Sunday, April 22, 2012

Must Work! MUST WORK!!!

I'm trying to motivate myself today by chanting "must work" over & over again.  It is a lovely, blessedly cool (57 degrees predicted I think), sunny day ... just perfect for taking a drive, or sitting & stitching, or baking some brownies, or any number of things.  However, I sit here thinking about all the work there is yet to do if we are going to get this house on the market in ... Lord help me ... 8 days!!!  Therefore I am pushing myself toward going upstairs & doing a final clean-up up there.

I'm a little undecided about this 8 day thing which I'm sure isn't a surprise to anyone since we decided last year that we would be listing the house on March 1st, then it became April 1st, then it became May 1st & I honestly don't think we're going to make this deadline either.  I've been thinking we'll now shoot for sometime in the middle of May ... the 14th perhaps ... or we'll just wait & list it on June 1st.  Of course my husband is on the sidelines saying "We can always wait & list it next year!"  That, as Dr. Spock would say, sounds "logical" but it would also mean another year of having most of our things packed in boxes, another year of living in this house the way it is (which I hate), & another year of indecision.  Sigh!  The original idea was to list the house for 6 months & if it didn't sell then we would just stay here.  Since we are "late" in listing I am now thinking we should list it for 3 months.  I mean if anyone is interested in it then they're probably going to jump on it within 3 months, don't cha think?  Argh!  Those of you who aren't plagued by indecision ... you should be VERY thankful.

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I mailed 2 RAKs last week.  I am pleased to say that my second recipient received her package yesterday so I can now show you what I sent to her.

I'm sure most of you will recognize this as a Lizzie*Kate design called Garden Sampler.  Believe it or not I stitched this back in 2003!  When I decided for the second time that I was no longer going to be involved in cross stitching (what an idiot), I thought I had sold or given away absolutely everything I had pertaining to cross stitching but last fall ... probably when I was "getting things ready so as to list the house for sale on March 1st" ... I found a box with a few things I kept including a few things I had stitched but never finished.  This design was one of them.  When I recently decided to send several items to Faye at Carolina Stitcher to professionally finish for me, I included this & asked her to finish it however she thought best.  I was thrilled with her choice to make it into a needlecase!  June at Butterfly wings was the recipient & hopefully she won't mind me borrowing her photos because I forgot to take my own before I mailed it to her   : )   

I am now "caught up" on RAKs.  My intention at the beginning of the year was to choose one of my participating followers each month in order to gift them with an RAK.  Michelle at Michelle's StitchCraft Place inspired me to do that.  I already have the person chosen to receive the May gift & I will start working on that tonight   : )

Okay ... while I've been typing this I've had "Must Work!  MUST WORK!!!" mantra swirling around in the background of my mind so that is what I am going to do!  Wish me luck!    


marly said...

Put your house on the market. If people can't see past whatever the realtor wants you to do, they aren't that interested anyway. Your house setting is so fabulous, the style is wonderful, plus a front porch! Honestly, if it were in my area, I would consider it immediately. Insides can always be redone, but the rest can't and you've got it all. I'm going to miss seeing it on your header!

Carol said...

We are going through the same back and forth decision making with my parents' house now, Shirlee. It is just so hard, isn't it? Your setting is so, so pretty, that I can't imagine your house not selling quickly.

Lovely needlebook that you and Faye collaborated on for dear June--a perfect theme for a master gardener :)

Chris said...

Shirlee, I hope that you find the answer and some peace with the sale of your house. It is such a huge thing.
What beautiful RAKs. You and Faye both did a lovely job.


Myra said...

Packing up a house is sooooo much work. Deciding what to keep and what to get rid of is such a chore. Here's hoping you find the motivation soon.

I really enjoyed your candy post. I remember most of those but I don't think we had the flying saucers here.

Robin said...

Being a fellow sufferer of indecision, I know that we can always find more that needs doing before...whatever. Your house is in a beautiful setting and you won't know if it's sellable unless you go for it. Good luck with your work and hope you come to a comfortable decision.

Love your Lizzie Kate! Faye's finished is perfect and I'm sure June is thrilled with it!

bettyj said...

It is a do nothing this afternoon for me. I have a good book and a pot of coffee. what more do I need? Hope your day is exactly what you want it to be.

Michelle said...

Oh bless you Shirlee - sending you a hug xx

Mouse said...

ohhhhh I am sure you house will sell really quick as the view is fabulousssss .... fingers crossed you get stuff done you want getting done and you get to go where you want to be :)
love the RAK you sent to June :) just perfect for her .....
love mouse xxxxxx

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Shirlee, I say do what you can when you can and just put it on the market ~ people realize that you are moving and things will be in boxes. Good Luck to you!
Beautiful finishes!
Prim Blessings

TheCrankyCrow said...

What a sweet gift for June! Darling little finish....How generous and thoughtful of you to do a RAK a month. Yikes, that would mean I'd have to get something done each month. :o I do agree with those who have said not to fret so much about what's done and not done as far as getting your house on the market. When we bought this house, I actually felt a little "duped" with all the staging that I realized later had gone on. You opened a cupboard and it was only half filled, leading to the disillusionment of more-than-adequate cupboard space; likewise with the counter space - only to puzzle later how "those" people lived without a coffee pot or toaster and if they didn't, where the HECK did they stash it? But that's just my two cents - and it probably isn't even worth that these days.... Hope you got lots done. I didn't. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Vickie said...

Do what you can Shirlee and just go for it. You can keep working on it along the way. Nice giftie to June:)

Lisa V said...

Gorgeous needlebook finish.
Your house looks lovely, my husband and I are aspiring to buy a home very similar, on land of about 1 acre but we have lots of saving to do first.

Rhona said...

House selling is always so stressful. Hope you manage to get everything done in time. Love the LK finish, so sweet!

Trace4J said...

Beautiful stitches friend.
Hope you had a great day and a even better week.

♥ Nia said...

Such a lovely needlebook :) I'm sure you made June smile!!! :D
Hugs&smiles to you

Kaisievic said...

Did you get to work? I am dying to know. Love your RAKs - so lovely of you.

hugs, Kaye xoxox

Anonymous said...

Paul Simon is singing on the radio right now. I could only think os a Simon and Garfunkel song that starts like this "Slow down your moving to fast..."!!
Breath, try to relax, one step at the time.
Love the "Garden"!

Elaine said...

Such a beautiful home Shirlee can;t imagine why it won;t get snapped up quick. Moving does challenge your stress levels though.
What a perfect RAK for June, I love all the gorgeous flowers she shares from her garden with us. I;m sure she must be thrilled with her beautiful new needlcase. Hugs!

butterfly said...

Shirlee your house would be my dream home, here we don't always get the land now with our houses.
Thank you Shirlee for your kindess.
Enjoy your day.