Monday, August 29, 2011

Stitching Again : )

After posting about my stitching woes on Saturday night I decided to go back to Deb Peterson's Pilgrims & Pioneers Stitches site in one more desperate attempt to find something to stitch before someone needed to be called to take me away & put me in a padded room!  I picked out 3 pinkeep charts & wrote to Deb asking her for a breakdown of the floss colors thinking surely I would have all the floss necessary for at least one of them!  Did I???  No!!!  How crazy is that ... lol!  I was missing 1 or 2 skeins for each project.  I'm guessing I didn't choose my color palatte very well when I went floss shopping a couple weeks ago ... sigh!  Anyway, it occurred to me that I would be heading to the doctor in Lexington today ... & what else is in Lexington?  A JoAnns store!  Checked their sales flyer online last night ... DMC is 3 skeins for 99 cents!  Will be stopping there before my appointment & stocking up on a few skeins I need for upcoming projects & I'll probably grab a few others as well   : )

It also occurred to me that duh!  I didn't need to wait until I had all the floss for a project ... I could just start something & add those floss colors later!  So yesterday I started stitching this pinkeep from Deb's site ...

Life is so much better now   : )    


renee said...

That is so cute! I love it! I haven't started any of that yet. I am so tired! Long day!
Gotta cut it short.
Have a good one!

Angela said...

Hope you had a good report from your doctor today, and that you had a fun visit at JoAnne's. Love going there to shop. We don't have one in our town but there is one about 45 minutes from here I visit often. Love the pinkeep. Have fun stitching.

bettyj said...

Love any thing and everything by Deb!As you well know!Have a great week and hope your doctor gave you only good news.

Lisa B. said...

Oh, Shirlee, I just love your blog. Thank you so much for inviting me. I love to cross-stitch, too, but haven't done much of it in quite awhile. You are inspiring me to get started again. Hope your doctor's visit was a good one and that you had fun "flossing" at Jo-Anne's. I think I might head over there myself tomorrow. Have a good night.

jennifer768 said...

Hi Shirlee , that is a cute pattern! Hope that your doctor's visit went well.Hugs,Jen

prims by olde lady morgan said...

Love it Shirlee!!!! OLM

Debra said...

Hi Shirlee- hope the stitching is going well!
I do make some other things- once in awhile!