Tuesday, August 23, 2011


WIPs = Works in Progress for those of you who might not know that   : )

I have been making it a point to work on my cross stitch in the evenings & to try to take care of some crafting projects sometime during the day.  These are not, of course, things I need to "force" myself to do.  It's just that with all the other things happening lately these fun things sometimes take a back seat.  You get up in the morning thinking "I'd like to stitch today!" & then before you know it you're getting ready for bed & wondering where the day went.

My needleroll is coming along rather slowly.  Removing stitches & redoing certain areas hasn't helped things move along very quickly.  Curse this perfectionism/OCD ... lol!  Of course I'm not trying to rush things.  The pleasure is in the stitching ... the finished product is just a bonus   : )   Anyway, this is my progress thus far ...

I've got a few more cross stitches to add ... then I will tackle the fancy stitches, the lace attachment, the beads, & the finishing.  I was told by someone that instead of finishing these items into needlerolls they make little samplers out of them.  I think that's a perfectly wonderful idea but I've got my heart set on a basket full of different needlerolls   : )   Hopefully I will not run into problems with this one because I have very little of the overdyed floss left & I discovered last night that I need it for one of the rows of fancy stitches.  I might have to set this aside while I contact the company to see if they can send me more of the overdye.  

My other WIP ... well, technically I have more than these two but these are my focus right now ... is these dolls ...

I really can't give any details because one of them will be sent to my exchange partner in a doll swap & I don't know if this person is lurking around here or not   : )   I can't tell you what I might end up doing with the second doll ... tee-hee-hee   : )   I can tell you that not unlike the prim dolls I made last month, these are a type of doll I've never made before.  So far I haven't run into any major snags.  I'm especially delighted that the directions actually describe each step in making them!  What a concept ... lol!   

There are a lot of things I need to tackle today so I had better get to them.  However, I want to first leave you with a sentiment that I read on my friend Trace's blog this morning.  That sentiment is "Call or hug someone special today & tell them you are thinking of them."  I will take that even a bit further ... tell them that you love them & why you do.  Death comes in the blink of an eye & more often than not we find ourselves experiencing deep regret that we never told these people how much they meant to us.  Someone recently wrote to tell me that when her mother would call her she would roll her eyes & think "Good grief, she's calling again!"  She says that now she would give anything to pick up the phone & hear her mother's voice on the other end of the line.      


Angela said...

Morning Shirlee, Just a quick comment to say I love your CCS. Looks great so far. But you know I am new to this CCS so what is a needleroll? Dolls are coming along great. I have a set started in craft room and I should finish but they are for me and can wait as I am rather tired of sewing for the show. I have Darbee Rae today as I have to take her to meet her Dad at lunch for a dentist appointment. Cleaning time. For children under 5 they won't do afternoon appointments so Holly is teaching and could not take her. We will be going to lunch and then she wants to go looking for a toy. So I have a full day. Hope you have a good one yourself. Take care