Thursday, November 8, 2012



Oh how I envy all you bloggers who are posting photos of the snow that has fallen in your area!  I had to be content with the hard frost that came with our 30-degree temperature last night.  It looked quite lovely (as lovely as it can get here in the devil's playground) when I woke up & looked out the window this morning.  It is now just past the noon hour.  The sun is shining & we are headed for our predicted temperature of 56 degrees.  Bah!  Humbug!  Give me a blizzard & below-zero temperatures & I will be a friend to man   : )


Although I am currently stitching a Christmas ornament for my exchange with Angela, I had a wee bit left to stitch on Mary Garry's December ornament which I posted about here.  I had to stain the fabric in order to get the white floss (technically ecru) to show up.  Now that I've finished the stitching, I find it difficult to understand why Mary chose the colors she did for Santa's hat & face.  It seems to me that they all blend together & as a result there's really not much in the way of definition.  I will put it aside & maybe frog Santa above the neck & have a go at a different color scheme.  


I am done stitching the exchange ornament which was fraught with cross stitches requiring the use of metallic floss!


I am facing the challenge of making the metallic laden exchange ornament just mentioned into a literal ornament.   


So many more cross stitched items to stitch before Christmas; so little time left to stitch them.


Even though I still have some flying saucers left over from last week's delivery, they are running low so I ordered 3 more boxes on Monday which are on the truck to be delivered today.  


Vickie said...

Ha! Too bad you cannot find those flying saucers for sale by you.
I share your feelings of panic Shirlee. Another year of not enough time!

cucki said...

I really love your Christmas stitching piece so much..
We had a bad storm here..lots of hail..strange day
Love cucki xxx

Siobhán said...

I love how your ornament turned out! It looks great!

Kaisievic said...

Love your stitching and your Snowy header and Merry Christmas tag -but how come Xmas has still managed to sneak up on me this year yet again??????

marly said...

I love that Garry design - never saw it before. I have no idea what the satellite wafers are, but think those little beads are not good after gum surgery. I can't figure out why they were sent in such a big box. Every time I read "metallic" I get a chill.

Judy said...

Fun..and how true it is. How can it be that we find ourselves in this position every year..we know it is coming! I like the holiday touch to your blog...but really reminds me of how little time I have to complete everything I'd like to...usually I end up saying "I'll do better next year!"

Judy heartland stitcher

butterfly said...

Great stitching Shirlee you have done a great job.
Do you get snow where your are Shirlee.
If we get it I only want it for one day and that would be Christmas day. hugs

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

please no snow for me! i am more of a tropical kind of girl - except for the mosquito part - that sucks. ive already admitted defeat on my xmas stitching plans - the stress is not worth it - good luck with the ornament finishing - i will light a candle and say a prayer for you :)

Mii Stitch said...

I remember flying saucer sweets!!! In France they used to be filled with a very sour powder, I used to pull faces at everyone but always wanted more... Good luck with all your stitching!

Chris said...

I think that the Satellite wafers will make everything better.
I still think that the little ornament looks sweet.
So happy that you are done with the metallic thread!

Angela said...

We have no snow yet either but I'm happy about that :) LOL. I do love the Winter though.

I love the ornament and I too have realized that I don't have enough time left before Xmas for all those projects I wanted to do.

Next year will be different (I keep telling myself that).

I LOVE the ornament I am stitching for you, I'm about half way done.

Suzanne said...

Great little ornament!