Monday, May 27, 2013

Blooms & Stitches

"Peace I leave with you;
My peace I give to you;
not as the world gives do I give to you.
Let not your heart be troubled,
nor let it be fearful."
John 16:33

Today's iris bloom is nothing unusual, just the typical blue-purple color.  This sadly seems to be the last of the iris blooms I'll be sharing with you.  If I had left them neglected in the pots like I did for the last 2 years, I would've had all kinds of colors ... lol!  Well, I imagine that transplanting them into good soil was a bit of a shock to them & I'm lucky to have any blooming.  If I'm still here next year, I'm sure I'll be able to share more photos then   : )
I've spent some time this weekend finishing a few projects that I've frankly been too lazy to finish for quite some time.  These are things that only needed a few more stitches to complete them.  I ran into problems & just set them aside for another time.  They are now happily completed   : )   I can only show you one of them though.  The others will be gifts.

This cute snowman is from a Bent Creek Zipper kit called Got Carrot?  I think the expression on the snowman's face while those 2 bunnies eye his nose is priceless!  I got quite a surprise when I started working on this kit.  I didn't pay much attention to it when I bought it & chose to stitch it a few weeks ago because I thought it would make a cute ornament.  Well, the kit comes with a rough 18 count linen that looks very similar to burlap & the stitching is done with pearl cotton!  It will make a great small pillow or framed piece but certainly not an ornament. I am thinking about stitching it again on smaller count linen so I can have my ornament   : )   The design included a sort of snowflake arch with blue beads accenting it. I didn't want this so instead I just stitched a few snowflakes as if they are falling down from the sky. 

Got Carrot - Kit Photo
Got Carrot - My Adaptation
Yes, ladies & gentlemen ... the eyes of on the bunnies are indeed colonial knots.  Sometimes ya just gotta do what ya gotta do   : )

This next item is a new start of a Sampler Girl design, Good Tidings to You, that appeared in the 2011 issue of Just Cross Stitch Ornaments.  I stitched this design for a swap partner that year & always wanted to make one for myself.  Now's the time   : )   Rather than the 32 count fabric which the design calls for, I am using 40 count & stitching over 2.  
I hope everyone is enjoying their day.  Last night John & I finished watching the 4th season of Doc Martin.  Tonight we are going to start watching Jeeves & Wooster.  We like Hugh Laurie from watching him in the House series.  The character he plays in Jeeves & Wooster will be totally different.  Should be fun   : ) 


Anne said...

Gorgeous iris bloom Shirlee! I need to do some finishing today but I'm procrastinating for some reason...hehee. Love your little snowman and bunnies! So cute despite your loathing of knots!! Glad Tidings is a great design and I'm sure will be a fun stitch. Tanya's designs are always great to stitch!

Hugs! Say hi to Sophie for me!

Shebafudge said...

Aww...that is really cute. I love the snowman and the bunnies are adorable!

Sallyann said...

Beautiful iris, a really pretty colour.
Lovely finish too.

Sarah in Stitches said...

Ooh, that snowman is adorable! :D I watched Jeeves and Wooster years ago, and I found them hilarious. I'm a big fan of Stephen Fry as well as Hugh Laurie, so this show is quite a treat. Enjoy!

Vickie said...

So far only my dwarf chocolate irises have bloomed. I need to post the pictures I took.
Got Carrot? is really sweet.
I don't watch t.v. so I don't know about any of those. Have fun though. =)

CalamityJr said...

Sweet design. You can't go wrong with snowmen AND bunnies!

Simply Victoria said...

Got Carrot? looks great. I'm looking forward to seeing Good Tidings; I like stitching the Sampler Girl's patterns. Have fun with Jeeves and Wooster. This last year for senior lit. I wanted to expose my son to a variety of different reading. One of the authors was P.D. Wodehouse. In addition to reading some of his short stories, we borrowed an audio and DVD of Jeeves and Wooster from the library. We had fun with it. Hugh Laurie was well cast, and yes, much different than House. Let me know what you think.

Robin said...

I love your version of Got Carrot?, Shirlee. Your iris bloom is gorgeous.

Robin in Virginia

Linda said...

Both cute designs Shirlee.


Catherine said...

Beautiful iris! Such a cute snowman piece ~ love then expression!

Kaisievic said...

That snowman is adorable - enjoy Jeeves and Wooster, I have never seen it so I would love to hear all about it.

cucki said...

Aww cute snowman..I love them x

Krista said...

Gorgeous iris, Shirlee! I have seen them start to bloom all around here now, such wonderful colors. I even saw a pink one which surprised me!

Great new stitches you have going there. :)

Trace4J said...

Love the iris and snowman.
So cute.
Have you ever seen the series Larkrise and Candleford?
Loved it.
Woolie hugs

~Sara said...

Wonderful post. Love your iris, and your stitching is amazing. I am so thankful to have some of your pin keeps. Thank you again! I just love them. Blessings~Sara

marly said...

My favorite iris is blooming now, finally! Your snowman is adorable.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Beautiful bloom Shirlee!
Oh I love your stitched piece got carrot? so much better than the kit pic. You did a wonderful job!
Prim Blessings

Mii Stitch said...

You're definitely back in the stitching swing! This little snowman is just so sweet! Well done x

Chris said...

Yea! Colonial knots :) I love this guy. I have stitched him too. I really like these kits. They are great travel projects.
Have a great week!

Stitchy Mc Floss said...

Aww the snowman and bunnies are adorable.

Love the iris, it's such a beautiful flower.

Blessings always

Pam in IL said...

Beautiful Iris and I love your snowman finish! The changes you made with the snowflakes are perfect!

Have a great week!!!

Minnie said...

I like the changes you made with the snowflakes better, very cute.

Melody said...

I like your snowflakes also. Much better than the original design.
Glad to hear you like Doc Martin also. It was a great discovery..someone at the library recommended it to me.

Myra said...

Your snowman looks great Shirlee! My mom had an entire bed of those lovely purple iris - they are my favorite.