Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Morning

"Be patient & trust the Lord...."
Psalm 37:7

I am mentally in a weird place right now.  There are several things that are going to be happening in my life within the next 6 months or so.  I'm excited about them but I've got this "impatience thing" going on.  Impatience tends to put a damper on the here & now.

I believe that Joyce Meyer has been blessed with amazing insight.  For those of you who don't know who Joyce Meyer is, she is a Christian author, speaker & teacher.  She shares personal experiences with such candor that anyone who hears her speak or reads her books sees her as being a "real person" ... someone they can relate to.

Joyce speaks a lot about joy.  So why isn't the quote I chose today about joy?  Read on   : )   One of the things Joyce tries to get people to understand is that we need to enjoy our everyday lives.  She is often quoted as saying that we need to "enjoy where we are on the way to where we are going."  In fact, one of her books has that title (Enjoying Where You Are On The Way To Where You Are Going).  The publisher's description of this book starts out by saying "Are you enjoying every day of your life?  Or do you tell yourself & others that you will find happiness once you have reached a specific goal or position in life?"  I believe this is where patience enters in.  You can't live a joy-filled life if you are dissatisfied with the here & now & constantly longing for that "one day" in the future when you will remodel your kitchen, get wood floors installed in your home, build a new chicken coop, make a new quilt, get a new car, lose weight, visit France, or any number of other things.  It is good to have hope.  It is good to have goals.  However, we shouldn't base our happiness on attaining those things & miss the joy that surrounds us now.  

Take a look around you.  You will find things that bring you joy.  And these things will help you ... & me ... to "be patient & trust the Lord."  


renee said...

We all need to hear that and heed that. It is true, one can get caught up with the this and the that, but we need to stop and reflect on the today.
One thing I have learned in my walk with the Lord, is don't EVER ask for more patience! LOL! It's a un-fun test! Things will always happen, we just have to wait for his timing~remember he doesn't need time~he invented it for man.
I am TRYING to be better with these things myself, patience is not my strong point. I am when it comes to many things, but it's a daily struggle.
Hang in there Shirlee~ this too shall pass.