Sunday, May 5, 2013

God Loves Us Still

I have always enjoyed reading Chuck Swindoll books & listening to his messages.  I recently started receiving his daily devotionals in my inbox & the one I received the other day was so profound I wanted to share it here.

God Loves Us Still

From a distance, we dazzle; up close, we're tarnished.  Put enough of us together & we may resemble am impressive mountain range. But when you get down into the shadowy crevices ... the Alps we ain't.

That's why our Lord means so much to us. He is intimately acquainted with all our ways. Darkness & light are alike to Him.  No one is hidden from His sight.

All things are open & laid bare before Him: our darkest secret, our deepest shame, our stormy past, our worst thought, our hidden motive, our vilest imagination ... even our attempts to cover the ugly with snow-white beauty.

He sees all.  He knows our frame.  He remember we are dust.

Best of all, He loves us still.

Think about it.  How thankful we should be!!!

Have a wonderful Sunday!!!


Trace4J said...

Thankful thankful..
Loved it.
Thank you for sharing.
Woolie Hugs

cucki said...

Thankful...and so thankful..
Big hugs x

Joyce Mayer said...

I am so very thankful and so in love.


Simply Victoria said...

So thankful I am loved! Thanks for sharing. I enjoy Chuck Swindoll too!

Teresa S. said...

Well said!
I am very tarnished and very thankful :)

Maggee said...

What a nice thing to share, and EVER so TRUE! I am so behind in reading blogs, I didn't see when you posted this... but I am sure I will be commenting on the other 5 after this one too! Hugs!