Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weight Loss Update #12

I lost another pound this past week even though I continue to be on maintenance.  Not that I'm complaining mind you ... lol!  It's just really weird!  I should be getting back on the diet in another 2 weeks.  However, since John & I are planning our trip up north next month I'm thinking I should probably continue this maintenance phase until we return from that.

I woke up at 5 a.m. & what a blessing that was!  Really!  I have always been an early morning person.  When I was in high school I used to get up at 5 a.m. (which was about an hour & a half before I needed to get up) & go make myself a cup of hot chocolate & some thick to-die-for toast made from the to-die-for homemade bread my dad baked every weekend.  Thus began my carb addiction I guess   : )   I would then go into the livingroom.  The couch sat across from the big picture window that faced the street.  I would sit there & watch the snow fall & stuff myself with homemade bread toast while watching the farm report on TV & then "Music with Morgan."  And I wondered why I wasn't one of the "popular girls" ... lol!  But honestly, you can't imagine how wonderful my dad's bread was.  He used to be a baker on ship in the Merchant Marine during WWII.

When John was working he would always set the alarm for 4 or 5 a.m. because he liked to get to the office early to beat the traffic.  I would get up with him & start my day as well.  I just love the peace & quiet of the early morning.  There is something very special about it   : )            

I have actually noticed a bit of fall recently peeking its way through the miserable summer season.  The cicadas have been giving an afternoon/evening concert now for the past few days.  Oh, the joy in the anticipation of the approaching fall & winter seasons!!!  Since we turned the calendar page to August, every morning John gets up, looks at me & says "One day closer to fall!"  We hate-hate-hate hot weather.  It comes pretty early here in central Kentucky & stays much longer than it does in the rest of the country.  Blah!

Today's plans include a bit of crafting, a bit of cleaning, & a bit of sorting out.


dee begg said...

Congrats on the continued weight loss. I like early mornings too but not quite as early as you do. It's nice to get up at 6 and go walking in the neighborhood. I am looking forward to fall too but not winter...I could skip all the snow.

Have a great day.


Angela said...

Hi Shirlee, A pound gone is better than a pound ON! Congrat. on continuing to loose on your maintance program. I too so love the peacefulness of an early morning. A perfect way to start a day. Hope you have a great day. I hope to craft upstairs most of the day. I did get a beginner's kit to start my learning process with CCS. Will keep you posted once I start. Have a few more items for show to finish first. Thanks for all your help thus far.

Unknown said...

Hey Shirlee, I am over from Prim Pals. I love your farmhouse, it looks a lot like our house, there is a picture of it on my left side bar ( Congrats on your weight loss I have been doing it also, so hard as we get older. I have been doing about 1-3 pounds a week until I gained two last week - we went back home to MD and I ate quite a bit. I am very upset at myself. But welcome to Prim Pals and I love your blog and will be following!!