Monday, September 5, 2011

What A Beautiful, Beautiful Day!!!

It has rained all night & it is supposed to rain all day as well.  Thank you Jesus!  We need the rain so badly.  It seems there has been plenty of rain all around us this summer ... just like last summer ... but it skips over our town like a stone skipping over the water.  And our temps!  Our beautiful, fall-like temps!  The prediction for today is 67 degrees!  One of the first things I did this morning was pop a blueberry muffin tart into the tart burner.  The gentle light of the tart burner is illuminating the area surrounding it, the scent of blueberry muffins is circulating throughout the house (these are great tarts), & I sit here just oh-so-thankful for this beautiful day!

I am happy to report that after much searching & begging on various internet sites I have finally found a long-arm machine quilter who will work on baby Lana's quilt & get it back to me quick enough for me to finish it & give it to Lana when I see her!  I've already cut out the blocks, arranged them, & stitched them together.  I've chosen the border fabric & the backing fabric.  I will work on cutting & stitching those fabrics today & hopefully I have some batting stashed away somewhere to send along with the quilt.  If not, I will need to order some & have it sent directly to the quilter.  If all goes well ... & it should ... I will be able to mail the package tomorrow   : )

I'm finished with the Christmas Cabin pinkeep I was working on & of course have started another one.  As you know, I like to make those things in twos ... one to keep & one to give away   : )   I have joined a couple stitching exchanges so I will need to work on those next.

I hope you are all feeling as comfy & cozy & blessed as I feel today   : )


Trace4J said...

Nothing better than comfy,cozy and blessed!
Hugs Friend

earlene said...

Yippee rain finally!
It was beautiful here today too.