God grant you the light in Christmas, which is faith;
the warmth of Christmas, which is love;
the radiance of Christmas, which is purity;
the righteousness of Christmas, which is justice;
the belief in Christmas, which is truth;
& all of Christmas, which is Christ.
--Wilda English

Sunday, July 29, 2012

I Ain't Gonna Do These Crafts No More

I have been thinking off & on for quite a while (a year or more) about certain crafts I've done in the past that I really don't do anymore & which I'm pretty sure I'm never going to want to do again.  It's not because I don't appreciate them or enjoy the finished products ... it's just that I realized a long time ago that I can't do everything so I should really concentrate on doing the things I delight in (like cross stitch) & forget about taking up my precious time doing one thing when I'd really be happier doing something else.  Also, the supplies required for some of these crafts are taking up a lot of space in my home & I've been on a pursuit to get rid of clutter as of late.  It all boils down to a win-win situation.  My house will be less cluttered & I will be spending my precious time doing the things I love.  

My friend Marly can actually be credited with inadvertently encouraging me to start this ball rolling.  In a blog post last week (which you can read here) she revealed her decision to give up painting.  Her painting talent is awe-inspiring & knowing how I've been mulling things over I'm sure it was a difficult decision for her to make.  However, she said "Making a decision feels good, making more will feel great, & I plan to continue."  So here I am with the following declarations:

1.  I am going to give up painting.  I enjoyed doing this for a number of years, participating in many craft fairs with a friend of mine, but I know I'm never going to do this again.  All my paints, patterns, & the wood already cut & ready to paint must go. This includes my shop equipment (a brand new scroll saw still in the box since we moved here) & supplies for stenciling signs.    

2.  I am going to give up making candles & tarts.  No surprise here ... I posted a while back that I was offering all my candle/tart making supplies for sale or trade.  (These are still available by the way.)

3.  I am going to give up braiding wool rugs. I have 4 huge Rubbermaid bins of 2-1/2" wide wool strips as well as one full of wool yardage which will be available to take up residence in a new home or two   : )

4.  Making primitive dolls, ornaments, & other things with cloth.  I have a hundred or more patterns that I've purchased the past couple years but I don't really enjoy making these things so off they will go. 

5.  Punchneedle is already history but it's "hasta la vista" to rug hooking as well.  

6.  I really don't see myself quilting again.  I do have quite a few unfinished projects which I will hold on to but other than those UFOs I will be parting with a lot of fabrics & all my books.  

I can already imagine the emptiness left in their wake as these things exit my home!  The trick now will be to list them someplace for sale, trade them, or just take them to the landfill (bad donation experiences in the past).  

Marly is right ... making a decision feels good   : )


cucki said...

good luck with your decision..i am really agree with you here..i am thinking the same here..
hugs and love xxx

Девушка с пяльцами said...

Good luck with it!

Anne said...

Good luck with the clearing out of crafty projects!!!

marly said...

Good for you. I've been getting rid of even more than I expected but I have no where near the amount of supplies that you do. It bothered me to burn the Santa drawings but the other stuff was easy. Goodwill is turning into a craft store!! And thanks to you I'm singing "I ain't gonna do these crafts no more" as I'm pitching!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ahhh....Marly got to you too, huh??? I thought about her post for days....I never did have, nor ever will have, one iota of the painting talent she has, and don't particularly enjoy painting, but haven't been able to "part with" my painting supplies. She made me realize it's time....that is as soon as I can get to them again....major chaos going on in our basement right now... :o( (But really? You're ditching punch needle and rug hooking??? You didn't even start those yet!!! Silly Goose!) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Lucie said...

Good luck with it! I think every now and again we have to take stock of our lives and make decisions! I have recently been having a clear out of my card making supplies as I no longer use them and I need to refind my second bedroom which is full to the gunnels of card making stuff I no longer use!

I hope you find good homes for your supplies and maybe some of it will be swapped for a cash reward which you can use to buy some more lovely yarn or stitching supplies.

Miss LindaLee said...

I applaud you for your decisions! I did the same thing a couple of years back. Fabrics. Paints. Stencils. Brushes. Mats for everything. Wooden objects. On and on. Got rid of all of it, and I felt so good afterwards. It really is, as you say, "A win, win situation."

Carolyn said...

I did the same thing and it feels good!! I donated th extra supplies to a Senior Center who said they always ned supplies.

Vickie said...

Wow! Big decisions Shirlee! Good for you. :)

Peggy Lee said...

When I started reading this post I immediately thought of Marly...and then I read on to find she inspired you to make this decision.
Good for you! I too have some things I could part with, though not near the amount you have.

Annie said...


Just found your blog.

You have some lovely things on your blog.

I feel a little like you - I have craft stuff everywhere and I can never find what I want!

Good luck with your de-stashing.

Kaisievic said...

Wonderful idea, Shirlee - imagine how much better you will feel once you have done some decluttering.

Michelle said...

This is a lovely decision Shirlee and you will feel better. I did the same thing a while ago - got rid of all the stuff I didn't want and now I have all my stitching stuff that I will use and need. Wonderful feeling xx

LoriU said...

Good job Shirlee! No reason to keep stuff around that does not interest you anymore!

Are you still selling your house? If so, the clean out of craft items will be one less thing to pack and haul to a new place!

Minnie said...

Now that I think about it there are some things I could get rid of too.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Well done on making the decision! I only really cross stitch so it's not a problem for me.
I do have an unfinished tapestry in my cupboard...
I'm saving it to finish when my eyesight can't cope with evenweave!