Saturday, March 10, 2012

Photography Tryouts

Please bear with me but I will probably be posting bunches of photos of any old thing for a few days to see if this new camera is worth keeping.  If you have any opinions, good or bad, I would love to hear them.  The following photos were just "quickies" I zipped around the house taking in the past 15 minutes or so.  I still don't actually know what I'm doing or what all these camera settings are for.  I guess I need to read the online manual.  I consider this to be one of the irritations of life by the way ... online manuals.  Granted, in the big scheme of things it's not that important ... & I know the "in" thing to do is to try to save trees ... but it's so much more convenient to have a manual in your hands so you can look things up any old time, highlight stuff, etc.  Anyway, let me know what you think of these photos.  Again they were taken quickly with me not really knowing what I was doing for the most part.

These bird photos were taken using the zoom capability through the dirty window of the back door.  The first bird is a mourning dove.  They are such sweet birds.  The second is of course a male cardinal.  I think this camera has one of those "rapid fire" type things where you can take a whole string of pictures within a matter of seconds.  I'll have to check into that as it's a bit difficult standing with a camera focused on a bird until it ends up in somewhat of a nice pose which can change in a nanosecond   : )   Just thought of something ... when photographing birds does one say to the bird "Watch the human!" like we tell people to "Watch the birdie?"

Again, these photos were taken quickly.  No staging or setup or other such things.

I know I promised someone to post a couple photos of some of my Polish pottery.  Here are 2 quickies.

Here is another piece of Polish pottery with some prim crafted pears inside.  I wouldn't have minded buying more of these pears but this was all the person had in her booth at one of the prim gift shops near here.  I know I can always go back & ask the owners of the shop to ask her if she would make a few more for me.  Maybe I will   : )
I've already posted a photo of this Winter cross stitch which I received in the Winter Seasonal Exchange group.  It was stitched for me by Conny who lives in The Netherlands.  However, the Wool punchneedle ditty bag I purchased from the Primitive Handmades Mercantile,  crafted by Ronda Tedder, is new.  I love it!
Hmmmm ... I just noticed that the colors could've been better.  I didn't think to do any adjustments in Picasa.  Still, it's the clarity I'm aiming for for please forgive any washed out look these photos have.

This last photo is another promise I made to show someone ... maybe the same person I promised to show the Polish pottery to   : )  
And there you have it folks   : )   Honest criticism/suggestions will be very much appreciated!  


Civil Folks said...

The bird pics are amazing considering they are zoom through a window. Good luck.

I love Picasa and we have been playing around with high saturation colors. Love the old world feel to the pictures.

blue star stitcher said...

I love the lighting of the bird photos, so pretty. I am the same as you with online manuals, hate them!

natalyK said...

Great pics and I'm with you on online manuals. It's a pain to try to find the info you want and not have it as a quick reference.

Carol said...

I think your photos look great, Shirlee! I'm especially impressed with the cardinal in the pussy willow tree--just wonderful!! And I love your collection of Polish pottery :)

Picasa is fun to fool around with for photos--I sure have a lot to learn, though!! Good luck...

Ronda said...


I love the Cardinal, and you pottery is beautiful. So glad you like your punch needle ditty bag, thanks for the mention. I'm currently punching another one of these.

I've got your list and as soon as I get caught up I'll get started. Be in touch soon.

I've started a new blog..hope you'll visit.

Have a great day!.


Melody said...

Nice job on the photos. Especially the cardinal in the pussy willow bush.

What kind of camera did you get? We have a digital Canon SLR.

I still have lots to learn with it.

milly said...


Your photos are great, especially the cardinals.

I agree about on-line manuals - I hate them too.

jennifer768 said...

Good morning Shirlee!Love the pottery ,it is so pretty.I think the pics look great.Enjoy the weekend.Hugs,Jen

Vickie said...

Love your Polish pottery. And the punchneedle bag. :)

marly said...

Your exchange and the ditty bag are fabulous!!! I know nothing about cameras and my new one isn't taking anything clear, but it did originally.

Brenda said...

Love the picture with the cardinal!!


Maureen said...

Shirlee, I am impressed with the pictures you shared here. I have two models of Kodak Easy Share camera and while they are very easy to use I'm not always happy with my results. Your pictures look clear,good colors,and no flash glare either. I am with you 100% on hating the online manuals.
If you decide you like your new camera would you share with us what kind it is?

TheCrankyCrow said...

You have pussy willows already??? I'm SOOO jealous! ;o) LOVE the photo of the cardinal....amazing capture....I think that new camera is doing the trick....I'm still trying to figure out the camera my son bought me two years ago - it is supposedly a good one, but could fool me by the photos I take with it. And I just discovered Picnik - which does improve the colors, etc. - but just in time to learn they are closing in April. Boo Hoo. Looked at Picasa - and it scared the heck out of me when it started downloading all the gazillion photos I already have on this poor old 'puter.....I canceled out - was scared to death everything would crash. Anywho....looks like I've got more catching up to do again. How do I get so behind so quickly??? It has to be the ONLY thing I do fast....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

TheCrankyCrow said...

PS - Love, love, love those pears! R

Sally said...

Your photos look really good Shirlee:) I'm with you on online manuals. They are a complete pain! I got a camera for Christmas and the manual for that is online. So annoying.

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Beautiful photos Shirlee! I Love the cardinal. Oh and I Love those pears and your Polish pottery is Beautiful. I don't know much about cameras, but your photos are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!!

Paula Nunes Lima said...

Love the red bird and Polish pottery. So far the pictures look good. Neither out of focus, nor with to much or too little light. You are doing something good then! I don't like to read online. Either manuals or books. I know trees will get hurt in the process but my eyes wont.