Monday, July 16, 2012

Project Bags

This post is to tell you about an Etsy shop that is filled with wonderful project bags! The shop's name is Funtific & it is owned by Sandra Voss.

"Perfection" is not a word I use very often when describing someone's handmade items but trust me, Sandra's bags are perfection.  I first found her shop while searching for a knitting project bag that I needed to send to someone in a Ravelry exchange.  I searched various online sites & found some "okay" bags but this one particular bag that Sandra was offering seemed to be the right choice for the person whose name I had been assigned. I paid for the bag via PayPal, received a very nice acknowledgement of my order, & a few days later received the bag.  

To say I was "pleasantly surprised" is not even close to how I felt when I received the bag.  You know how you order handmade items & so often there is some little "something" ... sometimes more than one little "something" ... about them that just isn't right? Forget all the other types of handmades right now & let's just concentrate on sewn items.  I have ordered various sewn items in the past & there are usually uneven seams ... or maybe the sewing machine jammed up a bit while the crafter was doing some topstitching & she just ignored the messy lump of thread it left behind ... or she had to fit a larger pattern piece into a smaller pattern piece & instead of a smooth line of stitching she has left a pucker or two ... or perhaps the design is most definitely horizontal (a line of letters perhaps) or most definitely vertical (stripes for example) & rather than being careful to cut her fabric so that it flows evenly across or up & down the finished product she stitches it so that the line of letters is going uphill or the vertical stripes are slanted instead of straight up & down.  These things ... & any others you can possibly imagine ... are not a part of Sandra's bags.  Her pride of workmanship is outstanding & that is oh so refreshing in today's world.
I was so thrilled with the project bag I ordered for the person assigned to me in the Ravelry exchange that I ordered this one for myself.

This photo in no way shows how gorgeous this bag truly is.  Actually it's one of Sandra's shop photos.  She provides several views of each bag she sells.  If you are interested in seeing the other views of this bag, you can see them here.  The bag has various pockets inside including one with a zipper (!) & there is even a little fabric ring stitched near the top where you can attach your keys if you'd like!  The lining fabric beautifully compliments the main fabric of the bag.  The bag even comes with a small stitched needle case to hold double pointed needles or crochet hooks!  

Sandra doesn't only make knitting/crocheting project bags either!  She makes spindle bags for fiber spinners, needle roll up cases & organizers which are also handy for art paint brushes, cell phone cases you can slide onto your belt, & various gadget bags & cases.  I don't know this for sure but I'm guessing that if you described a type of bag you'd like to have, Sandra can maybe make it for you   : )   Don't hold her to that though ... remember, I am just guessing at this one   : ) 

So ... if you are in need of a project bag, I encourage you to pay a visit to Sandra's shop.  You won't be sorry   : )  


marly said...

If an OCD says it's's perfect. I visited her site and saw one with flames. Is that me or what? Not only because I burn things, but I'm hot. LOL!!!!

Девушка с пяльцами said...

Thanks for a tip! I will visit the site!Nice bag!

Chris said...

It looks lovely!

Anonymous said...

That looks like a lovely bag - thank you for the reccomendation.

butterfly said...

What a lovely bag thanks for sharing Shirlee love the blue one you brought.
Shirlee you should write books, your posts are always a good read and always make me smile, hugs.

Vickie said...

I agree with June, you wrote such nice words about Sandra and her work. I am glad you are content with your purchase, that is always great.
I also agree with Marly, I am hot too! ;)

cucki said...

aww it is so lovely..
love for you always xx

Michelle said...

Wow its a beautiful bag x

Carol said...

Really a lovely bag--thanks for the tip on the Etsy site, Shirlee :)

TheCrankyCrow said...

I wanna be hot like Marly.... ;o)

Seriously...thanks for the tip....It's always good to know when someone I trust recommends something/someone....Will give her a look see! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin