Sunday, April 8, 2012

An Easter Treasure Hunt

Good morning everyone!  I wish you all a very Happy Easter   : )

I am participating in a special Easter Treasure Hunt sponsored by Jo at Serendipitous Stitching.  She is always coming up with such fun ideas   : )   The "rules" of the treasure hunt are simple.  You need to visit, in order, all the blogs that are participating to gather letters which you will find directly above a posted photo of a cross stitch project with an Easter/spring theme.  These letters will spell a word or phrase.  You begin at Jo's blog with a list of the participants & you will end at Jo's blog where you will find the last letter.  Decipher the word or phrase & leave Jo a comment telling her what it is.  She has temporarily enabled blog owner approval so your comment will not be seen by others.  You have one week in which enter for a chance to win a lovely little prize   : )

My letter is ...

I stitched this little cupboard tuck from a design by Deb at Pilgrims & Pioneers Stitches.  The name of the design is Spring Bunnies.  I stitched it on one of my very favorite linens, 30 count Old Salem linen which you can purchase from Isabella at The Primitive Hare.  Deb designs some great primitive cross stitch patterns!  In fact, it was buying a pinkeep from Deb for the winner of my first giveaway that got me involved in stitching again last summer!  Thank you again Betty for getting me back home   : )     

You will find the next treasure hunt letter at Beth's  Blog.  When you visit the blogs, take a moment to leave a comment.  It's the nice thing to do   : )    
Prior to starting to write this post I made my usual morning cup of tea & had it brewing in the kitchen.  I'm embarrassed to say that I totally forgot about it, what with my being all involved in this post & the excitement of the hunt, when suddenly I felt something bumping at my leg.  I looked down & here's what I found!
My tea had gotten strong enough to shimmy off the counter & across the floor to let me know it was ready!  I was, needless to say, overwhelmed by contrition & promised to set the timer from now on rather than trust myself to glance down at the clock on the computer screen to determine when the brewing was done. 

I will leave you with one last photo.  If I were doing a separate blog post about this I would title it Wild Kingdom III since it's a continuation of the wildlife we see around here ... not to be confused with "wild life" which John & I never see around here & in fact haven't seen since we were dating.  Anyway, I glanced out the bathroom window the day before yesterday & here's what greeted my eyes.
Isn't he beautiful?  I took this photo through the bathroom window using zoom since he was over the fence in the neighbor's hay field.  He's certainly watching something intently, isn't he.  I don't think even a second elapsed after I snapped this photo before he jumped down & I assume caught whatever it was that he was so focused on.  John said we'd have a bit of a problem if we end up staying here & decide to keep chickens.   

Once again I wish you all a very Happy Easter!  While you are having fun with the treasure hunt & enjoying a good Easter meal along with delicious desserts, do remember that today is a celebration of Christ's resurrection.     
"Jesus said to her, I am the resurrection 
& the life.  He who believes in me will live, 
even though he dies; 
& whoever lives & believes in me 
will never die."
John 11:25-26


Lelia said...

Happy Easter - Happy Spring.

Enjoy the day

Chris said...

Happy Easter Shirlee!
Beautiful pic of the fox.

Mouse said...

Happy Easter to you and yours and gorgeous photo of the fox and I love the wee pin keep too :) love mouse xxxxx

Nancy said...

Happy Easter! Love the picture of the fox! He is just beautiful!!!

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Happy Easter Shirlee!!!!!

blue star stitcher said...

Happy Easter!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Happy Easter, that's a lovely little primitive piece.

Michele said...

LOL pretty fox. I hope you have a wonderful Easter. Happy treasure hunting too.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Your little primitive piece is great, thanks for taking part in the Treasure Hunt.
I love the fox picture, what a beautiful animal. I'd rather have one of those in my garden than a chicken any day LOL.

TheDailyMel said...

Love the primitive bunnies! Happy Easter. :)

marly said...

Sweet little stitch. Handsome looking fox, but I feel bad for what was pounced on!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Wonderful finish Shirlee and awesome that you got a picture of a fox!!!
Happy Easter!
Prim Blessings

Debra said...

Hope you had a great Easter Shirlee!
The pinkeep is wonderful!!

geeky Heather said...

Alleluia! He is Risen! =)

What a lovely fellow that fox is! You're so lucky to get to watch him!

♥ Nia said...

I hope you had a lovely Easter! :)

Vickie said...

Easter Joy! What a beautiful fox. I have not spotted one of those at this house. But we have had quite a few coyote sightings.

Paula Nunes Lima said...

Hope you do find the treasure! (I still believe there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and I'm not Irish! Maybe if I could find a leprechaun... :-) )
The fox sure looks attentive! Beware chickens or it might have been the Easter bunny! Or even Alice's Bunny!!!! An

TheCrankyCrow said...

So sorry I'm so late getting here, but wishing you belated Happy Easter Greetings my dear friend....Best of luck with the "hunt!" Sounds like so much fun!! You know how I love a good rhyme, riddle, or scavenger hunt!! What a sweet little fox....My friend - the chicken keeper - can't stand the critters, but I think they're so dang cute! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

TheCrankyCrow said...

And....ohhhh - I'm LOVING that little pinkeep design! That was the first thing I was going to say, but the brain isn't fully engaged this evening....Hmmmm....I'm not familiar with that designer.....Gonna have to check her out....Why do you keep tempting me so??? ;o) Robin