Sunday, March 11, 2012

More Photos

Nothing majorly exciting in general ... & only 3 ... but here are some photos I took while John & I were wandering about the property this afternoon.  Alas, it was almost 70 degrees & before we had even reached the gate to "the back 40" (which is actually the back 11 or 12) I was already miserably hot.  Oh how I dread the warm weather months   : (

While on the back 11 or 12 we saw a neighbor's cow in the distance ... a black one.  Then we saw a brown one.  We haven't seen them before & they looked rather young so I'm guessing they are new residents to the area.  (As you can see, neighbors aren't too neighborly around here.)  The young cows were very inquisitive.  I'm assuming this was because it was their first time seeing us as well   : )   I thought about walking down along the fence to where they were in order to properly introduce myself but it would've involved more walking in the aforementioned sweltering almost 70 degree heat & I promptly decided "forget it."  Instead I used the zoom on my camera once again & took a photo of the black cow.  The brown cow had decided to play hide & seek behind a tree.

After re-entering through the gate I got these 2 closeups of flowers growing in my weed gardens.  Morticia Addams would be horrified!

I probably could've attempted to try taking these photos even closer but did not want to spend any more time in the oppressive heat than I had to.    

It appears we have gremlins or perhaps poltergeists in the garage.  Remember that flat tire on our riding mower?  It actually went flat last fall.  We had to search all over the central Kentucky area to find a replacement tire & did find one in late October/early November I believe but, masters of procrastination that we are, we never did anything with it.  We thought about it a few times the past month or two but never followed through.  About a week or so ago we actually attempted putting on the new tire.  What we discovered was that although the tire was the correct size, the rim was for an entirely different mower.  On Wednesday we ended up taking the new tire & the flat tire to a local tire shop where they simply pulled off the new tire & placed it on the old rim.  This morning we put the new tire on the riding mower & all was well.  I decided to start the mower so we could attach the little wagon to it to pull some stuff down to "the back 11 or 12."  The mower wouldn't start.  It made a noise but wouldn't turn over.  John said we should just let it go & try again later.  It's later now.  We went out to try to start it again but when I sat on the seat something didn't feel quite right.  The mower was leaning.  Can you believe that tire is flat again?  What in the world is happening here?  I'm going to call the repair place tomorrow & just have them come to cart it away to give it a good tune-up & figure out what's happening with the tire.  This is beyond weird.  Meanwhile I looked up the nearest mowing service to see if we can get them to do the mowing.  Hopefully they will actually answer the phone when I call, talk with me & schedule a time to come here to give us an estimate,  & then actually show up when they say they will.  Wish me luck with that.  Things don't usually follow this pattern in central Kentucky.     


TheCrankyCrow said...

You are too, too, much....oppressive, sweltering, 70 degrees??? Yikes....we are NOT kindreds in that that regard! I'd probably still be wearing my long johns! Your photos are the cow - but those flowers are photographically perfect....amazingly crisp and clear. Think your new camera is a keeper. Sorry to hear about your mower....don't get me started on poltergeists.....We'll have to wait a while yet on mowing - even with a week of melting temps, there's still snow on the ground. Smiles & Sweltering Hugs ~ Robin

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Shirlee, Your pictures turned out great. Beautiful day here in WI
I can't believe your that hot already and it's not even summer yet. Sorry to hear the gremlins got your tire again.
Prim Blessings

Ronda said...

Beautiful photos Shirley, especially the purple flowers..uh,,I'm not much of a flower person so I don't know what kind they are other than they are purdy.

Just don't give those gremlins any water..


Maureen said...

Shirlee my husband usually has to recharge the battery on our mower after its winter hibernation. Hope there's nothing pricey wrong with yours.Great pictures again

marly said...

Your new camera is doing a great job. Love the fuzzy head on the cow!

Kaisievic said...

Love your flower photos - gorgeous! I hate the heat, too. So I sympathise.

hugs, Kaye xoxox

Vickie said...

Hi Shirlee! I love the seventies, perfect weather. :) Weird stuff with the mower. Nice pictures though.

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Hello Shirlee- Love the photos. That cow is adorable and Love the flowers. The colors are beautiful!
Enjoy your week!

Anonymous said...

I had to look into a temperature translator. Your 70º are ours 21º. The weather is quite the same here in Portugal, with people going to the beach. I do miss the weather definition. Winter turned into Summer before Spring? No way!!!
Althgough I don't like yellow and lilac :-), the photos of the flowers look goog. Maybe the neighbours are not as friendly as their cows, but this cow looks friendly enough.

jennifer768 said...

Hi Shirlee,I really enjoyed the pics!Better brace yourself because we are in for temps near 80 before the week is out.Sorry about your tire.Hugs,Jen