Thursday, July 7, 2011

Something Special This Way Comes!

Yes, something special this way comes ... & that's all I'm saying about that for now   : )

Come join me for a cup of tea this morning before I have to run off to do some errands.  Alas, I used the last of my Hot Cinnamon Sunset tea the other day so will need to order more.  This morning I've made another of my favorites instead ... Holiday.  It's a delicious Christmas tea full of all kinds of lovely spices.  Really makes it feel like Christmas in July   : )

As I mentioned yesterday I went to Lexington to have a followup visit with one doctor (Dr. Edwards) & to have blood testing done at a clinic with another doctor.  Never got the blood testing done.  The patient intake person thought I was already committing myself to their physician's treatment which was not the case at all.  When I explained that I only wanted to get the blood testing done to see what their doctor had to say about it, I was told that the doctor's nurse had already indicated that the doctor would work with me to continue the care my doctor in Tennessee had been giving me & that I really didn't need to have the blood tests done until next month.  She then decided to explain their costs to me.  Turns out I'd need to pay $3000 up front (they don't accept insurance) for a year's worth of care which would only focus on one specific "problem" & basically include 4 visits, 4 blood tests, & 4 procedures.  There's just something here I'm not comfortable with   : (

My other near-by option for this aspect of my care is the doctor I mentioned a while back (Dr. Roberts) who was a very nice Christian man (even asked if he could pray for me before my exam) but he seemed a bit opinionated about my lab results indicating my previous doctor was running certain levels too high or too low.  I had completely trusted my previous doctor & had been feeling fine under her care so felt a bit "offended" that he was wanting to change some things.  I decided to not commit myself until my followup with Dr. Edwards.  This doctor offered total care for everything but my pituitary problem & the cost of care ($2700) again needed to be paid up front, no insurance accepted.  When I told him I was seeing Dr. Edwards for my pituitary problem & maybe wanted her to take over the rest of my care (except for this one aspect which she did not do) he was very complimentary of Dr. Edwards, said how he respected her, & said that if I decided to do that he would be happy to work together with her to keep me well.  Since most of his patients have him take care of everything, I'd be an "odd case" just wanting him to do this one thing & so they had to figure out a cost for that.  The cost is very acceptable to me ... basically 4 visits/procedures per year (including lab work) at $390 each.

Now ... I know most of you have probably stopped reading by now (I know it can be boring hearing about other people's medical issues) but for those of you who haven't, I then went to my followup appointment with Dr. Edwards.  I was told that certain levels from my blood testing were either way too high or way too low.  She said I might be feeling fine now but "believe me, in a few years these things are going to cause you major problems."  I was shocked!  Like I said, I had complete faith in my Tennessee doctor & after Dr. Edwards spent time explaining to me how all these different things could affect me, I had a hard time taking it all in!  She even discovered a genetic abnormality which no other doctor I've ever seen before has bothered to test for but something I said at our first meeting made her decide to do this test!  While talking with her she also confirmed some of the things Dr. Roberts told me so that made me feel better about dealing with him.

It seems my decision has been made for me ... Dr. Roberts & Dr. Edwards.  However, I also have a doctor I could visit in Cincinnati who is supposed to be the top of her field & she would handle all of my care.  I talked with her intake person before I had my followup with Dr. Edwards, explained my problems, & she talked with the doctor who said she'd be happy to see me & discuss my care.

I am nothing if not indecisive ... lol!  Honestly, my husband will tell you ... if I go to a store & find something I like, & then discover they have another one, I will stand there for half an hour looking at them both trying to decide which one to buy.  Lord help us all if there is more than two!  It takes us about an hour to drive to Lexington.  Cincinnati is about 2 hours away.  I should've held off calling the office in Cincinnati until I had my followup here but I can't change that now.

On the one hand, I think I should check out all my options before making any choices.  On the other hand, if I'm happy (& I think I might be) with Dr. Roberts & Dr. Edwards, then I should just commit to them & be done with it.  And of course if I commit to them & tell the intake person in Cincinnati that I'm no longer interested in coming there, then if it turns out that Dr. Roberts & Dr. Edwards aren't as wonderful as I think they might be, then I will have burned my bridges with that doctor!

And such is the way my mind works ... lol!  Any thoughts ... other than I need mental health counseling???

I have to run a few errands this morning & I have no idea what else today might hold.  I'm sorry to have rambled on at such length this morning.  I tend to be a rambler ... not so much in person but definitely "on paper."

I wish you a very blessed day!        


bettyj said...

Just want to wish you luck in finding the doctor/doctors you are comfortable with. I have a variety of medical people in my family,(2doctors,pharmacist, and nurse) and I still have a hard time when I have to see a new doctor.Congrats on your continued weight loss too. Can't wait for the surprise!

Trace4J said...

Big HUGS to you!!

dee begg said...


You have to find a doctor or doctors that you have faith and trust in. Nothing wrong with being on the fence about that. And it's kinda odd that these doctors don't take health insurance...makes me wonder why? I mean they certainly can't think that everyone can afford to pay out of pocket for their services? And insurance is expensive enough today, with deductibles and co pays to have to pay outright without anything being reimbursed from your insurance company is crazy.

As for being indecisive, there is nothing wrong with checking out all the options unless it prevents you from moving forward with your medical care. As for making purchases, I look at it this way, I can always return it, if I don't like it.

Anyway, hope you get it all figured out.


jennifer768 said...

Hi Shirlee ,It sounds like you have been doing some hard decision making.My suggestion is that maybe instead of stressing about which one you should choose, go with the one that makes you feel the most comfortable.It is awesome that the genetic disorder was found when others had missed it.Will be praying that the right choice is made. Hope that you have a great evening.Hugs,Jen

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Hope you find doctors that you are happy with.
It's your life and you have every right to be picky and be comfortable with whom you choose.
Hang in there.
Prim Blessings