Monday, July 23, 2012

IHSW Report & Primitive Decorating Thoughts

Good Monday morning!  The start of a new week ... the end of another IHSW.

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I did not get to do as much stitching as I had planned this weekend.  I did finish the second Silver Bells by Country Rustic Primitives.  It looks pretty much like the first one I stitched although I didn't need to fudge the B this time so I'll just share the photo of the first one again   : )

I have so many of these Country Rustic Primitive designs (& a few Stacy Nash & Pineberry Lane) that I want to do for Christmas.  Since I'm stitching 4 of each design & I haven't really been putting my all into this project as of late I'm starting to feel like I'm sliding faster & faster down "the other side" of the hill toward the bottom. Christmas is only 5 months away!  I don't even want to think about how I'm going to need to take all these stitchings & actually finish them into something!  Yikes!

I'm still loving my fridge although I'm not yet satisfied with the way I've organized the shelves in there.  Do you have this problem? You do if you have OCD.  Whenever I move into a new place I always have a difficult time trying to determine how to set everything up ... especially how to organize my kitchen cabinets & drawers.  It's quite anxiety provoking.  I haven't redecorated the top of the fridge yet.  I suppose I should do that so I can get all this prim stuff that was up there off the floor, the table, & the one side of the counter but (all you prim lovers brace yourselves now) I am considering some major primitive downsizing.    

Those of you who are heavily into the primitive look may want to not read this blog post any further today.  If you do decide to read on you might want to have a cup of chamomile tea, take some deep breaths, &/or ingest some sort of calming medication first.  

I have been having a crisis of sorts regarding the primitive look. Someone posted on their blog recently that they have noticed a lot of people are trading in the primitive look for something else.  I can sort of identify with this.  Although I love the history of the era ... & heaven knows I love having "old things" ... I can't help but feel that I'm living in a Cracker Barrel sometimes.  I've never been a person who likes clutter.  I feel overwhelmed by clutter now & as many of you know I haven't even unpacked all my stuff out of the boxes from when we moved here 3+ years ago!  Another thing that is kind of turning me off ... & I can't honestly say I'm "turned off" in the strictest sense because again I love the history & I love having "old things" & I love seeing them in other peoples homes (I really envy the flair some of you have for decorating in this style) ... but for me I look around my home just as it is now & I think how many sifters/wooden spoons/rolling pins/whisk brooms/butter churns/old bowls/etc are too many?  I have always found it ironic that the primitive motto is "Simplify" yet in many aspects there is nothing simplistic in this decorating trend at all.  The pioneers had one of everything they needed & they used what they had.  If they were able to have time traveled to this era they would've laughed themselves silly to see us stockpiling & displaying dozens of pieces of graniteware, shelves full of rusty spice tins, & empty old wooden boxes stacked in all the corners.  Please don't take this as criticism if you are a person who enjoys this type of decorating.  I am not criticizing you or your decorating choice at all!  I drool at the photos some of you post of your primitive homes!  I'm just saying that I have been thinking over the past year or so that this type of decorating really isn't me. In addition I started getting a bit miffed a while back at the fact that I would go into an antique shop or a peddlers mall & find people charging $35 for a plain rolling pin or $25 for a rusty, bent up flour sifter or $75 for a cracked jar with some sort of funky stain in the bottom.  I think this is why I haven't redecorated the top of my fridge yet.  Some of the things I have had up there I really don't want to have anymore.  My guess is that I am going to keep a few old things but find new homes for the overabundance.  What type of decorating trend am I going to follow instead?  It won't be anything in particular I'm sure ... probably a slight mixture of things I like, things that make me feel comfortable, things that, for me, make my surroundings "homey" & yes, some of those things will be primitive things ... just not all of them.  I've been thinking about this for a long time ... the goal now is to actually do something about it.  Then again I may change my mind about all of this tomorrow   : )


cucki said...

Hello deary such a lovely stitching ..
I love old things too:)
Sending you hugs xxx

butterfly said...

Lovely stitching Shirlee only 5 months oh I really need to get a move on.
Mix some old with new Shirlee that's what I do. Hugs.

Vickie said...

I like to declutter too. However my husband just said to me an hour ago, "I think the walls are getting too cluttered." This, as I was beginning to finally frame the vintage needlepoint I got for my birthday. There are two vintage needlepoints to hang yet. He likes blank walls. Maybe one or two pieces up. I want the kitchen filled with samplers and needlepoint!!

TheCrankyCrow said...

"Sleigh Bells" is just as gorgeous the second time around. ;o) I'm probably considered to be "heavily into prim" by most, and yet I read all the way through your post. And I think you're entirely correct in challenging your tastes and styles from time to time. Your home should be surrounded by what you love and what makes you happy. If a dozen old rolling pins doesn't do it for you, it ain't you. I kind of got caught in that trap in the late '70's/early 80's....following the "in trend" (well, it didn't help that that was when I got married and most of our wedding gifts were "country blue," "mauve" or had geese on them. I truly didn't care for it much, but did it....and lived to regret it. To this day, that blue and mauve can bring waves of nausea. ;o So do what says "Shirlee" to you - and it will be gorgeous (just give me first dibs on what you give up....) (KIDDING!) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

marly said...

Primitive style is different for everyone it seems. You bring up a good point. We need to make our style what is comforting and pleasing to us.

Chris said...

I love that Sleigh Bells pattern, I love the font. So elegant.
I think we all go through what you are experiencing. I am at a stage where I really don't want any more stuff(except stitching stuff). I also am trying to declutter. Not making much headway though.
Have a great week!

Sally said...

Oh Shirlee I know just how you feel! I am so sick of clutter and want to simplify but don't know where to start. Clutter annoys the hell out of me now. I think it's cos I'm getting older!

Love your Sleigh Bells finish. It's so sweet.

Hope you got my email at the weekend. I felt really bad that it had taken me so long to get back to you.

Janet P said...

Your Sleigh Bells stitching is fantastic. As for your decor, wasn't it William Morris who said have nothing in your house but beautiful and useful things, or words to that effect.

Sally said...


just found your lovely blog.
Your Sleigh Bells is just great!

Bea said...

Sleigh Bells is lovely.

Pam in IL said...

My MIL & SIL each have about 100 of everything displayed in their kitchens. To me it seems like too much to keep clean and I think it makes their kitchens seem dark.

I'm a believer of keep the items that mean something to you. If you don't truly love it, no need to have it sitting around collecting dust (or that fluffy stuff).

Keep what feels right to you and don't worry about the rest.

Love your Sleigh Bells finish!

bettyj said...

you know my philosophy. Have only the things you love around and that includes people. You do what makes you happy. Yes, it was made me that made that comment.lolon

Anne said...

Love your Sleigh Bells finish! I love old things too but know that I can't buy everything I see because I have limited space (apartment) ...which I think is my saving grace! Decorate how you want to decorate and if it incorporates a bunch of styles, that's great because it's all you :D


Kaisievic said...

Great post as usual, Shirlee. I say if in doubt chuck it out. I am a bit of a hoarder and I have to keep telling myself that it is all right to throw stuff out. Go for it, girl!