Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Making One Stitch At A Time

This is the way I usually stitch.

Across & then back.  (This is not my photo by the way.  I lifted it from the internet but there is no indication of whose it is so my apologies to whomever that may be.)

Stitching this way has always worked well for me.  However, I'm going to be using some variegated threads & I have been informed previously that I need to use these making one stitch at a time.  I get the concept & the "why" behind this but I am a bit confused concerning big blocks of things.  You know how much I love big blocks of things. Examples:  A big side of a barn, a big expanse of lawn, or a big cookie with pink icing.  (Sorry about that cookie thing ... I've been dieting for 2 weeks & I am hallucinating cookies everywhere!)  

On these big blocks of things, do I cross stitch my way, one at a time, from left to right, & then drop down to the next row & cross stitch the opposite way, one at a time, right to to left?  Or let's assume my worst nightmare has come true & I need to have small unstitched areas or small areas stitched with a different color thread in the middle of the big block.  What then?  Stitch one section one stitch at a time, skip over & stitch another section that way, & continue to the blessed end?

This is a little sampler I'm making someone for yet another exchange & thankfully the letters are stitched with a solid color of DMC so I can get started on those right away, but I do ask your help with the big block, one stitch at a time issue.  

Thank you   : )  

Incidentally, have you noticed that my Christmas countdown thingie there on my sidebar is showing that in just a few days we are going to have LESS THAN 100 DAYS until Christmas?!?!?  Part of me is saying "Hooray!!!  How exciting!!!"  The other part of me is saying "YIKES!!!"


Vickie said...

Oh man! I am saying YIKES!!
I have stitched big block one x at a time. You will end up a bit stripey this way though. If you don't, and you go across, then come back to cross the x's, you lose the variegation. The first part of the x can be dark and by the time you come back to cross it, you will be using a lighter shade on top of it. That gives it a more mottled look I guess. Personally, I get frustrated with variegated thread in large blocks because of this. º~º

Simplethyme Prims said...

Hi Shirlee,

I think that as long as you keep your outer thread going the same direction, do as you please. I've not heard this about variegated threads, I'm sure there is an argument for it, but sometimes you might actually get better variation one stitch at a time.

I only stitch one stitch at a time, my preference is working right to left, so making one stitch at a time I turn my work,rarely stitching up/down or left to right., paying attention that the top thread remains the same direction. This is like sewing to me, and I do not ever stitch with a hoop. My work goes faster this way.

Prayers you way..


Sharon said...

I found a site that shows how different your project will be based on how you stitch with overdyed thread. I'm sure that variegated thread would work the same way. Hope you find this useful.

You may email me with questions. I used overdyed thread alot!

marly said...

I had fun at Funk & Weber. Vickie is right. I did the stitching my usual way (like yours) and it didn't have the same effect at all. Slightly mottled look, but a complete stitch at a time, gave kind of a subtle stripe. I say do what makes it enjoyable.

cucki said...

yup..i stitch the same way too..
and marly is so right do what it makes it enjoyable..
love for you x

Chris said...

I stitch one stitch at a time and go across one way then the other :)
Have fun!!

Sally said...

I do one stitch at a time when using variagated thread and find it gives it a lovely look. Much nicer than going one way then coming back as you would with a normal thread. Did that make sense????

Friendship Crossing said...

I think you are making it too hard on yourself Shirley. I use variagated threads all the time and am so used to stitching one square at a time, that I don't remember to do that when I'm using reg. floss half the time, ha.
The only real difference is that you stitch it one SQUARE at a time. When you get to the end of the row, just drop down and go back the other way, one square at a time(crossing your floss the SAME way each time).
Pretty soon you'll get the hang of it and it'll be really easy. Some stitchers go vertically, but it depends on the design. It will give your piece that gorgeous primitive look to it. I hope you continue to give it a try. It's so worth it.


♥ Nia said...

One stitch at a time? I've never done that.. how would the back turn out? Too messy, no? =/
I usually stitch one way and then come back but I tried to use a piece of thread that will match. If I end with a dark part of the thread, I used a another piece of thread that also starts with a dark park.. does that make sense? It's hard for me to explain this in english :p
But now I'm curious to know how we can stitch on 'x' at a time.. for sure it would have a perfect result on the colour but the back.. can't get it! =/

Catherine said...

I have stitched various ways with the overdyed threads depending on the look I want for the particular piece. You can always take a scrap piece of fabric and stitch a few rows in varying ways to see what you like better.