Friday, July 20, 2012

Catching Up

It's been quite an eventful week.  Thankfully on Monday ... after 9 days without it ... our air conditioner was repaired & life became bearable again here inside our humble home.

We went shopping over the weekend for a new refrigerator & I found one that I thought I could be happy with.  This was no easy task since we only have 2 stores locally that sell appliances.  I don't like ice makers/water dispensers but it seems that 99% of all refrigerators come with them now-a-days so my choices were really limited.  I did find a fridge that had a freezer on the bottom (my favorite place for a freezer). It does have an ice maker but it doesn't take up any freezer space because it's built up above the freezer drawer itself.  Hooray!  It was delivered on Tuesday morning.  Here is a photo of my beauty ... I love it so   : )

Please excuse the mess in the photo including the mess reflected in the refrigerator doors ... lol!  If you look closely you can see Sophie snuggled down on a moving box near the staircase.  You can also see how the worthless piece of human flesh I hired to do some remodeling work before we moved in here never bothered to finish the staircase ... sadly one of the many, many examples of his lack of ability & lack of care.  There are many morals to this story including never hire someone to do a lot of work for you without first seeing how they handle one or two jobs, never pay someone for their work before they do it, & never trust anyone just because they act like they are your friend & talk about what a good Christian they are.

Incidentally, do you know there are refrigerators now with computer monitors built into them?  You can check the weather, read your emails, surf the internet for recipes, etc.  I think the refrigerator manufacturers are getting a little carried away.

On Wednesday I returned to my dentist due to continuing problems with the bridge that she began working on in January.  These problems baffle me because I have two other bridges which I had to have done more than 20 years ago & I never had a problem with them.  The dentist at that time popped them, I went home & that was that.  It was like they were my normal teeth which had been there forever.  Not so with this recent bridge.  I am actually on my second.  The first one seemed to be too big & there were a few other problems with it.  It was eventually ruined from the dentist shaving it down to try to get it to fit correctly.  It had to be returned to the company that made it & then two weeks later a new one was delivered.  This was temporarily cemented in & although there are some improvements I am now whistling when I talk as though I'm wearing a pair of bad dentures & one of the teeth does not meet flush with the gumline & so it is rough & annoying on the backside.  It also seems too short.  Instead of making an appointment & trying to explain the problems I was having I instead sent a letter to the dentist, complete with diagrams & a clear explanation of the problems I was experiencing, thinking it would be more helpful for her to have something in writing rather than for me to try to explain things to her during an appointment. When I went to see her on Wednesday she came into the examining room & she was not her usually smiling self.  I always kid around with her when I'm there so I jokingly said "Are you ready to make me dentures yet?"  She responded in a nasty sort of tone & said "What I am ready to do is remove that bridge, replace it with the temporary plastic one I made for you back in January, & refund your money."  I was quite shocked to hear her say this & I said "Then what am I supposed to do?" & she answered saying that she was very frustrated with how things have been going.  I think she then noticed the horrified look on my face because she made an effort to act like she was kidding & she said "I'm just kidding" but I think she was really serious which upsets me because I'm the one having to deal with all these problems, constantly going back for readjustments.  Does she think this is not frustrating for me?  I have certainly been more than patient   : (   She has shaved down my real teeth in front twice now trying to adjust my bite to accommodate the bridge.  I said to her "Isn't this a bad thing? Aren't you removing some of the enamel from my teeth?"  She agreed that it was not the best thing to do but I was having bite problems so she had to do something.  By shaving down these front teeth they are now very short & they look sort of funny.  I am worried that I am dealing with someone who may not know what she is doing   : (   After her "I'm just kidding" comment she acted concerned & tried to tell me I grind my teeth at night (I don't).  She made some more adjustments to the bridge, built up my lower teeth with bonding, & put a bit of bonding behind the tooth that was not flush with my gumline.  She said that if this didn't improve things then she would send the bridge back to the factory to have it remade again.  I keep thinking about her "frustrating" remark. Does she think I'm not frustrated?  Does she think I enjoy having to go back there so often?  Does she think I am making up issues just to get a new bridge made every couple months?  I am not happy   : (   She books 2 or 3 patients at the same time so that she is running between us & no one gets her full attention.  This is not right   : (   Right now the bridge is the best it has been with the exception of that tooth that doesn't lie flush with the gumline & I'm still whistling when I talk which means it's going to have to be removed & sent back to the manufacturer again to have it remade & all I can think of is what if there's something else wrong with it when she puts it in   : (      

After 6 or so weeks of no rain we have received a bunch of it over the past few days.  Things are getting green again & I am being able to avoid the nightly watering which gives me more time for fun stuff   : )   Unfortunately I haven't felt very well the past few days so I haven't accomplished a lot but I am working on another Sleigh Bells stitching.  It is IHSW this weekend (see my sidebar for the link) so I will be finishing this current Sleigh Bells & will perhaps stitch the other two Primitive Merry Christmas Cupboard Hangers I need to do yet.  Photos of previously completed stitchings of these can be seen here.  I also have an RAK to stitch but I need to tweak it a bit so I've got plenty to keep me busy   : )

I woke up at 3:30 this morning after having a horrible dream about going to a state park & lions chasing everyone.  I tried but couldn't get back to sleep after that so I have gotten an early start to the day.  Of course by the time the afternoon rolls around I will probably be napping for an hour or two   : )

Have a blessed day, my friends ... & a blessed weekend as well   : )    


Vickie said...

Cool frig Shirlee. We have always had the classic white rectangle types. Unless you count the first one we had in our first house. A huge dinosaur that was chocolate brown.

Sally said...

Oooh I really like your fridge Shirlee. Would love one like that but haven't got the room. Maybe when I win the lottery!! Lol!

Dawn said...

Nice fidge- I have a French drawer freezer bottom to and love love love it! We got some of the rain and storms this week to- seems even the trees are sighing with relief. Lots of storm damage from Wed night. So glad to hear you can relax now- hope you are feeling better

cucki said...

aww lovely fridge deary..i love it..
hugs and love for you xxx

Peggy Lee said...

A fridge with internet? Are you kidding? That's just crazy! Yours is very nice. I like the freezer on the bottom. Masterchief picked ours out and it's a side by side. Not my favorite.

I don't mean to sound like Debbie Downer...but sometimes I feel like if I want anything done right I need to go back to PA to the doctors/dentist/etc...

I need to look this IHSW thing up. I am in need of an excuse to sit on my rump and stitch all weekend. It would really put a nice dent in my WIP basket!

Big sigh of relief about the AC! So glad for you.

Have a cool weekend!


Anonymous said...

Yor fridge is great and I'm so glad the air con is fixed for you.
Happy weekend!

butterfly said...

Shirlee, thats one big fridge wow would love one like that , we only have small ones here butI have seen a few large ones coming in now.
I could only have one when we open my kitchen up and take down my dinning room wall. Thats what I would like in a few years time.
Sorry you are still having dental worries.

Carol said...

Yay for the rain, Shirlee--we've had some, too--FINALLY!! And what a great fridge--very impressive :)

Pendleton Primitives said...

Love the fridge but your dentist, Hun it sounds like you need a new one and you need to send everything in writing to you insurance company about your issues with her. You should not be having to go back for multiple visits like this. I have a large bridge that I had put in when I was 15 and it was the old cement which began to smell no matter how much I brushed or gargled. I finally had it replaced to a porcelain bridge in my mid 20's and it was so simple to have put in. Granted its not a prefect match to the opposite side but it has to fit over two waddled down teeth. Anyhow, you don't deserve this treatment from someone who is supposed to be a medical professional. Sorry, long comment but this kind of thing irks me.

marly said...

What a beautiful cold box! I have the bottom freezer drawer and love it. I would definitely consider 3:30 am as an "early" start! Glad your area received some rain and you've cooled off with A/C.

Michelle said...

I love it Shirlee - its like mine but mine is Silver. I am lucky as I have quite a large kitchen. Hope you are feeling better xx

Chris said...

Cool refrigerator. I can't believe that there are ones that will tell you the weather. I think everyone is on information overload anymore.
I am so glad the AC is fixed and that you had some rain.
Sorry to hear that you had to go back to the dentist. ugh.
I am looking forward to seeing more of those fabulous cupboard hangers.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Yea! for the a/c fix....and YEA! for the awesome new frig! Why don't you like water and ice makers??? I LOVE them! We had a heck of a time finding a "tiny" enough frig to fit when ours went kaput....(see toilet story....this house was made for small people....) Any the dentist.....Send that lady a Dear Sally letter and find someone teeth hurt just reading about your woes! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin