Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weight Loss Update #10 - Prim Christmas Ornament Exchange

Good morning!  It's going to be another hell-like day summer day here in central Kentucky.  Am I going to sit inside the air-conditioned house & do something creative?  No ... I'm going to Lexington to (A) return that horrible food processor to Target, (2) visit Whole Foods (John will go next door to the book store), (3) stop by JoAnns & maybe Hobby Lobby on the way home, (4) visit a little craft supplies shop I just found out about, & (5) attend a LeVian event at Macy's.  I've mentioned before that I love jewelry & I've never been to a LeVian event.  They had one last October but I ended up missing it because I needed a hysterectomy instead!  I don't think I'll be coming home with any jewelry unless they have this one particular pendant I've been trying to find for the past 2 years & 2 months!  I saw it at a store in Knoxville ... uh-oh, during a LeVian event.  Forgot about that one!  Okay ... I've never been to a LeVian event at Macy's then ... lol!  Anyway, I saw this pendant & absolutely fell in love with it but it was pretty pricey.  I decided to be sensible since we had just closed on this house & I had all these prim redecorating plans & we needed to replace all our furniture so I told the girl behind the counter that as much as I loved that pendant I couldn't afford to spend that kind of money when we had just bought a house.  Talk about stupid ... lol!  I've seen that pendant in my dreams ever since.  Haven't spotted it anywhere so when I got the invitation for this event I called to make my appointment & the women at Macy's asked me if there was anything in particular I was looking for.  I described the pendant in detail & she said she would try to get it there for me.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!  John said if it's there he will buy it for me   : )   Didn't I tell you he was a keeper???

I have continued to maintain my weight for 2 weeks now which is what the diet instructions say to do.  Four more weeks of maintaining & then it's back on the diet.

There are now 4 of us (myself included) interested in participating in the Christmas Ornament Exchange I am hostessing!  If you missed the posting you can read about it in my Christmas in July Ornament Exchange post published on July 22.  The only guidelines are that the ornaments have to be handmade either by you or by someone else (no mass produced ornaments like stuff you'd get at Michaels or Hobby Lobby) & they must be primitive.  You will send one ornament to each person participating, keeping one for yourself, & you will receive back as many ornaments as you end up sending.  All the ornaments you send should be the same ... like if you send primitive Santas, then everyone should get a primitive Santa from you.  Ornaments crafted in any medium are welcome (painted, stitched, etc).  I'll leave this invitation open until  Sunday, July 31.  I'll close it at 11:59 p.m. that night & on Monday I will send you a list of everyone participating.  The mailing date to send the ornaments will be sometime in September.  I'll let you know when I contact you with the list but we will probably mail in early to mid September.  Email me with your email address & your mailing address if you want to participate.  My email is

Okay ... time to get read to head to Lexington!      


marly said...

Hi Shirlee! You're blogger settings don't allow reply emails so I checked out your lovely blog and found your email address in a post. Unfortunately, I'm getting an error message that it is not a valid address. I would like to email the chart to you that you asked about so send me a note with your correct address and I will reply. No copyright problems - she allows reprints! Your home is absolutely a dream!! I saved you in Favorites so I can go back to prior posts and read more. Stay cool!!!


prims by olde lady morgan said...

Shirlee, OMG!!! I LMAO on your comment on my blog!! If I could give one fo the dolls for best comment you would of won...BUT.... Well you know.....Sorry..... I hope you get that pedant!!!! OLM

paperpest said...

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