Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday Morning

"Do not be anxious about anything,
but in every situation, by prayer & petition,
with thanksgiving,
present your requests to God.
And the peace of God, 
which transcends all understanding,
will guard your hearts & your minds
in Christ Jesus."
Philippians 4:6-7

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  I hope everyone will be able to enjoy a good weekend!  The weather is quite lovely here this morning in the devil's playground, bright & sunny with a predicted temperature of 70 degrees.  The only thing that would make it a better day is a sudden shift in temperature resulting in a blizzard with below zero wind chills & a couple feet of snow accumulation. Speaking of which, & I know you are all going to love me for bringing this up, but exactly 7 months from today it will be Christmas Day   : )

Our smoke bushes & trees are looking good. In the early mornings the dew accumulates on the smoke plumes, which are made up of many teensy-weensy flowers, & this makes them look sort of frosty.  I was able to get 2 photos this morning.  The first one is when the smoke is covered with dew; the second is how the smoke usually looks.

I've been steadily stitching the mystery design I posted on Wednesday.  I can't share with you what it is or show any updated photos because it's a gift.  I'm sort of nearing the end now & already wondering what I will stitch next.  Do you plan when you will stitch certain things & put them in order of how you will stitch them, or do you just stitch something when it calls to you?  I do the latter.  I've kitted a few things in the past thinking "I'll do this one next," but when it comes time for me to start a new project, I just can't muster up the enthusiasm I had for it when I kitted it!  I then start rummaging through my stash to find something else ... lol!

We had a very nice young couple from Colorado come to see our house yesterday. They are wanting to leave Colorado & the husband applied for a job here.  If he gets the job, they will, of course, need a house. John & I kept out of the way as they & their realtor walked through the house.  We were sitting on the porch & I had to chuckle a couple times because we could hear the wife saying things like "Ooooo!  Look at this!" & "Wow, isn't this nice!"  When they were finished going through the house, they came out on the porch & talked with us for a while & then they explored the yard.  Their realtor knocked at the door before they left to thank me for allowing them to see the house & to tell me they really loved it.   Needless to say, if they buy it or not will depend on the outcome of the husband's job interview.  I can't help but wonder ... is God providing a job for this man so that he & his wife will buy this house?  I have no idea, but even if they move here & buy another house, I am praying God's best for them.  Would you please say a prayer for them too?

Isn't it wonderful when you can give something to God & just lean back & rest knowing that He's taking care of things?  A year or two ago I would've been sitting here fretting about why the house hasn't sold yet, will it sell, where will we go when it does sell, etc.  Thanks to your prayers for me, I am calm & at peace.  Leaving things in God's hands helps us avoid making mistakes.  If the house sells, I'll know it's God's will.  If we can't find a home to rent anywhere except in one particular area, then I'll know that is where He wants us to be.  It's a good feeling : )        

John & I aren't doing anything special this weekend.  Since the weather is a bit cooler, it will be a great time to transplant our Russian sage.  I need to spritz weed killer in a couple places & I think I'll straighten up the garage a bit while I'm at it ... & I guess I'd better get at it   : )   Thanks for stopping by & for your continued prayers.  Many hugs to you all!


Catherine said...

Oh the smoke is pretty when covered with the dew! Here's hoping the man gets the job!!

Carol said...

Oh, I hope things work out for the man and his wife, Shirlee. It sounds like it might just be the perfect place for them if the job offer comes through...

It is very cool here (only 53!!) so we're staying inside. Tomorrow will be in the 60s so I hope to get some gardening done then... Enjoy your quiet weekend :)

cucki said...

I hope the man get the Job and everything work out well..
Beautiful day wishes for you xxx

Linda said...

Loved the pics of the smoke bushes. They are really pretty.


Vickie said...

Hi dear Shirlee. It is cool here as well. I have prayed for that couple and you too. Yes, it is a good feeling to place the concerns in God's care. We have done that with our Mabel. Whichever outcome it may be we know it is God's will.♥

marly said...

Miss Shirlee, I'm so glad to hear that you have reduced your anxiety and aren't fretting. We all know how, but to actually let go is difficult. I'm proud of you!

Sallyann said...


I have been reading your latest blog posts and enjoyed them very much. I have become a follower.
I hope that everything works out for you and that you sell your house.
Have a good weekend.

bettyj said...

If it is Gods plan the house will sell and he will get the job. I have to take Dasko and leave when they show mine. I go to my 93 year old Aunt's because she lets him in the (I really go to visit her). I am getting back into the world of blogging. Have a wonderful weekend.

Simply Victoria said...

Love this post and the peace and trust that is shows! God has been so faithful to you! The smoke bush is so unique. I generally start a project based on how I feel. I think a good part of the excitement of stitching something new is in the kitting up of it. When I have them kitted up too far in advance I lose a bit of enthusiasm once I look to start them.

jennifer768 said...

Hi Shirlee,lovely pics of the smoke bushes! I can't wait till you can reveal what you are working on.Saying a prayer for the couple and you too.
Can I just say how proud I am of you.You are an inspiration to all of us with the way you are turning it all over to God.
Have a wonderful weekend.Hugs,Jen

Anonymous said...

Good Morning! What a lovely uplifting post.

When we were trying to buy a new house recently...I prayed and let God do his work. I was okay with what ever the outcome was to be.

I will keep the young couple in my prayers. What a beautiful tree. Thank you for sharing.

Wishing you a stitching filled weekend.

~Narita said...

Faith is a good thing. Its truly comforting to know that we will always be taken care of and that everything happens as it should.

Melody said...

You have a good attitude. I feel that way too, especially over big things. If it's meant to happen it will.