Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend Revelations

Good Monday morning everyone!

I have learned 2 important things this weekend.

1)  I am older than I was 7 years ago ... & so are my eyes!!!  I was sitting in my comfy recliner doing some craft work.  First let me say that my gathering room/keeping room/living room is a bit odd.  It does not have a window.  It has French doors at the far end next to the kitchen, but no window.  My comfy recliner sits in front & to the side of said doors but no light really streams into that area.  There is a tiny bit of brightness around 8 o'clock in the morning but the farmhouse faces south & the French doors face north so the light doesn't stay there very long or do much good when it is there.  If you will remember, I recently posted some pictures of a few things I purchased while in Richmond, KY ... one of which was a prim-looking floor lamp.  I was so happy to find that lamp because I had been looking for one for a long, long time thinking that it would light up my recliner space like a lighthouse beacon giving me plenty of light for whatever I might be doing there.  Guess again.  It does indeed light up the area but it's a weird shade of light if that makes any sense.  It just does not help me see what I am doing!  I also became aware as I was doing this craft work that it looked a lot smaller than it should've looked.  I checked the pattern.  No mistakes were made ... it was the correct size.  It was then that I realized it's my eyes!  Argh!  Harsh reality!  I ... or at least my eyes ... are OLD!!!

I do have one of those daylight magnifying lights.  Okay everyone, where is it???  All together now ...


Very good   : )   I'm pretty sure I know which box it is in so all it would involve is emptying the hall closet to get to the box which of course is the one farthest away & underneath all the other boxes.  The thing is ... this wonderful light source must clamp on to a table.  I don't have a table to clamp it on to.  Well, let me correct that.  I do have an end table that would work for this purpose but it's not next to my recliner.  It is across the room holding the DVD player.  I suppose my husband would be willing to help me rearrange everything in the gathering room/keeping room/living room & lose his coffee table (not really necessary to explain this loss at this time & make this post even longer than it's going to get) so I could use the end table next to the recliner & therefore be able (I think) to use my special light.  However, if I remember correctly, I think this light puts out a lot of heat.  Craft projects don't turn out too well when your hands sweat all over them while you are making them.

Woe is me!

2)   We are going to try to sell this house & move back up north!!!  There are some good things about living here but, if nothing else, this summer has taught us that we do not want to live here.  I come alive in cold weather & snow!  Snow is like Prozac for me ... wonderful white flakes of Prozac falling from the sky & making me blissfully happy!  I spent some time yesterday looking at real estate listings online & we have found more houses that we are interested in taking a look at than there are stars in the sky!  Okay ... that's a bit of an exaggeration but we did find a lot   : )   Initially we thought that we would wait until next spring to list this house but I emailed our RE agent this morning & asked her if she thinks listing it this fall would be of any worth.  John & I are planning a road trip next month to these areas to have a look around.  Northern New York is a good possibility as are a couple places in Pennsylvania (we both grew up there) & possibly even more north than that.  Southern New Hampshire maybe.  Maybe even Maine except we've heard some major horror stories about the insect population up there.

So there you have it ... my revelations.  One pretty bad, one pretty good   : )

This morning I will be mailing the winner of my Half-Way Giveaway & the runner-up their goodie packages   : )   However, I forgot to take photos of the items before I packed them!  Duh!  So I ask both ladies to please take pictures when they receive their items & post them on their blogs so I will be able to route all of you there to see what they got.  You ought to pay them a visit anyway ... they have great blogs   : )

Today I get to pick up my third pair of bifocals.  I can't wait.  Can you hear the excitement in my voice?  No?  I can't understand why not ... lol!  If I put them on & see that bowing right away again they will come immediately off & I will tell the saleswoman that I am done ... give me readers.  I told both her & the eye doctor the last time I was there that this is what I'll do this time if they cause me problems.  Unfortunately I don't think they'll help my old eyes with my crafting because the readers I have now which help me with everything else don't help with that.

Okay ... enough rambling this morning!  Gotta get to the eye doctor, buy cat food, stop at the grocery store, & then come home & probably empty a closet & rearrange the gathering room/keeping room/living room.  Don't you wish you were here to share in the fun!


Diane said...

Shirlee you make me crack up most days when I read your posts :)
I love all the areas that you're thinking of moving to, all of them very beautiful places. Unlike you, I hibernate during the winter as I hate the "white prozac"...but, whatever makes you happy.
Have you ever considered getting an Ott lite for your crafting? I got mine at Joann Fabrics and it's amazing the difference it makes when I'm crafting. It keeps the true color of your project and doesn't give off heat :)
They have some pretty nice floor models.

I have progressive lenses for my eyes, but the "closeup" lens isn't strong enough anymore so I just take my glasses off when doing such close up work! Guess I should make an appointment with the eye doctor as well.
Have a great day!


bettyj said...

Life is too short. You should live where you are happy. I don't care for a lot of snow. One snow fall per winter is enough for me. I do love the changing seasons though. Can't wait until the mail comes in a few days!

jennifer768 said...

Shirlee it sounds like life is about to get exciting for you.I get tired of all the snow but if it makes you happy then by all means go for it. I guess that it is a good thing that those boxes remained packed.LOL! Hugs,Jen

Trace4J said...

I love Fall and Winter too friend!
I love snow. Can't wait till package arrives. Hope new glasses work better.
Hugs Trace