Friday, March 2, 2012

Just A Very, Very, Very Quick Question

Just a quick (very, very, very quick) question this morning regarding the new word verification.  Does anyone know exactly when the new word verification went into effect?  I need a specific date or at least the week it began.

We are predicted to have the chance of more tornadoes today & tonight.  I did wake up to a dilly of a storm but not a tornado.  The sky is dark right now but not menacing.    I checked the weather map & our area is in the white section which apparently means we are beyond the red alert.  I've never seen a white section used before!

The plan for today is to work more on getting the house ready to sell.  As you may remember I had John bring the yard sale boxes in from the garage & put them upstairs.  My hope was to go through them & find a bunch of "blah" stuff that would not excite anyone at a yard sale at which point I would've skipped happily to the car with the boxes & driven them to Goodwill to get them out of my hair.  However, as I would open each box I would exclaim "WOW!" & then immediately feel dismayed as I sealed it up again for yard sale purposes.  I found 3 large boxes full of Christmas ornaments ... Hallmarks & blown glass ones ... & then a super large box filled with other Christmas things.  That leaves 2 boxes of kitchen type items & then a box of "specialty decor" items like fancy-schmancy hand painted Japanese candle holders & a mechanical wall clock that plays a variety of beautiful music each hour.  I even found a box from my old painting days with some really cool wooden Halloween decorations I made!  Sigh!   I guess there's no rest for the weary.  Hopefully I will find some time to accomplish some stitching today as well.  I am working on a new project but I can't post any photos yet because it's a gift.  It's a fun stitch though   : )   


Vickie said...

Shirlee! Are you ridding yourself of all your earthly possessions or what?! I hope you aren't being too ruthless! :)

~*Shar*~ said...

Ahhhh, I call dibs on the Halloween stuff...LOL I don't know when that word thing started hun???

Hugs, Shar

Mindi said...

I have no idea about the new word verification thing since I was absent from blogland for a bit, but its horrible! I turned it off on my blog.

Good luck with the house cleaning and organization, I wish I could get my mother to let go of some of her hoard.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

The word verification started a couple weeks ago ~ not sure of the exact date.
Stay safe ~ we're suppose to get another snow storm.
Hope you accomplish some of the things on your to do list and get some stitch'n time in there as well.
Prim Blessings

Diane said...

I wish I lived closer to you to be able to attend the garage sale that you'll finally have.

Hope you and John are safe with all the storms ripping through your area!

Stay safe!

Dawn said...

Stay safe with the weather, my weather alert has been going off already, the worst of it will be coming right when DH is doing his 75 minute drive from out in the boonies along the river.

This word verification is about to make me crazy, I have tried 6 times to leave you a post this morning. Sigh.

Where are you trying to move to? I'm still learning my way around the cincy area, we live in the burbs 11 miles east of the City.

Peggy Lee said...

I think the word verification thing started about the time I arrived back home from Georgia and Florida....I'm going to say the 19th or 20th.
I haven't had any problem with it at all, have typed it right every time!

marly said...

Sorry. I can't help you with when it started but I haven't had a mistake yet!!! Too bad I don't win anything with this game. Glad you are out of the danger area. I never had enough people come to my yard sale to justify the work, so I just pack it all and donate now. I end up having to do that anyway with all that's left!

Michelle said...

I can't help you when the word verification started I am guessing around a month ago. Wow you are having a sort out - wished I lived closer it will be an awesome garage sale x

jennifer768 said...

Hi Shirlee ,hope that you will let me know when the yard sale is going to start.I can't wait to see your newest project.Hugs,Jen

Suzanne said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I have removed my word verification as it drives me crazy, so far I haven't received one piece of spam.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Did somebody say Halloween??? ;o) Good thing we don't live closer together....I'd probably be hauling all your stuff home with me - when, really, I should be sorting and downsizing myself.... Hmmmm....when did Blogger start with the two-word verification? I can't tell you exactly, but it was DEFINITELY before February 20th (and relatively shortly before that) - Someone who is very anti-word verification did a post on that day about the changes, so I know it had changed a few days or so before that. Hope that helps....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin