Friday, March 16, 2012

House Sale Ponderings

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while know that John & I are wanting to move.  There are some good things about living where we live but there are also bad things & I have always said the bad things far outweigh the good.  Two of the major good points are (A) we have our privacy, & (B) our house payment is low.  I know it's true that many people don't live in their "dream house" but they paint & they decorate & they are content.  I have walked throughout this house time & time again & the only way I can see being content here is to have it torn down & rebuilt & of course that's not going to happen.  We are unable to do remodeling work ourselves & money is tight right now so hiring someone to do anything more than a little repair here or there is out of the question.

I sometimes envy people who have lived in one place all their lives.  They don't know "what's out there."  My cousin, for example, has lived in Verona, Pennsylvania all his life.  He is still living in the house he grew up in.  Except for a trip to Paris many years ago, a drive to West Virginia & Maryland with a friend once upon a time, & traveling well within a 100 mile radius of his home on occasion, he has stayed put.  He is always trying to get me to move back to Pennsylvania by telling me how beautiful it is.  He's right ... there are beautiful areas of Pennsylvania but how can you tell someone that one place is Nirvana when you haven't really been anywhere else?  When you haven't opened your curtains in the morning & gazed out at the Rocky Mountains?  When you haven't driven to a nearby city in North Dakota, stopped at a rest stop along the way & got to watch wild buffalo grazing just 20 or so feet away from you?  When you haven't sat on your back porch & looked out over a Michigan lake to see various birds & listen to their calls to each other?  When you haven't been able to leave home & walk maybe half a mile to Tampa Bay?   I could go on but I'm sure you get the idea.

I am not unappreciative of what I have.  I know that many people would love to live where I'm living & they would thoroughly enjoy making this house into a home.  Sadly I feel like I don't belong here.  Truthfully I don't know where I belong.

Our plan was to list our house for sale in March.  We have had since January 1st to get things in shape for the listing but we have been dragging our feet.  Why?  Why are we dragging our feet when we don't want to be here?  Hello?  Vienna?  Would you like to send a panel of psychiatrists like to study us for a while?  March came upon us quickly & we weren't prepared so the thought was okay, we will list the house in April.  April is now 2 weeks away & there is so much that still needs to be done.  Now we are thinking about waiting until May to list the house.  John has even made the comment that maybe we should just hold off trying to sell until next year.  Argh!


Maureen said...

Good morning Shirlee! it sounds to me like you may have some Traveler's (gypsy) genes in you.Perhaps once you do list and sell your house you might consider getting a motorhome,hit the road and discover what your heart is yearning for?

Anonymous said...

Setting set dates came be overwhelming. And cause us all to procrastinate. It's not that we aren't trying, it's just something in all of us that is inherent.

A suggestion would be to stop setting dates psych out your mind in thinking differently. (which you will find moves a lot quicker when you are not forcing yourself). In the back of your mind, recessed you will know what you are truly up to but in the forefront you will be relaxed enough to carry it out. (Yeah, I know, it's "better said than done" but if given a chance, it could help out a bit).

Anonymous said...

I lived for 37 years of my life in my parents rented apartment in Algés, near Lisbon. One year or so after I got married with DH we moved to his apartment. I love where I lived all my first part of life and I love even more where I live now because I'm with DH. Nevertheless I do agree with you: we have to kiss a lot of frogs until we find the right one, even if it is about places to live in.

bettyj said...

Well, my friend, it all happens in Gods time, not ours. Mine doesn't have a for sale sing out front I do have 3 prospects though. Kind of exciting to think about re doing another house. I have been here almost 36 years

Peggy Lee said...

I too moved here from PA and yes, it is a beautiful state but I wouldn't want to live there the rest of my life. I was 37 before I traveled to a different state and I thought everyone operated with the same rule book. For instance, I thought banks EVERYWHERE closed at noon on Wednesday's!

Trace4J said...

Oh the Rocky Mountains!!
Sending you a hug

marly said...

Oh Shirlee. I wish someone could help you, but it is your heart that needs to guide you. I guess you have to ask yourself if your soul will be content in a different house or different area, and what if that new place is not all you expected? Not an easy decision for you two at all.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh....yikes....guess I should have started my "catch-up" from the bottom up rather than from the top down....just disregard that comment about why you would want to leave. I do feel some of what you feel - and am glad for you, actually, that you still "feel" it - I guess part of me recognizes that I lost that "world love" and "gave up" and decided this is where I'll be cuz it's what we have and there aren't many choices now. I was blessed and fortunate to have traveled to many countries - and still dream of them - but then thought I had to "grow up." I'm not sure now if I "grew up" or "grew old." I wish you renewed energy and hope in your "homing journey." Part of me wishes it were me....Hugs ~ Robin