Monday, October 17, 2011

Rules - 2:7-8

7.  When you are in need of good advice, do not seek first someone prominent who is highly esteemed, but go instead to someone who has had experience in the matter in which you seek advice.  Otherwise, if some esteemed person in authority gives you advice & you do not follow it because you do not think it is good advice, you may anger him & thereby make him your enemy.

8.  If someone with good intentions has given you advice which failed, do not blame him.  For even good advice often fails, & there is no one on earth who can tell what the future holds.  No person is wise in everything, or has enough foresight.  Nor should you scoff at the advice of lesser men if they have your welfare at heart.



TheCrankyCrow said... that last thought of Rule 2:8..... ;o) Robin