Sunday, October 14, 2012

Has Anyone Stitched This LHN Ornament?

You all gotta know that this ornament has my name written all over it!  Not literally of course but I do love-love-love hot chocolate so this is a "must have" for my tree   : )   I am having a problem with it though.  The pattern calls for WDW Wool in Chestnut.  I have found a couple sites where I can supposedly purchase WDW Wool in Chestnut but it looks nothing like what's shown on the model.  It is very, very dark & there's no checkerboard effect to it.

I've tried using various shades of linen but either the white floss does not show up or the brown floss does not show up.  This is a real dilemma.  If you've stitched this ornament, what fabric did you use?

Big DUH moment for me!  
I have been made aware that the WDW Wool in Chestnut wool is actually the finishing fabric... not the stitching fabric!  The stitching fabric is 28 ct Tin Roof Gingham.
Please excuse my brainless misreading of the chart.  

I have been stitch-stitch-stitching.  I know. Just what I need ... more stuff that will need finishing.  What can I say?  I'm addicted   : )   

It is very windy outside right now.  The weatherman says that we might have a big storm later today.  I sure hope so.  I do love me a good storm   : )   I worked this morning to catch up on my insurance paperwork.  All the while I kept thinking how most of it is going to be sent back to me because the codes are missing (although they are in plain sight on the invoice) or the doctor's address is not shown (again in plain sight on the invoice).  I wish I had a quarter for every reason they come up with to bounce claims back to me time & time again.  Ah well.  The important thing is that, for now, I am basically caught up.  I just need one piece of info from my doctor's office tomorrow & that will be the end of it.  For now.  

John & I are celebrating fall today with my famous killer potatoes.  
And I wonder why I could be a stand-in for a barn!  If you missed the illustrated step-by-step recipe I posted at Easter time & are interested in seeing how to make them, you can click here & then click here (had to do a 2-parter).  These are the plain variety of killer potatoes but you can add extras like bacon, onions, eggs, or whatever you'd like to fancy them up a bit although they really don't need it   : )

Have a wonderful day, one & all   : )


cucki said...

aww it is so cute..and my fav one too...i wanted to stitch it too..hopefully soon..i think i will use dmc because i dont get special threads here..
yummyyyyy recipe...
love and hugs my dear miss read xxx

blue star stitcher said...

I didn't even notice the checkerboard pattern of the wool until you pointed it out (I was looking at the threads instead). What about getting a lighter/different color and hand-dyeing it?
And your potatoes made my stomach growl they look so yummy!

Shebafudge said...

Those potatoes sound good. I might have to have a go at them and see. First I need to find out what 'American cheese' translates to in

Vickie said...

Shirlee!! Are you trying to fatten John up!?! tee hee!!
It has been raining cats and dogs for two days and nights now here.
The ornament looks great. I hope you figure it out. =)

marly said...

Sorry I can't help. And I'm confused. I can only see a checkered pattern in the linen. Maybe they used the herringbone weave of wool and it looks checked when photographed? You can't find the Tin Roof Gingham linen or don't like it? See? I can't help you.

Kaisievic said...

Good luck with the insurance forms - did you swap doctors in the end after that last one who was being difficult re referrals? Your potatoes look yum!

Mouse said...

yoooo hoooo think you may have read the instructions wrong ... the actual stitched bit is on 28 count tin roof gingham linen .... the finishing material is the wdw chestnut wool .... and it uses ecru not white ....
got the patten in front of me as it is one I would like to stitch before Christmas if I can :)
hope that clears it up a bit :) love mouse xxxxx

Kim said...

The ornament is lovely. I just went back to look at the recipe for those potatoes. Yummy

Anne said...

I had to laugh Shirlee when I read the "duh" moment! Happens to me too!! I hope you get the gingham fabby! I think it would be fun to stitch on! Those potatoes look delish!!!

Joysze said...

Yum.... hot chocolate!!!! Although, with us being in the high 80s right now... that might have to wait a couple of months. ;)

The potatoes look yummylicious! :D

Carol said...

Oh, that pattern is certainly "you," Shirlee!! I hope someone can help you locate the perfect fabric... And, oh those potatoes!! They look mouthwatering even at 10 in the morning :)

TheCrankyCrow said...

That, truly, does have "YOU" written all over it....glad you got the pattern figured out....Wow...that linen looks great - love the checkerboard effect. And those potatoes...oh, get me every time you mention them. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin