Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Few Finishes to Share!

I sent several items to my faithful, fabulously flawless finisher Myra a while back but have been neglectful in showing some of them to you.  The ones you haven't seen yet were either destined to be gifts or I just didn't get around to photographing them.  Life sure does get in the way sometimes, doesn't it?  I will remedy this situation now   : )

I stitched this first design as a birthday gift for my dear friend Paula who lives in Portugal.  I am sharing a photograph of both the front & the back of this little cushion because I just love the fabric Myra used for the backing.  It compliments the design so well, don't you think?

 Designer:  Jardin Prive
Design:  Small Red
Fabric:  32 ct Antique White linen
Floss:  Overdyed

The following designs are all Christmas ornaments.  I really should have photographed both the front & back of each one since Myra likewise paired each design with the perfect complimenting fabric.  As I mentioned to someone in an email this morning, if only our foresight were as sharp as our hindsight   : )

Designer:  The Prairie Schooler
(2012 JCS Ornaments issue)
Design:  Partridge in a Pear Tree
Fabric:  Mystery linen
Floss:  DMC

Designer:  Little House Needleworks
Design:  It's Snow Cold
Fabric:  30 ct Tin Roof linen
Floss:  DMC

Designer:  Homespun Elegance
Design:  Jingle Jingle
Fabric:  30 ct Mink linen
Floss:  DMC, WDW, & GAST

Designer:  Homespun Elegance
Design:  Joyous Heart
Fabric:  32 ct Sandstone linen
Floss:  DMC, CC, WDW, & GAST

Designer:  Homespun Elegance
Design:  Festive Redbird
Fabric:  32 ct Sandstone linen
Floss:  DMC, CC, & WDW

Designer:  Homespun Elegance
Design:  All Is Calm
Fabric:  28 ct Amber linen
Floss:  DMC, CC, WDW, GAST

There is one other ornament which I cannot show you yet because it's a gift   : )

Myra finished this next project into a cube for me.  It is my first cube.  She did a marvelous job!

Designer:  Tralala
Design:  Duo Noel
Fabric:  32 ct Lambswool linen
Floss:  DMC

Although I love all the above finishes which Myra did for me, this final finish I am going to share with you is the "piece de resistance" as far as I am concerned   : )   I made mention of my Frosty project the other day in my August IHSW Report, Part II posting.  It wasn't until I stitched Frosty that I truly understood the meaning of the words "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."  After finishing Frosty, he met with disaster & I was afraid he would be lost forever.  I put him out of sight & tried not to think about him, but we had gone through so much together. I couldn't get him off my mind.  One day I decided to ask Myra if she thought she could salvage him for me.  She told me to send him her way & she would see if she could rescue him.  Her decision?  She could!  

I had no idea what Myra was going to do with Frosty.  I of course knew that whatever she did would be perfect, but not even in my wildest dreams did I imagine she would come up with a finish like this!

Designer:  With Thy Needle & Thread
Design:  January Word Play
Fabric:  36 ct Abecedarian linen
Floss:  GAST

If you have a good eye, you may have noticed that my design is different than what the designer intended   : )   I really don't care much for designs that are geared toward a certain month.  Why in the world would I want to put Frosty on display only in January???  He's too wonderful for just a one-month showing!  I therefore did a bit of redesigning ... removed the word January & replaced it with the word icicles.  This makes it perfect to have on display all winter! There are places where I had to move a stitch or two or three up or down or over a space or two or three to make my redesign look pleasing.  Thankfully it all worked out in the end.  All was, is, & will continue to be right with the world   : ) 

You can't actually tell what Myra did here, but this is not something where she just took the design, sewed a border around it, put a backing on it, stuffed it with fiberfill, & stitched up the opening.  Not Myra!  What you are looking at is actually a kind of pillow slip!  She made a small stuffed pillow, then made Frosty into a pillow slip which can be removed so that I can replace him with other Word Plays if the mood strikes me. Look at the cute mittens she embroidered on the back seam! 

If you traveled along with me on my Frosty stitching journey, you well know that the following Weird Al Yankovic lyrics from his song "One More Minute" clearly indicate my feelings about stitching another WTN&T Word Play design.

"I'd rather have my blood sucked out by leeches,
Shove an ice pick under a toenail or two.
I'd rather clean all the bathrooms
in Grand Central Station with my tongue..."
Than spend one more minute ever stitching another WTN&T Word Play design again!

My, but didn't Myra do a beautiful job ... not only on Frosty but on all her beautiful finishes???  Come on followers ... let's give her a big round of applause!
Thank you, my friend!  I so appreciate you!

Here is what the designer intended the January Word Play to look like.
I will never stitch this chart again (once was more than enough), so I am going to offer it to one of my followers.  If you would like a chance to win this chart, just leave a comment telling me so.  You have until 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Saturday, August 31, to tell me you'd like a chance to win the chart.  I will draw a name on Sunday, September 1.  

Well, I was just wondering what I would be doing after publishing this post when the phone rang.  It was the realtor calling to make an appointment for someone to come look at the house tomorrow morning.  Looks like I'll be doing some cleaning & straightening up today   : )


Terri said...

I would love a chance to win this chart! I've been wanting to do one of the word plays, but hadn't found any locally.

Thanks! And Myra did a wonderful job with your beautiful stitching!

carolsylvester said...

Frosty is an adorable little chart (and your revision is just as good!) and I would LOVE to win him! Please add my name to the drawing!

Carol S.

Sarah in Stitches said...

Wow, Myra did such a fantastic and wonderful job with all the finishes! She's incredibly talented. I'm not going to enter your draw, just because I have way too many things on my plate right now, but I actually love the way you redesigned it! Way to go :D

Maureen said...

You have me afraid but I think I would like to give ol Frosty/wordplay a try. Myra does beautiful work on finishing and your stitchings are wonderful.

butterfly said...

Oh Shirlee your stitching is so beautiful I love every thing you stitched ,and Myra has done a fantasic job of the finish of every one hugs.

Robin said...

What fabulous finished items Myra created from your stitchery! I love Frosty's pillow slip. Very cool and love your changes.

Robin in Virginia

Emma/Itzy said...

What a clever little lady your finisher friend is! I wish I had one! Even just making a simple pillow I get so frustrated with it sometimes, however I have yet to set anything on fire *ahem*

Your tweeking on the pattern is spot on - I agree, you would want this out all the festive season!

This pattern is on my "i want to get that one day" list so I would love to be included please :)

Emma xo

Linda said...

Congrats on the cute Word Play. I like the way you changed it. I would love a chance to win the design. Your finisher is awesome. She does a fantastic job.


gracie said...

As I read and look at the pictures, I said aloud..." ooh, I like this" ... I said it for each picture! I do love them all!

Cole said...

What great finishes by Myra, she does a lovely job... complimented of course by your lovely stitching!

cucki said...

Aww such sweet sweet stitches..
And I love them all so much..the two little gloves at the back of the cushions are so sweet ,. Xx
Please count me in for this cute jan chart ..I love
Big hugs
Cucki x

Michelle said...

Oh my my my I love them all xx

Vickie said...

First, I am so glad someone else is coming to look at your beautiful home!
Next, yes! Myra is talented. Your stitching all looks great. Good for you.

Myra said...

Oh Shirlee, I am blushing here. It is easy to do pretty finishes when I start with stitching as lovely as yours. I agree, I think the finish I enjoyed the most was the Word Play one. I am thinking I wouldn't mind doing one of the summer word play designs and finishing it just like I did yours. Your stitching inspires me and I am so glad you liked everything.

Dawn said...

Wonderful pieces Shirlee, love them all.

Maggee said...

Frosty is so, so gorgeous! THAT is one fine finish! The rest are perfect too, as always! I am emailing you... Hugs!

rosek1870 said...

I would love a chance to win this cute pattern. I love winter patterns and have been looking at this series for a while. Good luck with the showing - maybe this will be the one. Have you decided where to move yet???

Catherine said...

Fabulous finishes!!

marly said...

What fantastc ornaments. You've been keeping Myra busy! I thought Frosty melted in the sink. Must have been another unfortunate agitator.

gloriahanaway said...

I love the changes you made and if you hadn't told I would have never known! I stitched a Mill Hill beaded snowman a few years ago and the smallest beads had to be stitched with a cross to make them lay straight. I think I split every thread and had to frog, frog and frog. I started calling him a snow-monster instead of a snowman but every Christmas I am so glad I finished it but like you, I would never stitch it again! I love WTNAT and would love to be entered in your drawing! Thank you so much for such a generous drawing!

Deborah said...

Your finishes are beautiful and Myra did a great job of finishing!

Annette-California said...

where do I begin??? Myra did an incredible job of finishing ALL your beautiful stitched samplers!!! Oh my goodness the hearts are not easy and yet Myra made them look better than shown on the charts:) The CUBE! Who knew? I love it. Goodness now I'm totally inspired. As for the Icicles pillow - AMAZING! I LOVE how you changed January to icicles, love love love IT!
Oh Shirlee - how thrilling that these beauties are all yours.
PLEASE include me for your drawing. If I win - I want to stitch it just like you did:)
All the ornaments are Beautiful.
love Annette

Marilyn said...

Wow, those are some great finishes, both stitching and finishing.
Frosty looks terrific, what a great idea to change the month to icicles, very clever.
I would love to give Frosty a good home. :)

Chris said...

What beautiful pieces! Your stitching is gorgeous and Myra's finishing is just wonderful.
Good luck with the showing.

ricketyjo said...

What absolutely gorgeous finishes!!! They all look so lovely. If you'd consider sending the chart over to the UK, I'd love the chance to win it :)

Judy said...

All of your things are beautiful--stitching and finishing! I really like the way Myra made the pillow case..very cute! I have the chart, so no need to put my name in. Thanks.

Judy heartland stitcher

Pam in IL said...

Lovely stitching and Myra did an awesome job on the finishing. You know, your Frosty has been on my mind. I have the January Word Play design in my stash, but haven't gotten the itch to stitch it yet. Hubby and I went to our county fair last night and walked through the textile exhibits. What did I see? FROSTY! Made me think of you -- and that maybe I should gather up my supplies and finally stitch him.

I really like the change you made by replacing January with icicles. I might do something similar.

Simply Victoria said...

Between you and Myra these are absolutely lovely! You two make a great stitching team. All of them look great but the word play is truly the best. I love it. Please add my name to your pattern giveaway. Thanks xx

Jeanne said...

I am new to your blog Shirlee but enjoyed looking back and seeing your wonderful stitching. Sorry you had such a time with Frosty...I love all the WordPlay charts and have collected but not stitched any of them yet. Love the change you made to replace "January" with "icicles" and I'll keep that in mind for the future. I usually stitch snowmen or snow with one of the DMC white shades (3865 most of the time). I find that the overdyed off-whites (whatever brand they are) aren't really worth buying for me and I don't like my snowmen to come out 'stripey'. I'm currently stitching a design in all white on blue linen...that would be a nightmare for you I guess!

Peggy Lee said...

WOW....big time eye candy here! Love all of Myra's work on your stitching. The Jan. word play is especially breathtaking. I like the changes you made and those mittens on the back are just too cute! And the bells...adorable!!

I'm going back for another look.
Have a great weekend ~

Julie said...

Beautiful collection of ornaments, wonderfully stitched and finished so lovely. Frosty is amazing, he looks so cute as a pillow like that, clever idea to be able to change to outer each month if you so wish, I wonder how many ladies will do likewise with their designs.

Janet P said...

Yes please, will you put my name in the hat for the chart. I don't know which of the Christmas ornaments I like the best they are all super. There is nothing like someone coming to look around your house to make you get your housework hat on. x

Karen said...

All of your finishes are great and finished perfectly! Myra did a great job. Happy stitching....

Lindsay said...

All the finishing is fantastic but I esp love Frosty but being a snowman fan myself it's no surprise really.

I'd love a chance to give him a new home, I've yet to see these charts here in the UK and even if I did I'd only buy January!

FN said...

Your ornaments are beautiful! Your tree will be so pretty this year! I do like what you did with the WORD PLAY--I would want to keep it out through the entire winter!! In fact, I'd love to win the chart so I could do just that!! Thank you for offering it!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love the collection of ornies the very talented Myra has finished for you.
The pillow slip finish is inspired! If I win the January Word Play chart I promise to stitch the April design for you to put inside the pillow for when you are tired of Frosty! I only have April so it has to be that one LOL.

Anonymous said...

all those finishings are great, but Myra really outdid herself with that pillowcase!
now I want all the wordplays to get that treatment. I don't have January/Frosty, thanks for gifting the pattern. I'm sure you won't miss it though, will you :)
hugs and happy xxx,

Kielrain said...

I'd love to have a chance at the chart.

You have quite the talented finished for your lovely pieces. :)