Sunday, March 18, 2012

Still Here

Obviously John & I are not on our way to Iron Mountain this morning.  It wasn't until yesterday that he thought to check the mileage on the car to see if we had enough left before we needed an oil & filter change.  We didn't.  It was too late to get the car into the dealership so the trip to IM has now been postponed till next Sunday.  That's okay though ... the weather, if what's predicted now comes to pass, will be much cooler next week   : )

I have taken a few more practice photos with my camera but not many.  I have seen some great birds to photograph but by the time I walk into the other room to get the camera & then return to the back door, they are gone.  Either that or the little buggers will hide behind leaves or seed cakes.  I love bluebirds & although there is a family of them somewhere nearby I have no idea where their home is & we only see one of them for a brief time each day.  They won't come to the feeders although they'd be disappointed if they did since we aren't providing their favorite food for them.  Anyway, once in a while we see one perched on the top of a tree or maybe a fence post.  I was able to get these two photos the other day.  I'm hoping to have better success one of these days   : )

My dentist's office is located in the historic section of downtown Danville.  We've lived here for almost 3 years now & have gone to that area many times for one reason or another but I never noticed until the other day when I visited my dentist that one of the old buildings near her office must've been a pharmacy once upon a time.  
Can you see the gold mortar & pestle hanging above the door?  I don't know how I missed it before.  It's almost like we're living in Salzburg or Amsterdam or some other European city ... lol!  Well, far from it really ... but it was fun to see   : ) 

The following photos will show you how things have progressed upstairs.  I really can't say I'm done up there but there's not much more I can do with the place.  I know our RE agent is not going to be happy.  She is big on "staging" & "setting a mood."  My thoughts are that people know we're planning to move so seeing a bunch of boxes piled up against a wall or two isn't out of the ordinary.  It looks a whole lot nicer than what we saw up there when we first viewed this house ... filthy carpeting on the floor, toys & papers all over the place, kids' dirty hand prints on the walls & doors, peeling paint, etc.  The first 2 photos are part of what was to be my crafting room.  The second 2 photos are part of what was to be the guest room.

I'm still having pain in my bridge area but not so much that it isn't tolerable.  I am going to deal with it until my next dental appointment.  I can't afford to spend more hours in her chair right now.  I have many phone calls to make tomorrow ... not one of my favorite things.  I will be calling an odd jobs handyman type guy to take care of a few odd job type things, someone to come pressure wash the house, someone to re-gravel the driveway, a plumber to replace the kitchen faucet, Sears to come check why my washing machine makes a bang-bang-bang noise when it's washing (& maybe rehook the water line to the refrigerator as well), the mower repair place to find out why they haven't come to pick up & service our mower yet, the professional mowers to see why they haven't come to give us an estimate for mowing yet, & the Soil Conservation Service to come see why a big sinkhole has opened up in the front yard.  I also need to try to find someone who replaces window screens.  Ugh!  I'm tired already ... lol!  

I did get some IHSW stitching done last night.  I'm working on another stocking ornament which only has a few backstitches to be added & I'm pretty certain I know what I will start to stitch after that.  I could probably do more work inside today but I'm kind of hearing the call of the garage.  That's not saying that I'll actually go into the garage & start cleaning it out but it's a possibility I guess.  Then there are bushes & flowers that need trimmed, a few bushes we bought last year that need planted, & a humongous amount of weeds that need taken care of.  Last spring I was bitten hard by the gardening bug & really worked hard planting things.  By the time mid-summer arrived I decided I hate gardening.  I don't like sweating to death in this horrible, miserable, Kentucky summer heat, I don't like dealing with all the bugs & spiders, & it hurts like the dickens for me to be on my hands & knees.  I'm kind of hoping we can hire the mowing people to take care of this stuff.

Ugh ... just thought of something else we have to do which won't be fun.  We need to call the landscaper we hired last year to tell him that several of the plants he planted have died.  We paid this landscaper a fortune & he did the most horrible work you can imagine.  I'm not looking forward to us having to deal with him again although his wife is the real witch of the company.  We bought a tree from them which cost us $200.  We planted it in the sun, as directed, & it died after only a few months.  When we told her about it, she said we probably planted it in a "dead zone."  She said nothing will grow if you plant it in a "dead zone."  Interestingly, we replaced the tree with a flowering bush which is growing like crazy!  So much for her "dead zone" explanation ... she just didn't want to return our money or give us a new tree.  

Okay ... I'm done rambling for now   : )   I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday ... & to all my UK friends I wish you a very happy Mothering Sunday!     


marly said...

I absolutely love your second story!!! The crisp white trim and natural light - hardwood floors - nice size! I hear more and more stores around here of homeowners paying for shoddy work and unfinished business, landscapers included. You have quite a long list of calls to make! Hope they show up!

Carol said...

Oh, that bluebird is adorable, Shirlee--I've never seen one in real life so thanks for sharing...

We need to have some landscaping work done around here, too, and I'm just dreading dealing with the landscapers. There are so many unscrupulous ones out there...good luck!

Vickie said...

Oh Shirlee so much to do! I hope tomorrow is successful for you. I love gardening. I worked out in the yard for a few hours today. Recruited the hubby and teens for help. I unfortunately can't handle the major work without a lot of pain anymore. :)

jennifer768 said...

Evening Shirlee,sorry that the trip did not work out as planned.Wowzers sounds like another busy week for you.Loved seeing the bluebird pic.They love to nest in a gourd.Have a great night!Hugs,Jen

TheCrankyCrow said...

Well, well, well....Look at Miss Organized! Gee - why doesn't that surprise me??? It looks like even your Christmas ornaments are all neat and tidy in rows in their little box..... Ummm....NO - I don't think any prospective buyer would have an "issue" with what you've got going on up there....but - yikes - I'm still questioning why you want to leave. (yeah, yeah, yeah....the "oppressive" heat...) ;o) Love the bluebirds....we see them sporadically - but not often enough....I love them and Indigo Buntings..... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin