Friday, August 19, 2011

One of Those Weeks - & A Late Weight Loss Update #13

I can't believe it is Friday night!  It's been one of those weeks.  Good things, bad things, oh my!  But I have survived it   : )

First another pound has mysteriously vanished as of Wednesday.  I'll consider that good news   : )   Will definitely be staying on maintenance for a longer period of time with the planned visit to the New England area on the horizon.

The mower was returned to us & I've been mowing what seems like non-stop since its arrival on Tuesday.  It still sounds like a hot rod & kicks out a flame once in a while but I was told there's nothing to fear.  The mowing has seemed like it's non-stop because I've had to double mow the entire yard because of the grass/wheat/weeds having grown so high while the mower was in the shop.  I told John that if no one buys our house & we end up having to stay here (please God, no!!!) we've got to look into letting the grass grow to be harvested for hay just like the land out back.  I also suggested that if the house does sell (please God, please!!!) the new house we buy will need to have postage stamp yard.  Okay ... maybe not that small but double mowing 6 acres is enough to put all kinds of thoughts in your head!

On Tuesday I posted a photo of my second try at my cross stitch needleroll project.  I wasn't happy with the way the first stitching looked so I took it all out & started again.  Since posting Tuesday's photo I finished that top row of 6 motifs & then stitched a row of little motifs across the bottom.  It was only then that I discovered that yikes!  I used the wrong color of floss for the flowers in that top row!!!  I didn't notice that there were 2 different colors of red!  Sigh!  Took out that whole row ... again ... & as you can see I'm beginning my third try.  I'm nothing if not persistent   : )      

Now that the mowing is done I can get busy crafting again.  I have quite a few projects in the works that need to get done.  That is my weekend plan   : )


Angela said...

Good morning Shirlee, Hoping you get to work on your crafts this weekend and that all that mowing is behind you. Congrat. on the weight loss. Great as you are on maintenance. Wow, with those tiny squares on the CCS, you will definitely need bifocals before you finish. I hope to finish my book today and have a house warming shower to go to this afternoon. Take care

bettyj said...

You need to pat yourself on the back for the weight loss. It is so hard to do.Glad you got your mowing done. I complain because of all the mowing that has to be done here! Not near 6 acres. Keep on keeping on.