Sunday, October 30, 2011


Happy Sunday morning!  I am oh so bright-eyed & bushy-tailed this morning!  And why is that you ask?  It's because it's 29 degrees outside, the frost is thick, & yesterday our furnace went out!  To say it's a bit "nippy" in here would probably be accurate although it's not as terrible as you might think.  I believe that God is looking out for me & not allowing me to shiver in the cold.  Yesterday I had the furnace on & smelled something burning.  My memory alerted me to the fact that I smelled this same odd burning smell last year.  At that time it was discovered a furnace part was overheating because of too much friction (or something along those lines) so a new part had to be ordered.  The furnace guys can't get here until the middle of the week so once again we will be living a truly primitive life (we had to do without hot water for a couple days a while back).  Well, probably not truly primitive.  I'm sure the pioneers had a nice fireplace to keep them warm but I guess I can pretend I have the same as I sit in front of the open oven door if things get too cold.  I'll even burn my candle that smells like a fireplace burning   : )

I will escape the cold this evening, however, as I am heading to Cincinnati today for an early morning doctor appointment tomorrow.  John & I will be luxuriating in a comfy hotel which I'm sure will have heat   : )   I've not seen this doctor before.  I would have a difficult time giving you an accurate count of the number of doctors I've seen over the past ... I don't know, 7 years maybe?  My menopause issues were & in some cases are once again extreme.  I thought I was seeing a doctor in Tennessee who knew her stuff but it turns out she was causing a lot of damage so now I'm on a quest again.  I remember my mother & my aunts talking about menopause & how wonderful it was because it meant you wouldn't get pregnant anymore!  It was quite a shock for me to experience all the things that, for whatever reason, they never mentioned.  Looking back I realize they also suffered from some of these things so perhaps they were attributing them to something else.

There is a Michaels store in Cincinnati.  I don't think I've been to a Michaels since we lived in Florida & that was ages ago!!!  Who knows what else I might find while we are there.  I'll let you know   : )


renee said...

I am sorry your furnace went out! Our thermostat died awhile back and John had to replace it, so I know it was a tad chilly! I hope that your appointment goes well, and that you have a safe trip. Lots of good places to go in Ohio!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Sorry to hear about your continuing medical issues....Hope the new doctor can provide some answers and solutions. So frustrating when those we trust don't know their stuff....Bummer about the furnace....It gets way cold in here way fast when our power goes (or the furnace goes, or we run out of fuel oil....or....) Think I would be used to it by now! Safe travels.....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Bummer your furnace is out ~ Brrr is right!!!
Hope you have safe travels and get some answers to your questions for the Doc.
Chilly and raining here today and trick or treating starts soon.
Bummed here in WI.
Stay warm!
Prim Blessings

Angela said...

Well Shirlee, You love cold weather so bundle up and enjoy. Not quite the same when its cold inside though, huh? Really hate it about the furnace. Maybe a blessing you had planned on being out of town after all. Good luck with your doctor's visit tomorrow. Hoping all goes well for you. Take care and safe travels.

vwestermeyer said...

enjoy Michaels! I was there Friday (well ... maybe not the same one but the one in Florence).

Good luck with the doctor appt