God grant you the light in Christmas, which is faith;
the warmth of Christmas, which is love;
the radiance of Christmas, which is purity;
the righteousness of Christmas, which is justice;
the belief in Christmas, which is truth;
& all of Christmas, which is Christ.
--Wilda English

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Curses, Blessings, & He Said What?!?!?

Curse:  I am still without air conditioning. Kentucky businesses ... at least central Kentucky businesses ... at least 99.9% of the ones we've dealt with over the past 3 years ... can't be relied upon, trusted, or both.  We have dealt with our AC guys since we moved here (3 years ago) & they have always been "one of the good guys" so I was a little disappointed (okay ... more than a little) when they told me the new motor for our AC would be available the next day (Thursday) & they would pick it up & put it in that day. Thursday came & not only did they not show up, they didn't even bother to call to say they weren't coming    : (   Yesterday afternoon I did get a call (no apologies for not calling the day before) saying that the motor wasn't going to be delivered until Monday   : (   Jason (the owner of the company) said he'd be by to install it then.  I sure hope so.

Blessing:  After about 6 weeks of total dryness we got some rain!!!  A very good downpour that started Thursday night & lasted through yesterday afternoon!!!  It did cool things down a bit.  Temps are in the mid 80s now instead of the high 90s/low 100s but of course the humidity is pretty oppressive so ...

Curse:  ... no air conditioning plus high humidity equals Shirlee having difficulty breathing.    

Blessing:  Yesterday we ventured out to Big Lots, bought ourselves a fan & had a much more pleasant sleeping experience last night as a result.

Curse:  Our refrigerator is about ready to give up the ghost.  It was only 3 years old when we moved here.  I don't think the woman who owned this place ever cleaned it (along with the rest of the house ... oh the horror stories I could tell you) & one day I spent 8 hours scrubbing it out before I felt it was safe enough to store food in there.  Two days ago I opened the door & noticed some heat coming from the side of the door & the panel where the door touches when it's closed.  I'm not talking a little bit of heat ... I'm talking "burn your hand if you touch it" kind of heat.  I gave John the news that we'd better not buy more food right now, especially more food destined for the freezer, until we checked into this further. Last night the fridge started making these loud clicking noises & when I went to get a dish of ice cream I discovered the ice cream was sort of mashed potato consistency.  Not a good thing.  Today we get to venture out to find a new refrigerator.  I have no idea what I'll do with all the food if the current fridge dies before the new one gets here.  

He Said What?!?!?:  Moving to central Kentucky has been a nightmare for me.  Some of you know the reasons for this but to those of you who don't know the reasons I say "Believe me, I don't call it the devil's playground for nothing."  Yesterday I talked on the phone with my cousin in another state.  He told me that it's the practice of their local newspaper to each day print a quote from some sort of famous celebrity. He told me a recent quote was attributed to Orlando Bloom.  Orlando said that he never knew what southern hospitality was until he came to Kentucky.  I know that "southern hospitality" is supposedly something "good" but I looked up the definition to be sure.  The definition is this ... "The term southern hospitality implies that in comparison to people living in other parts of the United States, southerners are friendlier, more welcoming, & generous to strangers or guests."  Well, I suppose if you are Orlando Bloom you are treated with "southern hospitality" wherever you may go.

I wish all of you a wonderful weekend!  You know what I'll be doing ... looking for a new fridge but otherwise sitting in my recliner remaining completely immobile in order to not strain my poor lungs any further than they will be already.  I suspect I'll get a bit more stitching done than I otherwise would have so there you go ... even the darkest clouds have a bit of silver lining   : )


Maggee said...

Well, I am glad it rained for you! And that you got a fan! But the fridge now??? Dang!! Sometimes Home Depot and Lowes give quick delivery... just a thought! Hugs!

belle said...

It's great to hear that you've had rain and I do hope that your AC is fixed soon. I also hope your fridge shopping is successful and your breathing is better soon.

Yana Hanim said...

I am so sorry you are not having AC and fridge, can't imagine how bad it must be in this summer heat. But I am glad for the rain, I hope it didnt bring too much humidity for you. I've been missing rain so much, rain is very very rare in jordan particularly in summer!

butterfly said...

Hi sweetie sorry to hear the fridge broke , you know here we always say when one thing is broken most times you get three thing's go wrong so you now have two one more to go. My fridge broke not long ago then the washing machine and a mug. Lets hope it's small.
Sorry you are having a trouble breathing I was the same last week with this chest infection.
So happy you got some rain we may have some sun tomorrow yes! .hugs.

~Sara said...

No fun!!! Sorry about all of the "nightmares"! Hopefully you can stay cool this weekend??! Maybe going for a nice long drive in an air conditioned vehicle will help.
So thankful that you did get some rain. Praying for an uneventful weekend for you. Blessings ~Sara

Peggy Lee said...

I'm so sorry you haven't had the AC recently. I look at the thermometer and think it would be nice to open the windows but then the humidity brings me back to my senses. Hope yours is fixed soon.

Oh, I was at the Danville peddlers mall the other day and they are closing up shop on the 22nd. Some booths are having a sales on their items. You might want to check it out!

Danice said...

So sorry about your woes. I also live in the South (in Alabama), and have heard of Southern hospitality also. Some folks here also could use "attitude adjustments", ha ha. We are much lacking in rain also. Living in an older house, we had the plumber here last Monday and then 3 days later the electricity in half of the house went out! So, we had to wait till Monday for the electrician! This meant half the house had no AC, as we d not have central air and have window units. So hot and muggy! Our temps have been in the high 90's and 100's lately. Since last year, we have replaced all our window units but one, the washer and dryer, the fridge, two televisions, my computer, the kitchen and both baths' faucets, plus the old fuse box for a breaker box. Praying for your health and that you get things all fixed at your house very soon .

marly said...

Well, you got rain and you're stitching! My sister waited days for her regular serviceman to return a call and days more for the best HVAC place around here. They've been so busy installing A/C's and repairing in this heat and then she found out the breaker blew and she just needed to switch it back on! Do you have a dehumidifier? We just got a Danby and love it! Good luck on the fridge - we had a heck of a time with the newer dimensions and couldn't care less salespeople. Hopefully you'll be cool and food will be cold in a few days.

Vickie said...

I wish you and John success today! I have prayed that A/C man shows up Monday. We got a little bit of rain last night! We need waaaaay more! Try to keep cool.♥

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Appliances are a nightmare! Is there a homeless shelter or foodbank you could give the excess food to rather than eat it all in one go yourself/throw it out?
There's nothing like a "freezer failure buffet" of assorted random items!

Kaisievic said...

Hi Shirlee, Good luck with the fridge hunting. Such a bad time for it to go on the fritz! I hope that the AC man gets there soon. At least, as you said, you will get lots of stitching done.

TheCrankyCrow said...

EEEHHH Gads....you've had your share, haven't you? By now your a/c is repaired and you have a spanking new frig....But you know, they come in 3's.... (Sorry - just sayin'.....) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin