Monday, July 11, 2011

Way Too Busy

Good Monday morning!  It looks like more high temps are in store for us today.  Yesterday I believe it was 94 & sunny as it could be.  I have no idea what the heat index was.  I was outside mowing the right side of the front yard.  Took me 5 hours.  It wasn't pretty.  Today the heat index is predicted to be 100-104.  I'll be mowing the other side of the front yard ... the bigger side ... today.  They are also predicting the possibility of isolated severe thunderstorms but only a 30% chance.  Hopefully that will bring in a few clouds to shade me from time to time.  As I was mowing yesterday I was thinking back to when we bought this place.  The front yard was terribly overgrown.  We found out that the owners left it that way on purpose because the woman's father would come twice a year to cut it for hay.  I was thinking those previous owners probably had a bit more "smarts" than we do   : )

On Saturday we planted 7 bushes.  That might not sound like much but it took quite a bit of time.  We still have a few bushes to plant that we bought last week along with 3 trees.  Our yard is going to look like a "what's what in the plant world" before too long.  Schools will bring bus loads of children here to study the various plant life.

I can see a bit of a breeze blowing outside right now.  It's a bit too early to do any mowing (the grass will be wet with the dew) but perhaps John & I will do some planting.  He's already out there watering some things.  I'd really like to stay inside & sew but I'll have to save that for another day.    


Angela said...

Shirlee, Please be careful out on the mower. It will be easy to get overheated as it is going to be so hot there. Tomorrow here it is suppose to hit 99. Thanks for asking about the labels on the old Halloween bottles. Several have inquired about them. I made them and they are so simple. Will tell ya how on a post soon. Take care.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

I would rather stay inside and sew too!
Hopefully you can do some later!
It's been warm and humid here with scattered showers ~ yippe more mosquitos!!!
Have a great day!
Prim Blessings

jennifer768 said...

Afternoon Shirlee ,I did my mowing yesterday .It was 101.2 actual temp., here a little bit ago .I hope that you do not get to hot and sick. Hope that you manage to sew a little after all.Hugs,Jen

renee said...

Honey, if ONLY I had known~ I would have both painted and planted your landscape and house for you! LOL! Seriously, I just CANNOT believe some of this! Thanks for visiting my blog today~you asked about the birdhouse, I got that at a craft show about3 years back, this will actually be going over on the side of my shed, where I sunk the post. I am waiting for John to get the wood to make a base and some supports so I can paint them all white and poly them.
Oh and you won't get over this~ the little wagon, I got about the same time I guess, it was at a garden center and they were having a close out, well I got that for only 5.00! The handle is cracked, which I am STILL waiting for him to fix, but who am I kidding? I will end up doing it! LOL! I am thinking about maybe painting it. Not sure though.
I am glad the shed is mostly done! I am hoping it cools off a bit soon. Now don't you over do it, and I hope that you are having a better day today! Almost done now.