Friday, July 8, 2011

My Craft Room ... & Other Stuff

Good morning everyone!  I woke up to a rain this morning which is really nice since it's been so dry here but also very "Murphy's Law" since I spent a good hour & a half going around giving everything a good soaking with the hose last night since the forecast was only calling for a slim chance of rain.  I should've known better ... lol!  I swear, sometimes we have 100% chance of rain & don't get a drop & other times a 20% chance & it pours.

Thank you for your comments yesterday about my doctor dilemma.  Sometimes it really helps me when I'm trying to make a decision to write things down ... not a pro & con list (never had any luck with those) but just writing out my thoughts.  Before the day was over I decided that I really did like Dr. Roberts & Dr. Edwards.  They seem genuinely concerned about me & they are both willing to work with each other for my care.  I decided I would work with them for a few months & see where it gets me.  If I'm not happy for some reason then I can always see the doctor in Cincinnati.

Following are a few before photos of my craft room.  Remember, when we moved here we didn't know if we were going to stay.  We still don't know that although we seem to be leaning that way although I can't/won't actually say that we are leaning that way.  It's a mental thing ... lol!  Anyway, I was pretty much using this room to toss things into ... moving boxes yet unpacked, boxes of flea market stuff, & boxes with things I didn't have anywhere else to put.

These are the after photos.  Nothing major ... just a bit less cluttered & a bit neater ... & of course there's my treadmill ruining any chance for me to prim this room up like I planned to do.  Or maybe I can beat it with a chain & rub some stain on it to make it a prim treadmill?

My original intent was to get a wall of cupboards/drawers/shelves from the floor to not quite the ceiling built along that one long wall you can see in the first before & after photos.  I'm still kind of leaning that way but I'm not quite sure if it would overpower the room.  It would be nice for storing all my fabric & craft supplies.

Wait a minute!  Let's go back & look at those after photos again!  Is that an ironing board with some fabric hanging from it?  Could this have anything to do with the "something special" I mentioned the other day?  It just might because look here ... the treadle appears to be open!

And oh my!  Not only is it open, it's threaded!  Sure looks to me like "something special" is going to be happening here   : )

I have to run a few more errands today (sometimes I think I should've called this blog Running Errands!) so I will end here & wish you a very happy & blessed day! 


jennifer768 said...

Morning Shirlee,it is raining here as well. I did manage to pull a few weeds this morning.Glad that you have kind of figured out your doctor dilemma.Maybe you can relax a bit and enjoy that new landscaping. Love your craft room ,it is so big and bright. Can't wait to see the special thing you have in mind. Have a great day ,Jen

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

I would love to have a big and bright craft room like yours ~ what an awesome space!!!
Prim Blessings

prims by olde lady morgan said...

Oh Shirlee to have all the sapce to craft!!!! so jealous!!! I sew at my kitchen table! OLM

Trace4J said...

Love your craft room Shirlee. Beautiful sunny happy color.
Hugs Trace

bettyj said...

What a beautiful room! Can't wait to see what you are up to. Are you making a quilt?

Angela said...

Good morning Shirlee, I agree with everyone else, love the color of your room and girl, even with your treadmill you have lots of room. My craft room is the smallest room in our house, but am thankful just to have that. I LOVE the wooden sewing box that sits to the right of your machine. I have always wanted one but at antiques stores they are quiet pricey. Found one a few months back that was reasonable, and I stood there and talked myself out of it,,, where I would put it, did I really need it, you know how we are. Walked away and have regretted it ever since. Another life lesson learned. If you see it, buy it. Can't wait to see what you are going to create. Have fun and enjoy the process. Have a great weekend.