Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Day of Disappointments

When we last left our easily influenced stitcher, she was getting ready to trek to Lexington where she joyously anticipated (A) total healing from her doctor, (B) new computer glasses, & (C) the completion of various errands, most importantly purchasing a few chocolate chip pound cakes (they freeze very well) at Whole Foods.  Alas, it was not to be.

(A)  I assumed my doctor visit was going to be a typical visit with her asking me about my problems, me rattling on for half an hour about the hellishness that is my medical condition, & her then dispensing wisdom for my healing ... but no.  It was, unbeknownst to me, only an appointment for a simple procedure.  I was aware that this simple procedure was going to be done of course, but not that it was the only thing that was going to be done.  She did state that said procedure would most likely bring me relief from most of the issues that have been plaguing me for lo these past few months.  She gave me an order for yet more lab testing & said we would meet again in 2 weeks & see if I'm experiencing any improvements at that time.  I think she just wanted to hurry me out of there so she could go buy some chocolate chip pound cakes before Whole Foods closed.

(B)  Last year I was told that I needed to graduate from computer glasses to full fledged bifocals.  In my opinion, my distance sight is not a problem.  I'm sitting here now looking out the window toward the street.  If a car drives by, I can see that it's a car!  I can even tell the difference between an ordinary car driving up the street & the country singer's tour bus!  And when I look across the room I can see a greeting card sitting there that an old friend sent me for Easter.  I can see that it's a greeting card!  Oh sure, maybe I can't read the writing on the front but what does that prove?  Who do you know that reads greeting cards from across the room?  However, the optometrist insisted that because I could barely see the top line on the wall chart that the bifocals were a necessity.  I reluctantly agreed.  He enthusiastically recommended the no-line bifocals & I assumed that, just like the father in that old 50's TV show, he knew best.  To make a long story short, I could not get used to those blasted no-line bifocals.  It was like I was seeing everything in a bowl.  I went back to his office to have them remade (3 times), then changed to regular lined bifocals (twice), & then in frustration to have them made into regular computer glasses (once).  That looking through a bowl effect continued throughout.  I finally gave up & decided to keep using the old beat up pair of computer glasses I had purchased from an optometrist's office in Michigan back in 2004.  They were good glasses & served me well but they're like wearing someone else's prescription now ... thus yesterday's visit.  Once again I was told at the end of all my testing that I am blind as a bat, need bifocals (despite my car/bus example of perfect vision), & was encouraged to buy the no-lines.  I explained to Dr. Whatever His Name Was that I was not trying to be argumentative but ... & then I told him of my experiences last year.  He insisted that "something was wrong somewhere" (no kidding) & suspected it was either the technician fitting the glasses or the company making them.  He strongly suggested that I try the no-lines again.  We went back & forth like this for a while ... him insisting that their no-line bifocals were the best thing since chocolate chip pound cakes & me reiterating my past experience with no-lines.  One of us had to back down sooner or later & since the clock was ticking I gave in.  He assured me I would not be sorry & even added that if for any reason I was not happy with the no-lines I could come back as many times as I wanted to have them remade, made into regular bifocals, or even to settle for a pair of computer glasses although he highly doubts that will be the case.  We shall see ... hopefully.  I will have my glasses in 2 weeks.

(C)  Because I spent almost 2 hours having my eye exam, debating with the optometrist, as well as picking out frames & lenses & having them fitted ... & this was our first stop ... not a whole lot of errands were accomplished.  While I was in the optometrist's office I told John to visit Half Price Books by himself.  When I was set free we headed to Barnes & Noble & Target.  Knowing time was of the essence I told him to go to B&N himself & I would meet him at Target.  Even though all of this didn't take very long it did mean that John's visit to Best Buy & my visit to Michael's would have to wait until another day.  It was at this point that we headed to my doctor's office after which we went to Whole Foods where of course not one chocolate chip pound cake could be found   : (   My first thought was "My doctor was going in to see another patient when I left her office ... how in the world did she get to Whole Foods & scarf up all those chocolate chip pound cakes before me?!?!?"  I have never gone to Whole Foods & not seen a display of chocolate chip pound cakes!  Never!!!  Well, I can't say that anymore.  I was so distraught that I even did something totally out of character for me.  I rang the bell at the bakery counter & said to the worker who responded "You don't happen to have any chocolate chip pound cakes in back, do you?"  When I was told no, I asked "Do you know when you will have some?"  The response was "No, I'm sorry, I don't.  Maybe tomorrow."  In my mind's eye I pictured myself screaming "TOMORROW?  TOMORROW?  GO BACK THERE & MAKE ME SOME NOW!!!"  However, I instead smiled a brave little smile in an attempt to lessen any deep sorrow this person may have been experiencing due to having to disappoint me, thereby assuring him that I wasn't wishing I had a gun in my purse, & merely said "thank you."  Sigh!  I think the next time we go to Lexington I will call the Whole Foods bakery a day or two before to see if I can order half a dozen chocolate chip pound cakes to be made just for me.  Hey!  Maybe I should call today & go pick them up tomorrow!  I've done wackier things in my life.  Hmmm ... might have to think on this a bit   : )

I will end this post with a little giggle.  May your day bring you whatever your version of a chocolate chip pound cake might be   : )



LoriU said...

Awww...I'm sorry your day didn't go well, but I must admit I got a giggle reading your writings about it!

For the no-line bifocals...I had trouble getting use to them too and the best advice was when they told me to "point my nose at what I want to look at". That helped a lot. That being said, DH could not get used to his because of the 'bluriness' around the edges. Good luck!

TheCrankyCrow said...

You have my very deepest sympathy - and empathy....What a shame about the pound cake. :o( And I feel your pain with the bifocals - I've had mine for several years and still hate them with a passion. In fact, I wear them only when driving, as I can't see a flipping thing up close - or even up medium - otherwise. I have the same estimation of my eyesight and need for glasses....unfortunately, the eye dr seems to think that I should be able to read traffic signs in case they change some in town or I actually go OUT of town and don't know where the speed limits change. Ha!! (Gee I wonder where I could find chocolate chip pound cake around here.....) Happy Hump Day My Friend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Dawn said...


So sorry to hear of your disappointing trip! Another excuse to do some retail therapy!

Here is a recipe for chocolate chip pound cake from taste of home, I've always had great success with their recipes.

Thanks for your prayers for Uncle Chuck, he is still hanging on...stubborn man.


marly said...

I couldn't get used to moving my head to be able to see through a slit so I switched to contacts. I am near sighted and only wear one for distance in the left eye, and none at all in my right. I see up close and far away! It really works. My husband has one minor Rx for distance, and the other is major Rx for reading. He loves it too. I just came home with 2 bags of Bliss chocolate but I'm still craving a damn pound cake thank you very much.

Mouse said...

ohhh I shouldn't be laughing but I am .... and waaahhhhhh no chocolate chip cake ... I've only come back for that ( only kidding heheh)
well it was one of those days that you see now and then you don't know just where and you don't know just when .....
hope things improve for you soon (((HUGS))) love mouse xxxxx
ps sorry don't have a recipe for you ....

Michelle said...

Oh Shirlee I was sorry to hear of your disappointing trip! Like others have said its another excuse to do some retail therapy.
Sending you many hugs x

Vickie said...

Oh dear Shirlee! THAT is disappointing! When I want a treat, I really, really want it.
My husband got his first pair of no line bifocals last month. He did not believe he could get used to them ever. He said what he has to do, is turn his head to look to the side, not glance with just your eyes, turn in that direction. Now,one month later he LIKES them. Said he'd get them again. Hang in there.♥

Minnie said...

I know that exact feeling, makes you want to revert to your three year old self and throw a tantrum, but now they would probably think you were having a seizure. Hang in there this now gives you even more reason for another trip into Lexington for more shopping. The no-line or progressive lens are great it just takes a little time to learn how to us them. I did and I'm on my second pair.

geeky Heather said...

ROTFLOL at the chickens!!!

I once had a pair of glasses made that made the world look like it was curving away from me. It was so bad that the first day I went to work with them on, I fell down in the parking lot. Didn't trip over anything or miss a curb or anything...just fell down because the world curved away from me. Fortunately, no body saw me.

Now go call the bakery at Whole Foods! (I'll have to try those things!!)

Kendra said...

Boy, by the end of that day you NEEDED chocolate chip pond cake!!!


Trace4J said...

Afternoon Shirlee Friend
Wow what a day..You truly deserved that pound cake. As always Im still giggling over this post.

milly said...

So sorry you had a disappointing day. I can understand after all those appointments at doctors and opticians just how disappointed you were at finding there was no cake.

I love the cartoon - very funny.

Kaisievic said...

Oh, Shirlee, you have made me laugh! Love the story about the pound cake. I hope that you get your fix soon.

I have multifocals and I love them - couldn't live without them. They are great for stitching and watching TV at the same time. Good luck with your new glasses.

Debra said...

What a day you had! That pound cake sounds wonderful- nothimg like that around here!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

At least you can laugh about it all!
I was told I'd need varifocals next visit so I didn't go last year (oops). I promise I'll go this year.
I'm guessing that Whole Foods means something different in the States because here it means whole grain stuff, ie healthy food and not Choc Chip anything!
We made cowpat cake at the weekend - get some cooking choc, melt in a microwave, stir in the cornflakes that you get at the bottom of the box that are too small to actually eat, pour in a pie dish and stick in the fridge. It looks just like a cowpat but tastes better (I guess - never tasted the latter!).

Michele said...

NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Must....have.........chocolate..chip.....pound......cake! (Shakes fists into the air!) I too have experienced the fish bowl effect of said bifocal type spectacles. I eventually got used to them but it was difficult. ...and YES do call them and order THE POUND CAKE. The giggle was VERY fitting for your day. HUGS

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

I am Sorry Shirley, But I was laughing through your wonderful Post. I was not laughing at you, but at your wonderful Humor, and I so needed a pick me up today! Girl, you are too funny! I am Sorry things did not do well for you in town. If I knew of a place that had a Chocolate Chip pound cake around here, I would send it to you. Blessings my Friend and enjoy the rest of your week!~

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Hi Shirlee, so sorry your day didn't go as planned.
Such a bummer that you didn't get the chocolate chip pound cake ~ I think the Dr. bought it all!
I have no line bifocals the hardest thing to get use to was looking down and moving (like when I would sweep the floor) I would get dizzy.
I was hoping they would help when I do cross stitch ~ but I still look under my glasses.
Good Luck to you!
Prim Blessings

butterfly said...

Not a very nice day but hey there is always tomorrow.
I have days like this some times .
On a day like this I just won't do any thing because I know every thing will go wrong.
Hope the rest of the days this week will be better, sending hugs.