Friday, August 5, 2011

Counted Cross Stitch Monkey On My Back : )

I should be getting some chicken breasts in the oven but no, I'm looking at CCS sites, ordering some things, & making yet another post to my blog.  At least this is the only one today ... so far ... lol!  Thankfully the initial cooking of the chicken breasts won't take much time since they will be baked afterward in marinara sauce.  Chicken parmesan today : )

Look!  Look!  I finished stitching the pumpkin pinkeep chart that knocked me off the wagon!

I know what you're thinking ... what is she going to stitch next?  Can you believe another pumpkin pinkeep?  Yep ... another one!  Why?  Tee-hee-hee ... can't tell ya   : )

I found the best online CCS shop today ever!  Unfortunately I found it after I had ordered several charts from another site ... sigh!  I say "unfortunately" because all the stuff at this wonderful shop is currently 20-25% off.  I could've had a nice savings ordering the same things from them.  Ah well, them's the breaks sometimes.

Betty commented on my CCS-themed posting yesterday & said "Does Shirlee's husband hate me for getting her started on this new "old" love?  Is he seeing $$$ signs?"  Believe it or not, he is absolutely thrilled!  He of course takes credit for getting me started with CCS in the first place ... & rightly so ... & he was always pointing out new kits & patterns I might be interested in back in the day.  I may have mentioned this before but he is quite a special guy.  He is very encouraging regarding anything I attempt to do.  When I did a lot of quilting, at Christmastime he would travel around to different fabric shops & buy me a fat quarter of this & a fat quarter of that until I ended up with more fat quarters than ... well, let's just say I have a lot of them   : )   I was the envy of all my quilting friends who stated their husbands wouldn't even drive down the same side of the street as a fabric store yet alone go into one & buy them stuff!  He had been disappointed both times when I gave up doing CCS.  He never warmed up to me knitting or tatting or making bobbin lace or getting a torch & a kiln & making glass beads or any number of other things ... but he has always enjoyed seeing me stitch.  So ... to answer Betty's question ... he is very happy to see me stitching again   : )

I had better go toss those chicken breasts in the oven   : )      


Trace4J said...

You are blessed with one sweet man.
Love love love those pumpkins!!
Hugs Trace

Debra said...

You did such a great job on those pumpkins!
and you know you can tell me why you are going to stitch more pumpkins- I won't tell- really!!

Diane said...

Nice job on the pumpkins and dolls :) I used to Cross Stitch but gave it up because I got Carpal Tunnel Syndrome while pregnant with my twins. I still have everything..maybe I should pick it up again :) It would be something I could do at work during lunch since painting is too cumbersome to bring everything with me!
John is a sweetheart and definite keeper. My hubby doesn't mind trotting along with me to craft stores and antique malls, so I guess he's a keeper also!
Glad to hear that your plans are to move closer north..might get real close to us here in the North Pole!
Keep up the great work of crafting. Glad to see you doing something you truly enjoy, no matter how frustrating it can be somedays!


prims by olde lady morgan said...

Shirlee, ah.... eating and cooking is over rated! now crafting!!!! love the cross stitched pumpkins! OLm

Connie said...

Great job on the cross stitch! I love any kind of hand stitching....I find it very relaxing :)

Have a great weekend!

Connie said...

Oh, I almost forgot to ask....what's the best shop that you found? I'm always looking for new charts!


Angela said...

Shirlee, You are an inspiration. Love the pumpkins. Gota jump on the wagon. Going to Hobby Lobby tomorrow. Don't know if I can wait until after the show to begin or not. Might just have to start a little early. Have a great weekend.