Saturday, August 27, 2011

Arghhh!!! (Stitching Woes)

Evenings are my time to sit & relax with a bit of stitching.  I am on the final leg of my Thanksgiving needleroll journey but I am experiencing a bit of anxiety with the "removing fabric threads, hemming ends, sewing together, threading ribbon, stuffing" thing.  It's not something that's going to be relaxing for me.  Therefore I decided to tackle this part of the needleroll when I'm better able to focus all my attention on it.  I decided that in the meantime I would begin a new stitching project tonight.  Something relaxing.

Since returning to stitching I've purchased several fabrics, several pattern charts, & a lot of threads.  I have, in fact, 160+ DMC threads & the entire collections of Weeks Dye Works & Gentle Arts threads.  This afternoon I sat with my pattern charts trying to decide which new project to begin, but arghhh!!!  If I have the fabric called for in a pattern chart then I don't have all the threads ... & if I have all the threads then I don't have the fabric!!!  I can't believe this!!!

I decided to print out a couple freebie patterns offered by various designers thinking I'd go ahead & start one of them.  I could use whatever fabric I had on hand!  But do I have the required threads???  NO!  Of course not!  Again I say it ... arghhh!!!!!

I imagine I'm feeling like someone trying to give up smoking.  My hands are craving to stitch a project but I don't have one!  It's torture I tell you!  Torture!!!

I do realize that I am free to substitute threads & fabrics.  However, I have this OCD thing.  I figure if the designer spent all that time searching through her fabrics & threads to pick just the right ones, who am I to substitute?  I will even take it a step further than that.  I have a pattern chart here that calls for Belle Soie silk floss.  The designer kindly provides a DMC conversion chart but adds that if you use the DMC your project won't have the same "depth & play of color" as the model has.  So why on earth would I want to spend many, many, many hours stitching this pattern chart (it's a large, involved project) only to end up with a pale, washed out copy of the original?  

It's movie night so I'm going to watch a movie with my husband.  Hopefully I won't see someone stitching something ... I might fly to the screen & try to get my hands on it!!!  


Debra said...

160 skeins of floss and still not the right color! You have my sympathy!!

Angela said...

A movie sounds great. Enjoy your evening.