Saturday, April 14, 2012


A while back I posted a photo of some candy cigarettes I found for sale at the local gas station.

These were one of my favorite candies when I was growing up ... but not THE favorite.  

I was quite the penny candy aficionado when I was a child.  Okay ... let's be honest.  I still am.  Like Lady Gaga sings, "I was born this way."  Whenever I'd get money in my hands I'd head off to the neighborhood mom & pop store which was called Sullivans.  They had a freezer full of wonderful frozen treats.  Popsicles just don't taste the same as they did back then ... sigh!  Behind the counter was a wall of shelves full of penny candy.  Boxes & boxes of it.  I am sure Mrs. Sullivan wanted to slap me silly as I stood there for who knows how long asking for a penny's worth of this & a nickel's worth of that.  I'd leave the store with my little brown paper bag filled to the brim with all sorts of goodies & I was in heaven   : )   Do you know what I loved most of all???  
Satellite Wafers!!!  We kids always called them "flying saucers."  I think they were a penny each & the bulk of my money was spent on these.  I don't know why I love them so much ... they are just thin, some would say tasteless wafers with little sugar beads inside ... but love them I do.  Time passed.  I got older.  Sullivans was no more & it seemed the flying saucers were forever lost but believe me, I looked for them all the time.  John & I got married & for our second Christmas he surprised me with a stocking full of flying saucers!  He found a box of them for sale someplace during one of his shopping excursions ... just one box ... & immediately bought it for me.  What a happy Christmas that was   : )

For the next many years John & I moved here & there ... lived in various states, visited others ... me always keeping my eyes open for flying saucers.  I never found them again.  I even wrote to the candy company that made them (I had torn their address off that Christmas box) but I never received a reply.  Enter the internet.  One day I typed Satellite Wafers into my search engine & lo & behold, there they were for sale in an online retro candy store!  Every once in a while I order a couple boxes & have a "lost weekend"   : )   Important Note:  There is a "new" type of Satellite Wafers on the market that has joined the old standby but beware, they don't hold a candle to the original pastel colored wafers with the candy beads inside.  They are brighter colored wafers filled with sour powder.  UGH!

Another candy I remember from the old days are Mary Janes.
Chewy molasses candies with a peanut butter concoction in the middle.  Yum!  John & I went to Louisville twice this past week & on one of those days we stopped by the World Market.  What a fun store this is!  They have, like the name implies, things from all over the world including interesting candies!  This particular World Market has a little retro candy section & I was so excited to see the Mary Janes.  I just had to get a box   : )

There are other candies I remember from my childhood.  Red shoelace licorice, Bonomo Turkish Taffy, Mallo Cups, & Bit-O-Honey, just to name a few.  Then there were those special holiday delights ... wax lips, wax tongues, & wax teeth.  How I loved the fall because that meant Halloween was right around the corner & these wax yummies would be available.  You can still find all these things for sale.  Unfortunately none of them taste the same as they did back then   : (

I have also always been a chewing gum aficionado.  Clarks Teaberry can still be found but it doesn't quite taste the same.  It smells the same though which can still take you back in time   : )   Remember the Teaberry Shuffle?  And Beemans!  Beemans still smells the same & still tastes the same.  You can find it only at a certain time of the year along with its counterparts ... Clove & Black Jack.  Then there's Adams sour gums.  These were popular when I was in junior high & there were 4 flavors ... Sour Apple, Sour Cherry, Sour Orange, & Sour Lemon ... & a bouncy commercial telling you "Adams makes the sourest gum around & old man Adams is the sourest man in town," to which old man Adams would reply "Gee!  Thanks!"  Sour Apple, is back on the market.  I remember making gum paper chains.  Over time I had constructed quite a lengthy one & then one day my mother convinced me I should throw away.  Mothers!

Are there any old candies or gums that you have fond memories of?


Michelle said...

I laughed at the flying saucer candy, we used to call them communion wafers. There's a little catholic upbringing for ya!
Have a great weekend.

Michelle said...

Mmmm I used to love Sweet Tobacco when I was little and i saw some in an Olde World Sweet Shoppe and bought some but it didn't taste how I remembered it. I used to love flying saucers too with the sherbet inside. xx

butterfly said...

Lovely candy those were the days.

Vickie said...

I do believe I just always favored chocolate. I did "smoke" some candy cigarettes as a girl though. :)

denise said...

omg,i remember teaberry gum and beemans. there was a mom & pop store down the road from my house and one down the street from my grand parents. i loved those old stores and candy did taste better back then. remember the bubble gum cigars? denise

Chris said...

I don't think that I have ever seen the flying saucers. They look fun!
I used to love the little brown bag of penny candy my Mom would get us. A dime's worth was a lot of candy back then.

Trace4J said...

Good Morning
What a fun post. I loved Chicko Sticks and Candy Cigs too.
I remember going to a little store called Reilly's. I would buy a fudge bar,popcorn and a chick stick. On buy little chick bike with banana seat. Oh the good ole days.
Happy Sunday

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh I knew we were twins from different mothers! Many of your faves were mine as well (although didn't live in town, so the trips to Goozy's were few and far between). Let's see my favorites: Mary Janes; Bit-o-Honey; Mallo cups; Slow Pokes; Black Cows; Ice Cubes (yes, I had a penchant for chocolate even back then); those little candy dots that came on a piece of paper that looked like a calculator printer paper; Pixie Stix; jaw breakers; sixlets.....Oh - and remember those little wax soda bottles filled with ummm - something? Ah - you have me going back - but I don't think we had flying saucers here. And I think you hit all of my gum faves too! I still buy Teaberry and Clove when I find it, but you're right, it's not the same. And Fruit Stripe....even though those flavors got funky-tasting real fast, that initial burst was worth it! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Paula Nunes Lima said...

Trip down memory lane? We all like to do that!
In Portugal when I was little, the offer was much smaller, but we had "Sugus", "Smarties", Heller candies and "Regina" chocolats. All dearly loved by me!!!!
Chewing Gums are "Adams", off course!