Saturday, September 17, 2011

Awake! Ambulatory!

Good morning friends!  I have been MIA from commenting on blogs & posting on my own for a couple days.  I caused an injury to my back in my younger years & every once in a while it flares up on me.  It hasn't been really, really bad since 2004 but every once in a while I have twinges that warn me to take it easy or I will be in excruciating pain & unable to even walk to the bathroom without help.  Thankfully that didn't happen this time around.  I took it easy & called my doctor who prescribed some muscle relaxers which helped immensely.  No pain this morning & I can move about!  Woo-hoo!!!   : )

Yesterday I was sitting in my recliner doing a bit of reading.  I got up to make myself a cup of tea & was shocked to see it was past 1:30 & I wasn't feeling even a little bit tired!  After seeing my doctor this past Tuesday & telling her yet again that I'm tired of being so tired all the time, she decided to give me a little temporary fix.  One of my hormone problems is that I have almost no cortisol.  The way I'm understanding this, cortisol is the most important hormone in your body because it feeds all the other hormones.  It is also the only hormone that if you don't have it, you will die.  My cortisol level is extremely low.  She prescribed a very low dose of hydrocortisone for me to take short-term.  She said this should increase my cortisol & the result of that will be I won't be needing a nap or two each day.  She said it should take effect rather quickly.  I am happy to report that she wasn't kidding!  I took the lowest dose for just 2 days & stayed awake all day yesterday!  Unfortunately I got to bed late & my husband's snoring woke me up at 5 a.m. so I don't know how awake I'll be today but we shall see   : )

My plan for the day is to do some finishing work on my counted cross stitch projects.  I have shown you some of the things I've started stitching but you haven't been able to see the final products because I haven't done the finishing work on them yet which involves making them into pinkeeps or small pillows.  I am currently working on this Pineapple Sampler cupboard tuck designed by Mary at Gettysburg Homestead ...

Isn't it wonderful?  Mary has several great cross stitch designs & a nice blog to read as well.  You should pay her a visit   : )

We've had some wonderfully cool days lately.  I talked with my friend in North Dakota on Thursday & she told me that the temp the night before was 29 degrees!  I immediately thought "We need to move back there!"  I do believe that when I was living in Bismarck it was the happiest time of my life in many ways.  Might need to look into that   : )   Anyway, yesterday I actually wore this old long-sleeved top made from terrycloth.  It's a cheap thing I bought at Target back in the early to mid 90s.  They had several colors of them but I only bought one.  It's in one of my favorite colors to wear ... hunter green.  As you can imagine, it's seen better days but there are no holes & it's deliciously comfortable!  I wish I had bought a dozen of them!  Even John, Mr. Heat Radiator himself, put on a sweatshirt yesterday!  Oh happy day   : )

Thanks for visiting with me!  Hopefully I'll soon have some photos of finished counted cross stitch items to share with you at our next visit.  I also need to share photos of the ornaments received in the Christmas Ornament Exchange I hostessed recently.  I will try to do that today as well    : )  


Primitive Echoes said...

I am glad you are feeling better. I love the tuck you are making. I haven't attempted any of these yet but we shall see lol.

Trace4J said...

Oh so happy you are doing better. I was praying.
Love the cross stitch..
Hugs Trace

prims by olde lady morgan said...

Shirlee, I am so glad the back is on the mend! there is nothing worse then a bad back... ugh! Mine is a mess....Glad you are feeling better too! OLM

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oooeee....just the thought of that back stuff makes me hurt - I KNOW that pain....Glad you caught it in time and it didn't go the other way...Also glad to hear about the cortisol, a gal learns something new every day! Love that new pattern of Mary's - if I didn't have so many projects on my dance card, I'd take that one on too - it's so sweet. I also have a few things waiting for their finishes....don't know why I dislike that part of the process....Happy Saturday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

bettyj said...

Love the pinkeep. Did your ears burn yesterday? I had company and showed them my wonderful pinkeep, you went to so much trouble to find. Glad the back is better and the energy level climbing! Have a great week my friend. North Dakota,huh?