Friday, October 28, 2011

Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride!

Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride is the name of a tea, believe it or not, & oh is it good!  I especially appreciate it because I am on a self-imposed exile from all things containing sugar as well as seemingly innocent things which your body turns into sugar ... so having something that smells & tastes so much like sugar cookies is a blessing from heaven   : )   This tea is a herbal tea made by Celestial Seasonings, by the way.  Yum-yum-yum   : )

I have admitted something to myself the past 2 days or so & thus far today have admitted it to two blogging friends & now I am going to "tell the world" ... or at least those of you who are reading this post right now   : )   I am in the mood for Christmas!!!  Yes indeedy I am!!!  The weather has gotten much cooler, at least at night, & the days have been gray & overcast.  I've heard talk about snow in various parts of the county (you lucky buggers!) & my husband was even playing a Christmas CD the other night!  Yesterday I dug out a candle I purchased last year that smells like someone is burning a fireplace & I am just as cozy as can be   : )   Well, not as cozy as I'd be if the snow was falling outside my windows & I had a real fireplace to enjoy but hey, you make do with what you have   : )   I may actually put away the 4th of July decorations (yes, you read that right ... there is still an Independence Day theme prevailing in the farmhouse) & start putting up some winter/Christmas decor   : )

I have been so very lax in blogging about much of anything except the Rules of Godly Living & John's health issues.  I do apologize for that.  I've been busy cross stitching & have a lot of completed stitchings to show you.  I'm not sure if I will show them to you as they are now or wait until I actually finish them into whatever they will be.  I bought a new camera which I've not even taken out of the box yet.  I am hoping it will take better photos for me.  It has some kind of stabilizer built in which I'm hoping will result in most, if not all, of my photos being un-blurred.  Wish me luck   : )   I also purchased a new little sewing machine.

I have had an antique treadle machine for ages which I absolutely love sewing on & I have always sworn I wouldn't sew on anything else.  However, I've discovered that I need a zigzag stitch in order to finish the edges of my cross stitch fabric so they don't unravel ... thus the purchase.  I need to find a place to set up this machine.  I wish I had an old small table of some sort but until I locate one I guess I will have to pull out the machine when I need it, sew with it here on the dining table, & then put it away until the next time it is required.    

A while back I participated in a Prairie Harvest Swap hostessed by Amy over at Bumble Bee Lane.  I received a wonderful package of goodies from my swap partner, Janice (Prims By The Water).  Janice shared photos of what I sent to her & she did it in such a beautiful way.  Everything I sent to her was perfectly displayed in her home & it all looked so nice!  Unfortunately I just couldn't get into the fall decorating mode this year so the photo I took of the wonderful things Janice sent to me is just of them piled on my kitchen counter after I opened the box.  I'm sorry Janice ... I wish I could've taken beautiful photos of your things like you did of mine but alas, it was not to be.  I'm sure next year when John & I have moved to another house in another state (please God, please!!!) I will feel more inclined to decorate throughout the coming years   : )   Anyway, here are the wonderful goodies Janice sent to me!  She was so very generous & I love everything she sent!

I also purchased a new doll from my favorite doll maker, Trudy over at Crows in the Attic Primitives.

Isn't she wonderful???  Her name is Prudence.  Trudy also sent me two of the beautiful pumpkins she creates   : )

I'm trying to get things together for a blog sale.  I had intended to do this by now but the health stuff kind of pushed it to the side.  I'll make a post in advance when I decide the sale will take place.  There are also going to be some surprises I'll be posting about during this wonderful season that is basically upon us so be watching   : )     


Trace4J said...

Hello Shirlee!!
I am so in the Christmas mood too!
Tell John I am also listening to Christmas music too. I love your treasures.
Have a great weekend!

Bittersweet and Ivy said...

Hi Shirlee,

I love all of your goodies! I am so in the mood for Christmas too... I will put up the first of 30 Christmas Trees Sunday night after the Trick or Treaters leave!

Thanks for sharing!


TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh....what delightful goodies you got!!! I spy wonderful pumpkins, a rolling pin and an adorable whisk broom!! And Prudence is PRECIOUS!!! Wow....I didn't get all my fall/Halloween decorating done this year and it's really bumming me out - I can't imagine not having any....Oh well, your favorite season will be here soon enough....We woke to snow flurries yesterday, and I thought of you and puzzled over how that could make you happy. ;o) Happy Friday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

jennifer768 said...

Hello Shirlee! Love the awesome goodies that Janice sent ya!Prudence is adorable too.Can't wait to see the goodies you have been stitching.Have a great weekend!Hugs,Jen

BumbleBeeLane said...

Shirlee~ I'm still trying to enjoy fall but with the snow coming tomorrow I might watch some christmas goodies from Janice I'm sure you're loving the old goodies.Have a great weekend!~Amy