Monday, April 2, 2012

Buried Underneath A Multitude Of Stuff ... & The Return Of 30 Pounds (Not UK Pounds Unfortunately)

Good morning!!!

I am feeling overwhelmed this morning.  I think I need to chomp on some anti anxiety medication rather than the sugary, high carb goodies I've been ingesting since January ... thus the 30 pounds reference in my blog post title.  I have a bit in common with the late Elizabeth Taylor.  Not her beauty, of course, but we shared a love of jewelry & a love of eating.  We also shared the half curse/half blessing of being able to gain weight quickly but lose it quickly as well.  Last year I lost 70 pounds.  Since January I've gained back 30.  You would think that I would've wised up 10 or 20 pounds ago & got back on my healthy eating track but no, I kept/keep shoveling it in.  I think it's the stress of the house selling stuff with a little bit of craving comfort foods in the winter months & just a basic "I don't care" attitude although I do care ... so what gives?  It's also a bit of ARGH because after losing 70 pounds you would think I'd be a mere shadow of the person I used to be but no, I only went down one dress size.  One!  What's up with that?  My face looked thinner & I could wear my watch & rings again but one stinkin' dress size?

I've noticed for quite some time now when commenting on blog posts that I really need to change my profile photo.  That Christmas candle is getting a bit old.  I've considered replacing it with this.

For those of you who aren't familiar with this cutie, she is Alice the Goon from the old Popeye cartoons.  Alice & I go way back.  I have always been a tall girl.  I stood head & shoulders above everyone else in my class in elementary school with the exception of one boy who was probably 2 years older than the rest of us.  He had been held back due to missing so much school because of illness.  Anyway, one of the boys decided to refer to me as Alice the Goon.  I don't believe Alice & the rest of the goons on Goon Island ever spoke ... they just did this odd "broup-br-roup-br-roup-roup" sound.  I'd walk into class & you'd hear "broup-br-roup-br-roup-roup."  Happy school day memories ... lol!  Needless to say I hated being tall for many years although I eventually embraced it & am happy with it now   : ) 

Remember my Wild Kingdom reference the other day?  Here's what paid us a visit yesterday.

Not the best of photos, I know, but it was difficult to capture them because they were moving quite fast.  There were actually half a dozen of them.  I have never seen that many in the yard at one time.  I know they are destructive (just like the bunnies) but I love having them around.  They don't really damage much except the roses.  One time there was a deer walking along by the fence.  We have a climbing rose bush in one area growing next to the fence.  It was funny ... she was just walking along when she came to the rose bush & then stopped & very daintily ate off every rose ... lol!

It was dark & overcast most of the day yesterday & in the morning we had quite a bit of rain so I didn't get to go outside to continue my weeding.  Right now I am waiting for the soil conservation person to come take a look at our sink hole so they can let me know what we can do to fix it.  Then I've got some cleaning to do, some phone calls to make, some errands to run, some insurance paperwork to take care of, some cross stitch project finishing to attempt ... AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!  Will this all ever end?!?!?  I think I mentioned recently I have many photos to take & share with you.  It looks like it will be an uncouldy day so hopefully I can attempt some photography as well.  Sigh!  Now I just want to go back to bed!


Michelle said...

Stunning photos Shirlee xx

Vickie said...

Smile Shirlee!!:) I am just about 5'11'. How tall are you?

Maggee said...

You have a big task ahead of you--it is okay to feel overwhelmed a little here and there! I know you will snap right back and multi-task that to-do list right into oblivion! I pray for good weather to cheer you! And more deer to visit you! Hugs!

marly said...

I still HATE being tall. Hopefully, all the house chores will be completed and a sale will come shortly after. I was locked out of adding photos to my blog today. Seems Google wants me to join Google+ so they reduced the storage amount through Picasa and I reached my limit. Join or pay.

TheCrankyCrow said...

You are one remarkable woman Miss Shirlee my friend. When you had said you had gained 30 lbs since January, I feared there might be some medical "issue" going on - but I'd forgotten (overlooked? didn't realize?) you had lost 70 last year. Yikes....that's a lot of ch-ch-ch-changes! I don't think I've ever had that large of weight change...'cept from birth to adolescence, and then it was gaining, not losing. Wish often I were taller - not to be model-ish or anything - just so I could reach things. ;o) I like watching the deer too - we had a herd come up on the lawn a year or so ago, and one was intent on drinking from our pool. Not a good idea. Hope you had a more productive day than I did....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Hi Shirlee,
Hope you made a big dent into the long list of things you had to get done today.
I've gained a lot of weight over the winter months as well ~ I have such a bad sweet tooth.
Hope you got some stitchin time in!
Wonderful deer photo's!
Prim Blessings

Paula Nunes Lima said...

So, cartoons all over! Popeye the sailor man (we had him on TV when I was young, luckily in the original, so the voice of Olive still is a memory) and Bambi with Thumper on the other post!!!! Love Thumper!!! Bambi is a bit shy for my taste! You coul try and hire all those "bambi's" to do the weeding for you! The rose bushes would not like it but I'm sure you would :-)

Chris said...

Oh Shirlee! 70 lbs and 1 dress size. That totally stinks. I understand the feeling completely. I hope that the stress level goes down soon.
It would be great to see some cross stitch finishing :)
Be careful in wild kingdom, you don't know who will show up next!