Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Landscaping - Lots of Photos

The landscapers finished up their work on Saturday morning & I thought I would share some before & after photos.  If you're looking to relax with a cup of coffee or tea & look at a bunch of pictures, this is the place for you ... lol!  Of course this is just the start of things & I'm not sure if some of the things were planted where they should be so we may have to do some tweaking with those.  We definitely need to add a bit more here & there. The funny thing is, not even 24 hours had passed & John & I were talking about having them come back next year to enlarge the beds ... lol!  Anyway, here are the photos.  Please forgive any excess "stuff" you might see lying around   : )

Back Porch Area - Before

Back Porch Area - After

Back of House Left Side - Before

Back of House Left Side - After

Side of House - Before

Side of House - After

Side of Front Porch - Before

Side of Front Porch - After

Front Porch Right - Before

Front Porch Right - After

Front Porch Left - Before

Front Porch Left - After

Garage Wall - Before

Garage Wall - After

Driveway Wall - Before

Driveway Wall - After

Front of House - Before

Front of House - After

And although the landscapers didn't have anything to do with making my butterfly garden, I did ask them to mulch it for me so here it is mulched   : )

So there you have it   : )   I know it still needs a lot of work ... & a lot more plants ... lol!  I'm already planning to buy some coneflowers (which I love) to plant on the right side of the back porch.  If anyone has any other thoughts, I am open to suggestions   : )


Angela said...

Good Morning Shirlee, Love all the pictures of the landscaping. All the areas are so defined and so neat and clean. Love all the curved beddings. I agree, mulch makes all the difference. Looks like your butterfly garden is doing well. Love the back part of your house where the patio is with the french doors. Would be such a neat place to sit and share tea or an early morning cup of coffee. You have a great day and thanks for sharing the photos.

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Hi, Shirlee
Wonderful landscaping~ I just love making new beds~ I say fill her up with perennials~
your home looks beautiful!!

renee said...

It is coming along my dear! I like the butterfly garden, the butterflies will like it too!
Have a great night!
Renee ( I am tired) Sorry for the short post

jennifer768 said...

Hi Shirlee! Girl it looks wonderful ! Your home is beautiful !Have a wonderful night,Jen

bettyj said...

Your landscaping is so nice. You do have a beautiful home. I love your butterfly garden. I have a huge butterfly bush and the hummers are in heaven in it!

dee begg said...


You've got a great start. Take time in getting things added to your beds. I've been gardening for a long time and knew all the plants I wanted when we did my front perennial bed. It all just takes time. Add some annuals for a pop of color along the border of your beds.