Saturday, April 14, 2012

Gifts & A New Tea

I can show you two more finishes that have now reached their destinations.  This first pinkeep was an RAK for a dear blogging friend.  (Try not to laugh at my pitiful attempt at staging in this photo.  Hopefully I will get at least somewhat good at this one of these days.)

Sally & I share a love of tea so when I spotted this pinkeep pattern I knew I had to make one for each of us   : )   This is a pattern by Laura at The Little Stitcher.  Laura has some lovely cross stitch designs!  I stitched this pinkeep on Old Salem linen which I've mentioned several times on this blog.  Isabella at The Primitive Hare stains this linen herself & you can purchase it directly from her.  I fell in love with it the first time I used it.  She also has some lovely cross stitch designs   : )

This next pinkeep was a birthday gift for another dear blogging friend.
It's a Stacy Nash design from her pattern Pine Tree Farm Pinkeeps.  If you have a good eye you will notice that once again I used dear Isabella's Old Salem linen   : ) 

Both of these finishes are actually mine!  They were completed that one day recently when I had some sort of "I don't know what" come over me & I sat down & finished 6 stitchings in one day.  I don't know if that will EVER happen again!

I'm working on another Stacy Nash pattern now ... a cupboard tuck called Seek Joy In All Things.  I'm doing it a bit differently than suggested using 1 strand of floss instead of 2 & using 32 count linen instead of 28. 
I'm using the pattern photo here rather than taking a picture of my progress.  I tried to take a photo myself before starting this post but discovered my camera battery is dead.  It is recharging now.  Anyway, I love the design (I love all of Stacy's stuff) but do you see that big house in the center?  I love houses but have always avoided stitching them because I have a dislike of stitching a big concentrated area of anything.  For some reason I didn't think this would be too bad.  It's not really.  It's just my phobia that I have to deal with.  I have completed stitching everything on top of & around the house so I had no choice but to start the roof the other day.  I haven't been stitching very much this week so I just completed the roof last night.  I keep telling myself "one foot after the other ... one step at a time."  I will definitely complete the stitching but that house looks like it's about a yard wide & a yard high when I'm stitching it   : )   Surprisingly I'm not using Isabella's linen on this one but rather some mystery linen & I wish I had used Isabella's instead.  Hopefully I can stain it when it's done without destroying it.   

And speaking of tea (again) I went to make my usual cup of tea this morning but YIKES!  I discovered that I was totally out of my favorite Hot Cinnamon Sunset tea by Harney & Sons so I decided to be adventurous & try something new.
I have several teas in my pantry that I haven't tried yet & this was one of them.  Bigelow has some delicious dessert teas.  This one is good but nothing special.  

The plan for today was to start cleaning out the garage but uh-oh ... it's one of those gray, overcast, "it's going to rain any minute" days so I just want to sit in my recliner drinking tea, eating chocolate, & having a lie down or two.  I'll let you know which road I end up taking   : )


Kaisievic said...

Great pinkeep finishes - what lovely gifts, Shirlee.

hugs, Kaye xoxox

marly said...

Not a thing wrong with your staging. As soon as I saw the Nash, I recognized it as being on the infamous list that continually goes into hiding when I need it. The others are sweet too.

TheCrankyCrow said...

You are too, too, funny my dear Shirlee!! I happen to think your staging is great! The little tea pinkeep for Sally is sweet - but you know I ADORE my little SN pinkeep! Thank you, again, my dear friend. (Gotta get around to taking some photos one of these days and post a proper thank you!) You are such a blessing to many.....I love that house one you're doing too - Really? You don't like doing large blocks like that? That's actually what a prefer to do - you can load up your needle and go stitch crazy w/o constantly ending and starting.... Smiles & Big Hugs ~ Robin (Hope you're in your recliner and not your garage!)

Shebafudge said...

Lovely finishes Shirlee and I love the fabric you used.

If it helps I would leave cleaning out the garage for a sunny dry day, chocolate, stitching and a lie down sound like a great way to spend a dull day!

Viola di Nebbia said...

Really fantastic my dear Shirlee! Beautiful finishings!! *.* I love your tea pinkeep cushion ;))
Thank you so much! ;))

Michelle said...

Oh I love them all Shirlee - they are adorable xx

butterfly said...

Great stitching Shilree love the tea one. hugs.

Vickie said...

Great gifts. I like the project you are currently stitching. Go with the chocolate! :) tee hee

Chris said...

Beautiful finishes Shirlee!
I am sure their new owners will treasure them.
That is a beautiful teapot.

Trace4J said...

Beautiful pin keeps friend. Love your stitches. But me oh my I love that Polish stoneware teapot.

Sally said...

Shirlee I love love LOVE my pinkeep and will treasure it always. Love the Stacy Nash one you stitched too. Looking forward to seeing the Seek Joy one. It's very pretty.

I am useless at staging photos. I never seem to have the right items to hand!

Prims By The Water said...

Love your stitches Shirlee. How are things going? I use to cross stitch...looking at that Stacey Nash design, I might have to get back into it. Take care, Janice