Friday, May 10, 2013

Think, Think, Think

"When he thought, he thought in the most powerful way he could think."

If I had a nickel for every thought I have had concerning where we might move if/when our house sells, well, I'd have a lot of nickels.  In my continuous OCD-ing about which state, which town, which this, which that, I've been hitting some dead ends as far as locations go.  An area turns out to be too remote, the cost of living is too high, there's a high crime rate ... stuff like that.  Therefore, my focus has shifted a bit.

As I have mentioned previously, John & I are going to rent for a while ... maybe forever. We would prefer to rent a house.  Prior to moving to the devil's playground, we rented a very nice house in a 55 & over community in Tennessee.  It was a lovely area & part of us wouldn't mind returning, but the other part of us would.  If possible, we would like to find a similar community in another state but my search thus far has not been successful. 

Where are we considering to go now?  We have crossed off some of the previous locations we had thought about & have replaced them with these two ...



Can any of you Ohio/Indiana ladies give me any info on possible towns that would be nice to live in?


Vickie said...

wah!wah!wah! =( That is me crying. No more Wisconsin huh? Don'tcha wanna be a Cheesehead? I am sure you were very thorough. I hope you find a perfect home, no matter what state that ends up being.♥

jennifer768 said...

Happy Friday Shirlee! What a big decision you have ahead of you.I would not know where to begin.Sorry,I wish I could help.Hugs,Jen

LoriU said...

I live in Ohio!!! I have a friend who moved to a home in an over 55 community that she loves. It is in Twinsburg Ohio, which is about 25 min. south of Cleveland OH. They live in a free standing condo (so they own the home but don't have to deal with the land upkeep). My aunt and uncle also live in Twinsburg but they live with their son in a house.

Also we have several cross stitch and yarn shops in the area! AND we get snow which I know you like!!

Dawn said...

Shirlee, I live outside of Cincinnati, to the East of it, you, I rarely go downtown, I prefer this area we are in, Batavia, I know there are some Patio communities for 55 and old group around here, the homes are very nice. I live in Clermont County, there is a high senior population in this area, the school levy's suffer as the seniors vote for their services over schools. I like here, an LNS just 20 miles away. I am thinking this is to close to a major city for your liking but if you ever want to come up and tour the area, you are more than welcome to come here. There are more beautiful areas further away like Oxford, Lisa from Inspired Stitcher lives out that way, very rural. i wish you luck my friend.

butterfly said...

Shirlee you can always come to the uk and buy my dads Bungalow . hugs.

Teresa S. said...

I grew up in Crawfordsville, IN and my husband in Lafayette, IN. If you like the idea of small town life, Crawfordsville is wonderful and only 25 minutes from Lafayette and 45 minutes from Indianapolis.

If you like the idea of medium town life, Lafayette has everything you need without the big city crime or traffic.

We have lived our adult lives in the Pacific NW and like the mild year-round weather and no humidity :)

countrykathy said...

I live near Wooster,OH and it is truly a wonderful town.It is the home of The College of Wooster and OARDC. The latter is a branch of the Ohio State University and there is always something going on there. Our county fair is considered the best in OH and again always an activity every weekend. We have a vibrant downtown w/wonderful historic bldgs. and features Ohio Light Opera, Farmers Mkt. ,etc.. We are located in heart of Amish Country and beautiful farmland. Also, there are plentiful prim and craft shops. Also, we are only 1-1/2 drive to Cleveland and same to Columbus putting us in a good location. I think you would not be disappointed. Wooster has lovely landscaped trees and cares not only about its future but keeing its past.

Lee said...

I'm familiar with Wooster, Ohio because that's where our daughter went to college. It's a very nice little college town. I'll bet there are plenty of good rental opportunities.

Although the town is small, a person can find good shopping and good medical facilities. The college adds nice cultural entertainment, too.

There is a large Amish community and lovely farms just outside of town.

Another beautiful Ohio town is Vermilion, right on Lake Erie. It has an old-fashioned, small town feel, but it's just minutes from Cleveland and all it has to offer.

Hmmm. Can't help you out in Indiana, though!

Linda said...

I'm from Ohio originally. My parents and siblings and other family members - are still there.
I'm from a town called Milford Ohio. It is a nice town - not too small - but not big. And from what I've heard, they are getting more and more little shops around there.
Hillsboro Ohio is where my Grandmother and Aunt lived. Another nice smallish town. Milford is 25 miles from Cincinnati - and really close to other places that offer more than Milford does. Anyway - that is my vote!

Linda in VA

FN said...

I have a friend that lives in Zionsville, Indiana. It's a beautiful suburb of Indianapolis. I visited it once and loved it!

LoriU said...

A free standing condo is basically a house but you don't own the land its on. You own the building. And the development takes care of all lawn maintenance, snow plowing, etc.

Marsha said...

There's a very nice involved online quiz called 'Find your spot'. Bloomington, IN came up as my ideal spot. A small college town.

I live in Loveland, OH outside of Cincinnati also. It has a creative, artistic vibe.

My friend lives in Lewisburg, PA. Love it there. I love being near hills and it's another small college town and they get snow too. Not too much snow here and it does get beastly hot. (Think humid, drippy)

Anyway, google Find your Spot and give it a try.

Terri said...

I live in Plainfield, Indiana and it's not a bad place, but on the expensive side. Someone posted about Zionsville, IN and it's a beautiful town, too, but also on the expensive side. There IS a wonderful needlework shop in Zionsville! Bloomington, IN is good, but it is a college town. There is another needlework shop near there, too. Nashville, IN would be nice, although it is touristy. Check out any of these towns and let me know what you think! I'd love to have a "stitchy friend" nearby :-)