reading this... is he still alive??? I have put on some pounds after having to take steroids with my meds for bronchitis. And I feel so blown-up! Like I am stretched to the max! Ick! I'm with ya sista!! Hugs!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Well.....you know what you can do with that belt of his, right?

Ok...not a good idea.

:o) Robin