Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sometimes Life Is for the Birds

It has been ... & continues to be ... not a very pleasant few days for me.  Last Saturday morning with temperatures predicted to be over 100 degrees our air conditioner decided to stop working.  We could not call the repairman until Monday morning.  I called him first thing that morning & reached his voice mail.  I left a message & expected to hear from him within an hour or two.  This has always been his usual response time in the past.  However, on Monday night I still had not received a return call.  Yesterday John & I had to run a few errands in Lexington.  We left early in the morning & did not return home until about 2 o'clock in the afternoon.  Of course the repairman called while we were gone.  I called him back, reached his voice mail & left another message.  Hopefully he will call back this morning.

I haven't been doing much these past few days.  Knitting with a big pile of wool is definitely not a wise choice.  I have been doing some stitching though.  I will show photos in an upcoming post.

What I am going to share with you this morning are some bird photos!  News of our little birdbath ... probably the only birdbath in the devil's playground ... has spread like wildfire.  Sometimes there are 3 or 4 finches using the bath at the same time!  At other times different species of birds come to the bath & sometimes they act a bit selfish!  I've mentioned before that we have a pair of bluebirds who come to the yard but they are very hesitant to get close to the house. Apparently the temperatures are making them a little less cautious because I see them visiting the birdbath from time to time.  They are usually only there long enough to get a bit of a drink & then something spooks them & they fly away.  However, I guess the temperatures the other day were too much for them & a few other birds.  In as little as half a minute we had a robin, 3 finches, & the 2 bluebirds competing for the bath.  Mrs. Bluebird must've felt pretty sociable because she & Mrs. Finch had a nice conversation for a little while   : )

Here is a photo of a robin.  As in the last picture above, for some reason I always seem to capture at least one photo of a bird looking at me, probably wondering what that big human is looking at ... lol!  
I am pretty excited about my photos of this next visitor   : )   We rarely see hummingbirds here.  I know they are in the area & I have been wanting to buy a hummingbird feeder for quite some time but I can't find any I really like.  Well, John went to the grocery store on Monday & came home with a plant neither of us had seen before.  It's called a Montbretia.  I haven't taken a photo of the plant itself but here is a photo I borrowed from the internet.
It's really quite breathtaking!  The tag indicated it is a magnet for hummingbirds. We just sat the pot in the garden amongst the daylilies & hoped that maybe a hummingbird would find it.  We were both amazed & delighted when we looked out the door not even an hour later & found this little guy visiting!
As you can see, at this particular nanosecond he is wondering what that big human is looking at   : )   Taking photos of a hummingbird is not an easy task!  It's nearly impossible to focus on them because they flitter around so much & those wings never stop moving at what appears to be the speed of sound.  He left the plant & we hoped he would return to visit again which he did later that evening!  We are so in love with this plant that after our trip to Lexington yesterday we stopped at the grocery store & bought two more   : )   Not wanting to plant them right away (it's just way too hot) we put the pots together & hoped Wilbur (yes, we named him) would be back.  He did return & had a great time with the increased number of flowers   : )

At one point he must've needed a bit of a rest because he perched himself on one of the stems & gave me a pretty pose   : )
Getting to watch these little guys makes me think of that old saying, "the best things in life are free."  Perhaps "free" isn't quite the right thought though since it did cost us something to enjoy these visitors.  We had to buy the birdbath & we had to buy the Montbretias so perhaps the better saying would be something about money well spent. Whatever the saying, the enjoyment is a real gift   : )  

I hope you all find something to delight in today   : )   I know something I am going to delight in!  While typing this post I received a call from the repairman!  He is coming this afternoon to fix the air conditioner! Hallelujah!  I will feel like a human again rather than like a damp ogre   : )   


Janet P said...

Your escapade with the repairman is what we in the UK call 'sods law'. Is it the same with you. I reckon you and your hubbie will get a mention in bird heaven because of your birdbath. I have Montbretias in my garden, but no Humming birds.

Vera said...

Hi Shirlee, great pics of your feathered friends! I love the Robin picture and the hummingbird shots are great. We have hummingbirds regularly, but I can never get a good picture of them. Here's hoping you cool down soon!! Vera

Carol said...

I so enjoyed your bird photos this morning, Shirlee--especially the hummingbirds. You really got some great shots...

Enjoy your air conditioned house tonight--can't imagine living without it in KY!!

Vickie said...

Hooray repairman!! Oh Shirlee! Those pictures are fabulous. My daughter and I really like them. She loves to photograph birds herself. Almost daily. It is a fun hobby isn't it?

Edgar said...

What great snaps of the birds!! I love watching hummingbirds - and we get lots of them for some reason - they are attracted to the vibrant red - and if there is one visiting... with a hummingbird feeder you'll get lots more!!

butterfly said...

What beautiful photo's Shirlee, oh how I would love to have some Hummingbirds in my garden.
But we do get a hummingbird moth but only when we get sun so I don't think he will be coming here this year. Hugs.

Nancy said...

Shirley, your pictures are beautiful. Great shots! Hope your ac is fixed soon. I fully understand what you are going through as ours went out a little over a week ago and was out for 5 days in over 100 degree temperatures. It was so hot in the house that one of my kitties wrapped herself around the toilet bowl to keep cool. So we added ice to the toilet bowl for her.

Mouse said...

awwwww you have managed to capture those birds beautifully and love the ladies having a catch up :)
and we have montbretia in our garden too but sadly no humming birds :(
hope you are cool by the time you read this :) love mouse xxxxx

Michelle said...

What lovely photos Shirlee thanks for sharing them with us x

Anonymous said...

Lovely photographs! That hummingbird is a very handsome bird. I have a birdbath now and hope to get some lovely birds visiting.
Hope your repair can be sorted quickly.

TheCrankyCrow said... and your camera have come a long, long, way! Those are some fabulous photos of the hummers! We have plenty of hummers here (I have a feeder), but am a little reluctant to try to aggressively photograph them after having to seek medical attention after being divebombed by a warring hummer a few years ago. (It wasn't intentional - he and another hummer were swooping and diving at each other, and I got stabbed by one who must have had poor eyesight) - but, intentional or not, it hurt like heck and I still have a scar. Hope your a/c gets up and running soon.... Ooooeee....that must make for one cranky Shirlee! ;o Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (Ok, no hugs if you're that hot....)

April said...

I am loving all your pictures.. It is so funny that the birds all seem to be looking at you, wondering what you are up too. lol
Just Beautiful!

Prims By The Water said...

We love watching the birds at my mom's house, especially the hummers! I would never be able to take their pictures though. You did a fantastic job and loved seeing all of the birdies Take care, Janice

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Awesome photos Shirlee!!!
You are becoming a pro with that camera ~ I've been trying to get a pic of a hummingbird for years!
Yippee Skippe for the repairman!!!
Thanks for sharing those great pics!!!
Prim Blessings

Chris said...

I hope that the AC is fixed. It has been so brutal. The weather here has finally cooled off and we have had some sweet rain. My garden is much happier.
I love all your bird pics. The expressions are great!

Grit said...

Wow, die Bilder sind fantastisch.
Liebe Grüße Grit

Trace4J said...

Morning Friend
I hope you are much cooler today.
So hot for no air.
I love your photos. Great camera.
The plants are beautiful and so worth it for the hummingbirds. Love them.
Have a great day.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow, amazing photos!

Maggee said...

You took pretty darn good photos of the hummingbirds, considering they are moving at the speed of light almost! And all your pictures are spectacular! I sure hope the a.c. guy caught up with you guys today and you have cooling in your home now! Hugs!

Ewa said...

That is just lovely! I moved to Texas from California about a month and a half ago and don't know a soul out here other than my live-in Boyfriend. I find myself trying to stay upbeat by finding beauty in small things like a cloud formation or a sunset. It really does help, especially when one lives in the desert.