Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Snowmen Return

Two years ago I decided to make some stuffed snowman ornaments.  I cut them out, stuffed them, stitched them together, & that's as far as I got.  I've heard their sobs a time or two when I've ventured upstairs & passed by the shopping bag I put them in.  As each Christmas/winter season gets closer, their sobs are more frequent.

This morning I went upstairs to do a bit of straightening up.  It would be a great day to sit at the sewing machine & finish a few pinkeeps &/or ornaments but I'm feeling rather happy today ... why spoil it?  It would also be a nice day to snuggle in my recliner & work on my stitching.  I'm currently stitching an exchange piece.  I feel that I can speak somewhat freely here about this exchange piece because the person I'm sending it to is not a follower of my blog.  I will, however, remain guarded in my description just in case she lands over here by some chance.

She likes things different from what I like so I thought this would be a fun stitch for me ... something to briefly take me away from my usual stitching themes.  The chart that someone helped me find looked like a perfect choice! No specialty stitches.  No french knots.  There was, however, stitching that needed to be done with metallic floss.  I thought I remembered stitching with metallic floss in the past & not liking it very much but I decided that I was probably too inexperienced back then.  The deadline to send the exchange is a few weeks away so I did not feel pressured in any way.  I would just take my time & enjoy stitching something a bit different.

Well, kill me now.  I have been stitching on this exchange piece for exactly one week today ... 7 days of stitching nothing else but this exchange piece.  I only stitch in the evenings for 2 or 3 or maybe 4 hours & surely you would think I'd have this piece done by now.  I certainly thought I would. It's not an intricate piece.  It's not a large piece. It's just the stupid, stupid metallic floss that is causing me grief.  I can't tell you the number of times I've had to frog this thing!  I pray to God & ask His forgiveness for my thoughts regarding not only the designer & her sadistic tendencies in creating something with metallic floss, but my thoughts regarding the makers of the metallic floss as well.  Before you tell me I could have used a substitute for the metallic floss, well yes, I could have, but it wouldn't have looked as nice (it would have looked very blah actually) & I thought I could handle it.  Well, add using metallic floss to my list of things I'm no good at.  This is getting to be a pretty long list.  I may need to join some kind of cross stitch self esteem support group.

Incidentally, we aren't talking about a little star or some other little something for which this metallic floss is suggested/required.  Oh no ... it's at least 1/3 of the design!

Since the second night of stitching this design I have had to force myself ... literally force myself ... to sit in my recliner & stitch the blasted thing.  Even during the daytime when I simply walk by my recliner, I feel my anxiety increase.  I have difficulty breathing. I start to shake.  It's not pretty.

So, even though it would be a great day to stitch, I just can't do it.  Instead, when I was upstairs & heard the muffled sobs of the snowmen this morning, I decided to work at finally finishing them.  Heaven only knows what became of the pattern so I'm going to do my own thing with them.  Whatever I do, I'm sure they'll be very pleased ... unless I try to give them french knots or embellish them with metallic floss.


LoriU said...

I know how you feel about metallic thread! Have you tried Thread Heaven? That stuff made a WORLD of difference in my stitching with metallics!

cucki said...

I love snowman so much..can't wait to see yours finished..
Happy sewing xxx

marly said...

I got rid of a multitude of metallics. There were so many different ones and I didn't remember their use. I HATE the blending filament types. DMC on a spool isn't bad to use but I don't know if it's for a sewing machine or needlework! Anxious to see what those white puffs turn in to. You know, the ****men.

Angie said...

Can't wait to see how you finish the snowmen. I've never stitched with metallic thread~after reading your post, not sure I ever want to try it.
Love reading your blog posts~never dull by any means~lol.

Anne said...

Lol! Your post made me chuckle Shirlee...the snowmen moaning upstairs!! I hear you about the metallic floss! I have a piece I've been working on for a friend since the summer time and it has lots of metallic floss. I do try to work with shorter lengths as well as use the Thread Heaven. This helps a bit and makes you swear less :D

Chris said...

Those snowmen kind of look like your Peeps :)
I feel the same way about that metallic floss.AArrgh!

Vickie said...

I know, I have used metallic thread also. I guess you just struggle through it.
Looking forward to seeing what you do with those snowmen.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Seeing as you didn't take me up on my offer to do your French knots - here's another one on the table: I'll stitch your metallic threads (which, by the way I hate almost as much as poking myself in the eye with a stick) if you wil read, digest, and turn into teaching materials two dozen or more cases regarding criminal negligence of health care providers by Monday??? Yeah...didn't figure that would fly either. That's why I'm here visiting instead of reading. Can't wait to see the sweet lil' snow fellas finished up! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin ( did I get so far behind here???)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Joan Elliott includes French Knots in Kreinik in some of her charts.
She is a fiend in human form!

Peggy Lee said...

Like Chris, when I first glanced at this pic I thought I was looking at swollen ghostie peeps!
I have never used metallic thread but I agree with giving thread heaven a try. That's good stuff.

Siobhán said...

I can't use metallics any more--I just use similar colored thread and call it a day. I have been in that position where I thought something would take me a few days to finish and a month later, I'm still at it. Total stitch delusions!!

Trace4J said...

Morning Friend
Oh you are tooo funny.
Ignore the recliner for awhile and enjoy some Sno-fellas! I am ignoring my machine for the weekend. It is acting flukey.

Judy said...

I am in total agreement on the metallic....awful stuff! I have only used it once or twice. Not my type of designs. Enjoy the day with the snowmen!

Judy heartland stitcher

butterfly said...

Oh Shirlee, I do feel for you over your stitching .
Try this cut the thread allot shorter and match it with a dmc thread . which will make it a little better to stitch , it will look just as good .
Cute snowmen.

DJH said...

As others have mentioned, try using thread heaven.
Try cutting the thread shorter as well, 10 to 12 inches.

Hope those snowmen don't give you too hard of a time!

Sally said...

Isn't it always the way that something so simple takes the longest. I'm with the others on Thread Heaven.

Looking forward to seeing your snowmen all finished up.

Magical Mysterytour said...

Metallics are a devil to use if you don't thread them on your needle correctly. Having just completed a small embroidery with 100% metallics/pearlescant threads I can honestly say that they are not all that bad if you thread them on your needle like this

A bit late for your snowmen perhaps but hopefully not for you at another time :)