Saturday, May 11, 2013

Please Forgive Me

Before I write anything else, I need to ask all my recent giveaway winners to please forgive me.  I have not forgotten you!  I've just been a little ... okay, more than a little ... overwhelmed as of late.  I promise I will get things together & in the mail by the end of next week at the very latest.  I will post when they are on their way   : )

Thank God for Xanax!!!
I think I would have needed to be carted off to the loony bin by now if I did not have this stuff.  I'm sure I've mentioned before that my husband & I have moved many times over the years.  In the past I've always anticipated a new move, looking forward to it as an exciting adventure!  Now I'm grabbing for the Xanax ... lol!

Finding a nice house to rent in a place we've never been is a challenge, to say the least. Here's what I look like sitting at my computer trying to find one.
I've emailed quite a few realtors in several states asking about renting a house & adding that if they did not handle rental homes, could they refer me to anyone who does. I've received a response from two of them & one of those responses was just a curt "we don't handle rentals."

I am doing my best to
I know that if this is God's timing & His will, our house will sell & He will lead us to just the right rental home in just the right town in just the right state.  

"The Lord says, 'I will guide you along the best pathway for your life.  I will advise you & watch over you.'"  
Psalm 32:8 (NLT)


Sally said...

Good luck dear friend in finding somewhere to rent. I am thinking of you x

Vickie said...

Shirlee, I am praying for you and John in this. ♥ Deep breaths! Keep praying. And pet Sophie!

Maggee said...

I am in the Real Estate Business, so might be able to assist. I will check on it and email privately. (P.S. I have herbals that work like Xanax, by the way...less bad stuff in your body...)Hugs!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The correct response to such terse emails is "Is that because you are too rude for landlords to do business with you?"

Good Luck with the house hunting.

Adele said...

We live in Gainesville, FL. It may be a bit too warm for you here, but there are many wonderful, peaceful places to go to here and people to meet. There's a wonderful property manager, Union Properties, here in town that handles house rentals. Take a look at us here. There are two cross stitch shops within 30 miles of us (Trenton and Ocala). Adele

gracie said...

Hang in there my friend....When we decided to move to Arizona, I did lots of on-line searches for an apartment. I did have the opportunity to visit on several occasions which did help. Did you try to search on-line?

Mii Stitch said...

Just keep looking, I'm sure someone nice and helpful will come!!

Kaisievic said...

Of course, He will, my dear. You will be fine - 49 other states and, of course, Melbourne, Victoria for you to come live in! (No pressure re Melbourne - lol!)