Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wherever shall I go?

People compare me to Vivian Leigh all the time.  She has 2 eyes, I have 2 eyes.  She has a nose, I have a nose.  She has a mouth, I have a mouth.  The similarities are endless. Well, now that our house is up for sale, I can't help but remember a bit of Vivian's speech at the end of Gone With the Wind where, as Scarlett O'Hara, she looks up at Rhett & says "Wherever shall I go?"  

I've been thinking that same thing recently. Wherever shall I go?  When the house sells I mean.  And please don't give me the answer that Rhett gave to Scarlett   : )

I know it's early to be concerned about this, but then again, it's not.  No one may even want to buy this house, but it's possible that our first viewer will fall in love with it & make us an offer we can't refuse, & what then? Wherever shall I go?  

John & I have nothing holding us to any particular part of the country.  We're both retired so the sky is the limit as far as moving goes.  Can anyone give me any suggestions?  We like cold & snow. Mountains, lakes, forests ... all pretty.  We hate smoking. We don't want to pay no-fault insurance prices.  We don't like crowds.  The less the insect population, the better.  

Property taxes really don't matter because we will be renting for at least a year to make sure we like the area.  We may even rent until Jesus comes to get us.  We will be wanting to rent a nice house or townhouse.  

Places We're Thinking About
But Have Never Been

Is anyone familiar with these towns or others near them ... say within a radius of an hour or two?  

Vail, Frisco, Fraser, or Winter Park, Colorado

Lincoln, Nebraska

Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Cumberland, Maryland

Altoona or Harrisburg, PA

Rochester, Syracuse, Schenectady, or Albany, New York

I'm open to other suggestions   : )   


Heather Wise said...

I am from PA. I went to college outside of Harrisburg, and there is plenty of country, yet you can be close to civilization. My in-law live in Chambersburg, PA. I love it there! Gettysburg is pretty too. Both of those places have moutains (not Colorado Mts, but they still call them that!), lakes, rivers, wide open places, history. I have lived in PA my whole life. Most people do. We don't have a high turnover rate for leaving the state. I live in Lancaster County- can't complain there! As far as bugs, gee, I think we are normal. We gots them.

Hee hee! I found your blog because of your infamous bout with fire and a stitchery. I had to see. I am not disappointed! You're a hoot!

Blessings in your new home search!

Catherine said...

I'm from PA too! Grew up in the Pocono Mts., now living in southern Chester county ~ went to college in Erie. Love them all! Also lived in Knoxville (love the Great Smokey National Park!) and Nashville, TN ~ both great places as well. Oh ~ and I love New England!
Good luck with selling your house and your decision on where to explore!

rosek1870 said...

This must be the PA night. I live in the Lehigh Valley in Bethlehem. Lots to do here although I am in the city I have a camper up in the Lehighton area. That is more county and hills. If you are looking more for mountain and lakes I would look just across the PA state line in New York too. Beautiful country up there. New England too. Good Luck!

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Hi there~ I stumbled across your wonderful blog.:> )
I live in Central New York (about 1/2 hour east of Syracuse.) I'm in a very rural area. It's wonderful here!! Look around southern Oneida county or Madison county.
Or you could go north into the Adirondacks. It's beautiful but the black flies are worse up there.
Best of luck to you and your husband finding just the right place.
Take care,

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I vote for Schenectady just so I can write it on an envelope and have the Post Office Lady say "now where the heck is that, have you made it up?"

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Second choice is Fond du Lac so you can be the Lady of the Lake!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

And Evalina recommends the Yukon

Joyce Mayer said...

Hi Miss Shirlee,

We are planning on moving to Weaverville, NC. Small town, mountains, a Main St. for shopping.

Maybe we will be neighbors. (o:

Heaps of Hugs
Prudence ♥

capecodgirl565 said...

Anywhere in Door County Wisconsin is beyond beautiful. Green Bay on one side, Lake Michigan on the other. Lots of woods and open spaces plus beautiful little villages. That is my someday plan anyway!!

Simply Victoria said...

When I saw Fond du Lac, I was so surprised. I grew up 30 min. west of there and now live 50 min. south. Snow and cold aplenty!! My suggestion would be if you need good medical care, you would be better living closer to Milw. I am a half hour north and live in a great area! I'd be happy to share more if you'd like. Do you still have my email from when I responded to you about your giveaway?

Pam in IL said...

It's been a long time since I've been to Fond du Lac, WI. I can tell you that every weekend many folks from Illinois travel to WI for the weekend. You'll experience every season in WI and, I'm sorry, there are insects there too.

Vera said...

It is PA night! I live near Valley Forge and love it. Love New England too. Not fond of Albany -- way too crowded and dirty. Outside of Harrisburg is ok. And the west!! Love, love, love Boulder, CO and Santa Fe, NM -- would move there in a heartbeat or less. Good luck!!

marly said...

I can't help you with those options except to say that my cousins think Colorado is magnificent.

Dawn said...

I'm originally from Erie PA, but you might enjoy Butler Pa, or Evans City, both are about 45 min outside of Pittsburgh which would have excellent medical care but those areas are rural, snow, lakes, big hills but lovely country areas.

small town living but if you needed something a big town has its not far away.

Melody said...

Looks like you have lots of good input. I live in Illinois. Not much around where I live.

I have travelled some. I like Tennessee around the Smokey Mtns. is pretty.

I also visited central PA a lot. My sister and her family lived in Chambersburg for years. It was a very pretty area. I like that it was close to lots of other interesting spots.

I also liked western Mass. around the Stockbridge area. Very pretty, and again close to interesting spots to visit.

Good luck.

geeky Heather said...

Well, I can't help you, because I hate the cold. Hmmm, maybe I could tell you the places I'd LEAST like to live?? =) My mom always said that when she lived in Michigan, she felt very fortunate if the girls were out of snowsuits by Mother's Day...does that help? LOL! I've been skiing in Winter Park, and it was beautiful (although, of course, I would not want to live there). My parents are both from Harrisburg, PA, and it is beautiful there...I wasn't able to wear shorts/short sleeves after about 4pm in July without getting chilly, so that's probably a good bet for you! =)

LoriU said...

My sister in law lives in Altoona and has for about 30 some years now. If you have any questions about it I can ask her! The times I have been there I found it VERY hilly and a little on the 'old' side....just my opinion though! I am sure there are areas I have never seen.

Vickie said...

ooOoo! Shirley you know where I say, WISCONSIN with me! I have never been to Fon du Lac, almost an hour north of me. I must live right by Victoria! =) I think it is farm country. Country living for sure. She is right about closer to Milwaukee for very good options in health care. Love ya!

ljones said...

I would recommended either Grand Junction, Colorado or Montrose, Colorado. Both have mild climates but 4 seasons. Grand Junction is more high desert and Montrose is surrounded by mountains. Grand Junction is about 2 1/2 hours southwest of Vail on I-70 and Montrose is a little over an hour south of Grand Junction on Hwy 50. Very good medical facilities in Grand Junction and Montrose. Good shopping in both towns and also good resturants. Lots of things to do in the area and the San Juan mountains south of Montrose are beautiful. Hot Springs pools in Ouray and also Glenwood Springs. Good Luck selling your home! Lorea

Minnie said...

Well lady I won't tell you to move near me you know I live in VA and it gets hoooooooot here in the summer and I know you hate the heat. I agree with Jo, if you want cold the Yukon with our friend Evalina is what you're looking for. She has reported temps as low as 20 to 30 below freezing and I think it just beginning to thaw up there now. We are on that other end of the scale because we will be looking for a warmer climate when hubby finally retires for good. Good luck with house sale and finding a destination.

Lee said...

I'm another Pennsylvania girl, but of all the cities you mentioned, I'm closest to Cumberland MD. If you're thinking of Cumberland but you're looking for SNOW, you could think about Grantsville MD or Oakland MD. Both are in the mountains of Western MD. Grantsville is a lovely little town with a large Amish population. (It also has a sweet quilt and needlework store - Four Seasons Stitchery) Oakland boasts beautiful Deep Creek Lake and Wisp Ski Resort. We love Deep Creek. It's one of our favorite spots.

The Altoona area also has beautiful mountains, but doesn't get as much snow as Western MD. It seems as if the Altoona area (not necessarily the town) is growing, spurred on by the new highway through town. And it's just a short drive to State College and all the culture and activities Penn State has to offer. There is a small needlework shop in Altoona, called Moore's Stitches. I've never been there, but she's done a trunk show for my stitching group and she was super.

Good luck as you pick your place on the map!

Carol said...

Personally, Shirlee--I would not relocate to NY at all due to tax reasons. My parents, brother and sister all live in the Rochester, NY area--near Canandaigua. A truly lovely area, but my brother says he is moving out of NYS as soon as he retires due to the taxes.

You know, I love western PA--the hills (every time I drive back here after being away, I marvel at the beauty of the hills), the four distinct seasons, the reasonable cost of living, the friendly people, the lack of natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes and forest fires :) Western MD (as my friend, Lee, said before me) is great, too! Garrett County, MD gets a lot of snow and is so near hiking, skiing, etc. Good luck--I know you'll a great location!

Krista said...

Hi Shirlee, If you like mountains, cold, and lakes, Connecticut is a great choice too! That is why I moved here.... my grandparents were from this area and I spent much of my growing years here and now I enjoy living here too. This is a pic I had taken last Sept. by Candlewood Lake...
I don't know about the taxes and insurance here, but I do know we get LOTS of snow! :)

Nancy said...

Hi Shirlee,

I am originally from PA also. I grew up in the middle of nowhere outside of Boyertown, which is about 15 miles from Reading. It was a beautiful area and you can sometimes still have snow in May. One year I had a pile of snow in my backyard until the beginning of June due to the area not getting any sun. BUT, have you thought about Montana? It appears that we may be going to Great Falls. It would be nice to kind of know someone there. Especially one that has such craft talents and a great sense of humor as you!!

Maggee said...

I don't like bugs either, but I don't like cold much, so I won't be moving to wherever you go--however, I can visit! My sister lived in Golden CO and couldn't handle the altitude. Something to consider... My husband's family lives in Garrett County, MD--Oakland, and we go there to visit about every other year--in August. their warm month... but not much above 75-80! It is in the mountains, near Deep Creek as they said above... But good medical would be in Cumberland or even as far away as Baltimore... Boy, I am NO help! Hopefully you will decide on a place just when the house sells!! Hugs!

Mindi said...

I lived in Cheyenne, WY for 4 years and I loved it. You're probably wondering why I'm talking about Cheyenne when Wyoming wasn't even on your list. Its about an hour away from Boulder - which I totally love. Neat, funky college town with a fairly liberal population, super close to the mountains, and also to Denver with a huge airport. The biggest problem is the cost of living is fairly high in Boulder. Welcome to Cheyenne! An hour (or 45 min depending on how fast you drive) straight north of Denver. Right at the intersection of I80 and I25, the place is growing, and has grown a lot since I lived there. Even better - no income tax.

I'm also a bit familiar with Lincold, NE. I wouldn't recommend it. Nebraska is FLAT. I should know, I've driven across that state more times than I can count. Omaha itself isn't bad and I'd live there, but not Lincoln. It also gets really hot and humid in the summer, and I don't get along well with humidity.