Saturday, July 23, 2011

I HAD to go out shopping today ...

... even though it's another miserably hot day.  I heard on the radio that this horrible heat is supposed to continue through tomorrow night, then we are going to get a couple days of cooler temps, then more horrible heat.  I can't understand why anyone likes summer.  I'll admit there are some nice things about it ... like fresh veges from your garden or a farmers market, or swimming if you're into that ... but I'll take fall or winter any day   : )

So ... why is it I said I HAD to go out shopping today???  (Incidentally, I went to Richmond, KY which is about an hour's drive from here.)  Here is the answer ...

I can't explain the story behind this shopping excursion right now but I soon will ... probably next week   : )

While in Richmond I decided to stop by one of my favorite prim/antique shops which I haven't been to for several months.  I really got lucky as I have been searching for months for a nice prim-looking floor lamp to put next to my recliner to give me enough light when I'm reading or crafting.  I found the perfect one & it was a great price besides!

I also found this old little 6-board chest that I had to bring home with me.  I'm a sucker for old wooden boxes & chests   : )

I also got a few things to add to my collections.  I love green & cream enamelware & was so excited to find this old Jello mold or cake mold!  Never saw one before!  I also got an old kitchen spoon with a green-painted wooden handle to add to my other green-painted wooden handle utensils as well as a really neat scoop.  I don't collect gray graniteware but I thought this little pan was perfectly prim so I picked that up too   : )

All in all, it was worth being out in the sweltering heat   : ) 


renee said...

Shirlee~ Ahem! What do you mean, not liking summer! LOL! We gardeners HAVE to have summer! I can see you are up to something~ hmm~ looks like cross stitching to me! LOL!
Look at that mold~ that is SWEET! Love it all, I have not seen one like that either, very nice! Looks like we were both naughty! I have to do a post too, you'll have to pop over when you can!

Angela said...

Hi Shirlee, A good thing you found the floor lamp as it looks like you will be needing it if you plan on using all that thread. (ha)
You got some really neat goodies. Can't wait to see where you decide to display them. Yea, It's a hot day here to. I chose to stay inside and have been in the craft room most of the day. Had one of those patterns similar to the doll one you posted about earlier. Have finally figured it out my way and it's grunging in the oven as I type. I'm am so in agreement with you. I hate summer and the heat. Give me cold weather any day. Have a great weekend

Debra said...

Wow! You sure had a great shopping trip! and it looks like you are going to very busy!!

Trace4J said...

Lots of treasures friend. Love the wooden box and cool lamp.
I am so ready for fall! Love gardening I start in Feb in my kitchen planting seeds and then outside in April and May. But come hot July and August I am ready for FALL!Too hot for me.
Hugs Trace