Thursday, August 4, 2011

Doctors & Bifocals & Debbie Reynolds : )

I bet there's 3 things that you've never seen joined together ... lol!

Yes, this is my third posting of the day.  You would think that I don't have a life!  Well, in reality I don't ... but don't tell me.  It'll make me feel bad   : )

I realized earlier that I never gave a "report" on my doctor visit yesterday nor on my bifocals saga.  First the bifocals.  I'll make this short & sweet.  I put them on, everything was bowing, I took them off & said "I don't want these ... give me computer glasses."  This is what I told both the eye doctor & the sales person I would do if this happened again.  Unfortunately my usual sales person is on vacation this week so the girl that was subbing for her said she'd give her the message when she returns on Monday.

My visit to the doctor yesterday was rather dismaying.  I kind of hoped she would just give me some kind of pill & I'd be kicking up my heels!  Instead she said my hormones are majorly whacked out right now.  Okay ... that wasn't the exact medical terminology she used but that's what she was saying.  Apparently this has been caused by my previous doctor in Tennessee over-supplementing me.  She said there's nothing she can do except run damage control for the next couple months to try to get all this stuff out of my system & start the supplements from scratch & at much lower doses.  She said I'm probably going to feel lousy for at least another month.  Ah well, it could be worse.  I was actually guessing that she was going to give me some life-threatening diagnosis so another month of being tired all the time ... among other things ... isn't so bad in comparison.

As I mentioned the other day, John & I came to the decision this past weekend that we are going to put this house up for sale & move back up north.  I contacted our RE agent & told her we were looking at listing the house next spring & asked how the market has been doing.  She said the market has been better than it has been in years although most of the homes selling have been smaller ones with less land than we have.  She mentioned that there is the possibility that some kind of exemption connected with either having or selling a home is going to be taken away next year so that might put a dent in home sales.  Her advice for selling was "the sooner the better."  John & I talked about this after dinner.  We really don't want to have to rush around now getting things ready to sell so we are just going to wait until the spring as we had originally planned.  If the house sells, it sells.  If it doesn't, it doesn't.  Next month we are planning a trip to central Pennsylvania & Maine to see if we might want to live in either of those places.  We are originally from Pennsylvania but from the western side.

Enter Debbie Reynolds.  We like to watch biographies & interview shows.  We recently watched an interview with Debbie Reynolds.  It was very interesting & I could share several things with you that were especially interesting but I will spare you more reading than you've already done today on my blog   : )   The main thing I wanted to pass along was something she said about living in her various homes ... 2 of them in particular.  One of them was extremely modern.  She herself said it looked like a post office from the outside.  She said her husband picked it out.  It made him happy so she went along with it.  Her thought was "I don't live outside, I live inside."  Therefore she decorated the inside like she wanted it to be.  She said her "dream house" is an English cottage style home.  However, the one she's living in now is a Spanish design.  She's living there because it's near her children.  She said she's okay with the Spanish design, again stating "I don't live outside, I live inside" & that she decorates the inside like she wants it to be.  She was so content talking about this.  I thought it was pretty amazing for a movie star to not have her "dream home" & to be okay with it.

One final thing.  Look what I made for dinner yesterday!

This was the first time I ever had kabobs!  I saw them for sale in the butcher's case at Whole Foods & they looked so good that I had to try them.  Even John enjoyed them!        


Trace4J said...

Wow friend..Three posts in one day!!
Hugs to you!! The kabobs look yummo.
Trace & Shirleee JOY!!

bettyj said...

Well I am sorry about the hormones, the biofocals, and your tiredness. However, Debbie Reynolds piked my interest. She was my very favorite movie star, thus my daughter's name Debbie. Not Debra, not Deborah, but plain Debbie. She has forgiven me for this and I am grateful! Still like Debbie Reynolds and her wisdom. I am still enjoying my goodies and feel its still Christmas!
We can throw in a little Doris Day too, what ever will be, will be. (with your house selling)